Chapter 1

The End of Naraku

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"DIE!" the half-demon dog, Inuyasha, yelled. He swung the humongous blade that looked like a fang at the man in the baboon suit. It has been three years since Kagome first came here, now she is 18.

"Inuyasha, it will take more than that to defeat me." said the other half-demon Naraku. He lunges at Inuyasha and stabs him right in the stomach. Just then, a young monk comes and removes beads from his hand.

"Naraku feel the wrath of the curse you placed upon me. WIND TUNNEL!" Miroku screams. Suddenly, there is an abyss sucking everything in its path. It hits Naraku, but he throws a pod of poisonous insects at him. Miroku then covers up the wind tunnel before the insects could get him. Then, the demon exterminator and her cat demon come out with a boomerang plunging toward Naraku.

"Hiraikotsu!" she shouts. However, the demon just reflected it back