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The Blood Harvest- Chapter 7

Sam and Ian had been waiting, hidden from view at the fishing lake, since shortly after dawn.

Looking at his watch, Sam saw that it was now after 4 pm and there still was no sign of the sheriff, his son, or this Reverend character.

Maybe he finally developed a conscience, Sam thought, yawning and stretching his arms above his head trying not to fall asleep where he sat, hunched in a large clump of bushes.

He hadn't slept in he didn't know how long, and was hungry and irritable, but Ian had promised the boy that they would be there. More importantly, he had promised his brother that he wouldn't let anything happen to the kid. So if he had too, he'd sit out here until after midnight passed to insure it.

So he sat, and as time passed slowly he felt his eyelids grow heavier until finally, he had fallen asleep without knowing it.

They came at 10 pm, and Ian was the first of the two to notice. Peering over to where Sam sat hidden and seeing he was asleep, Ian picked up a rock lying near him and threw it as hard as he could, hoping to hit the tree behind the other man to rouse him.

Oh crap, Ian thought with a grimace as he saw that his aim had been a little off.

The rock had popped the younger of the Winchester brothers in the face, right below his right eye, and he'd jerked awake with a surprised yelp of pain, automatically going on the defensive.

Luckily, the sheriff had still been too far away to hear the young man cry out or Ian would have just single handedly ruined any hopes of saving the boy.

"Shh!" he whispered loudly to Sam, who was rubbing his face with a look of confusion. "They're coming!"

Sam looked down and saw the rock laying on the ground at his feet, then looked back up at Ian, through slitted eyes, with an almost humorous look of anger on his face as he realized what the other man had done.

Ian shrugged and gave him an apologetic grin, while mouthing the word sorry.

Sam was not happy in the least, but he knew now was not the time to hold a grudge. Smiling insincerely back at Ian, he mentally filed away that he owed the man some major payback later.

Seeing the sheriff enter the clearing, dragging his struggling son, Sam immediately switched pack to action mode as he waited for the right moment to act.

"No daddy, please don't do this!" Jeff pleaded with his father, tears streaming down his face.

"Jeff, son, I've already explained to you that by this small sacrifice you're making, the whole town's well being will be insured for many more years. Think of yourself as a martyr, who gave himself up for the better good." his father said calmly, while tying the rope that was wrapped around both of Jeff's wrists to a low hanging limb, drawing his arms up above his head.

"That's bullshit dad!" Jeff yelled defiantly, still struggling. "This isn't about the town, it's about you and your sick friends not wanting to actually have to work for anything you have." he gave his father a hard kick in the shin to accentuate his words, but all his father did was smile and say,

"Where did a ten year old get such a potty mouth? Certainly not from me." and after making sure Jeff was secured and wouldn't be going anywhere, he moved to the center of the clearing where he started chanting unintelligible words softly, and kneeled down in the position usually reserved for prayer.

"Help! Help!" Jeff screamed at the top of his lungs.

Looking at Ian through the bushes, Sam nodded his head.

It was time to take this sheriff out and end this crap.

They silently moved from where they were hidden, and seeing them, Jeff's eyes lit up, but he kept right on yelling so his father wouldn't be suspicious.

Ian moved towards the boy, while Sam crept up behind the sheriff, with his small handgun drawn.

"It's too late now, Mr. Winchester." the sheriff said without turning around when Sam was right behind him.

"Get up, you sick son of a bitch!" Sam demanded.

The sheriff slowly stood up, wiping the dirt from his knees in the process, and when he was upright Sam continued, "Now turn around, and let me see your hands."

Raising his hands up, the man turned around, a snide look on his face and asked Sam, "So, how is that brother of yours, boy? Is he dead yet?"

"Shut up right now, you bastard, or I swear, I won't hesitate to shut you up myself!" Sam yelled angrily.

"Oh, did I hit a nerve, boy?" the man asked with a smile." You really should have heard him crying. It was quite heartbreaking. I was inside and I still heard him all the way from the cellar."

"SHUT UP!" Sam repeated, moving closer to the man as he spoke. "Do you want to die?"

"No, and I can promise you that I will not be the one to die tonight, boy." he replied calmly, just as Sam heard Jeff yell out behind him.

Without thinking, Sam turned around to see that the Reverend had appeared and was approaching where the boy was, Ian standing in front of him, having been in the process of cutting his arms loose from the tree. He drew his gun.

Turning around had given the sheriff the opportunity that he needed to dive on Sam, tackling him, knocking the gun from his hand in the process, sending it flying to the ground a distance away.

Stupid, stupid, Sam said to himself as he wrestled with the man on the ground. He had been careless, and it could very well cost him his life.

Ian fired his gun several times at the monster slowly approaching him and Jeff, and he was honestly not that surprised when alls the thing did after they hit him was shake its eyeless head and continue his unfaltering stride towards them.

"Great, this is just fricking perfect." he muttered sarcastically as the thing reached him, picked him up by the throat and threw him twenty feet or more into a tree, his head hitting the base of it with a sickening thunk.

Sam was still struggling with the sheriff on the ground as this happened, but still saw Ian fly into the tree.

Time to stop playing nice, he thought as the sheriff's fist connected with his face, right where Ian had accidentally hit him earlier. With the pain, came a renewed burst of energy brought on by intense anger, images of his brother when he had found him passing through his head, and with a primal yell, he kneed the man, then kicked him off of him and quickly dove on top of him. He then punched him repeatedly in the face, and though probably not as strong as his brother, Sam still packed a hell of a punch. After several more swings, Sam had knocked the older man out.

He heard Jeff yell again, and getting one last lick just to be safe, jumped up and raced towards where the Reverend now stood directly in front of the child, running the tip of the knife up and down his chest and abdomen, not pushing it in hard enough to actually kill him, but still piercing the outer layer, causing blood to seep through the boy's shirt.

He was toying with him, wanting to make him suffer a bit before going in for the actual kill.

Using this to his advantage, Sam picked up a large limb lying on the ground and walked up behind the thing, swinging it as hard as he could.

"Hey ,ugly, why don't you pick on someone your own size." he said as his limb connected with its head.

It faltered, bending its neck from side to size, and then turned slowly to face Sam.

"Looks like I got your attention." Sam stated as he saw the sick smile on its eyeless face.

Swinging the limb again, Sam aimed this time for the hand holding its knife, and succeeded in knocking it out of it.

"Okay, at least I managed to do that." Sam said aloud, swinging again at it, but this time it caught the limb before connected, and with a single jerk, pulled it from his hands, then hit him with it hard enough to knock him to the ground.

It then turned its attention right back to Jeff, considering Sam to no longer be a threat.

Grabbing his arm that steadily throbbed from where the limb had connected with it, Sam got up and walked up to the thing once again.

It had once again moved to its earlier position, its retrieved knife in its hands.

"Come on, is that all you've got?" Sam asked through gritted teeth. "I'm not a ten year old, so it takes a lot more than that."

It turned around again, and Sam thought that it actually had a look of annoyance on its face.

"Yeah, that's right. Do your worst, freak." Sam chided, trying to ignore the pain shooting through his arm, as he backed away from the thing, hoping it would follow, and it did.

Mens' egos were always their down fall, but once the thing moved forward, Sam wondered what he would do when it did reach him.

Most likely play pincushion.

At least it wasn't messing with the kid anymore, for the time being.

Sam didn't notice that the sheriff had risen from his position on the ground and was also approaching him slowly from behind, but luckily Ian had also awoken, and seeing what was about to happen, yelled out a warning to him.

"Watch out behind you!" he yelled, just as the monster was thrusting its dagger towards Sam.

Hearing the warning, Sam jumped to the side, throwing himself to the ground.

The sheriff had been right behind him, and the Reverend, already having thrusted its dagger forward, stabbed the man instead of Sam.

Looking at the Reverend with a look of surprise on his face, the man fell to the ground where he writhed for a moment before finally going still.

The monster let out an unearthly howl of rage before suddenly bursting in to flames, and moments later, disappeared.

So that was the way to break the curse, Sam thought, looking at the charred spot that the creature had occupied only seconds earlier.

If it kills one of the people that it had a bargain with, it's over.

"Thank you up there," Sam said, his eyes looking heavenwards.

He walked over and finished cutting the boy loose, who surprisingly enough was calm.

"There you go, buddy." Sam said, as the boy rubbed his wrists where the rope had dug in to his skin.

"I'm sorry about your dad." Sam added. Even if he was evil, he was still the boy's father.

"I'm not." Jeff said truthfully as they walked to where Ian sat on the ground rubbing his head.

Sam held out the hand of his good arm and helped him rise unsteadily to his feet.

"You alright?" he asked him.

"I'm alive and that alone is enough for me." he answered. "You?"

"I think my arm is broken." he replied through gritted teeth. "But I'll live. Oh and I want to

thank you for this."he said, pointing at his swelling cheek.

Smiling sheepishly, Ian said,"Lets get out of here." and they walked back to the car.

(3 days later)

"Thanks for everything man." Sam said, shaking Ian's hand as he and Dean prepared to leave.

They made quite the pair, him with a broken arm, and Dean moving as slowly as an old man,

trying not to jostle his still sore mid-section.

"It was my pleasure, and hey, look where it got me." Ian replied with a smile.

He was now the town's sheriff since the other man had died.

"Ready to go, Dean?" he asked his brother, who sat talking on the porch steps with Jeff.

"Just a sec." Dean replied, and reaching into his bag, pulled out a DVD. "Here you go, buddy." he said, handing it to the boy.

"Wow thanks, Dean." he exclaimed, seeing that he had gotten him the box set of every episode of the original Scooby Doo series.

"Its the least I could do after all you did to help me out." Dean said with a shrug.

Jeff suddenly hugged him tightly, and Sam almost laughed at the look of discomfort on his brother's face.

Dean really wasn't the over emotional type and it was slightly awkward for him, but after a moment he gave in and hugged the boy back, they stood up after he finally let go.

"Take good care of him." Dean ordered Ian, who had decided along with his fiancé that the boy was going to live with him, then both of them after they married.

"Scouts honor." Ian replied, grinning.

"And as for you." Dean said, directing his next words to Becky who had come to send him off." If you ever need anything, just let us know." he said, handing her a piece of paper with his cell# on it.

"Anything?" she asked, smiling coyly after taking it from him.

"Let's just leave it at this, when I finish what we have to, I'll be sure to stop back for another personal examination." he said, raising his eyes suggestively.

"Come on, Casanova, we have somewhere to be." Sam said, shaking his head at his brother's words.

Holding his hand out, Dean reluctantly tossed him the keys. Even with a broken arm, it was safer

for him to drive than Dean, who was still taking pain killers.

Then Dean and Sam left, honking the horn as they pulled from the driveway.

"You're so jealous aren't you, Sammy?" he asked with a chuckle, and then ducked away as his brother reached out to punch him. "Hey now, there's no need for violence." Dean whined, then added, "Tell you what, when she calls, which I know she will, after all, who can resist me. I'll try to get us a package deal. It will be hard to convince her to take you after she's already had the best, but I'll give it a go."

"Just shut up before I have to hurt you." was Sam's reply, a contented smile on his face as he thought how, despite his cockiness, Dean was the best brother anyone could ever hope for.

The End.

So what do you think? It was fun writing this folks, and I'll have another story up soon! So thanks for reading!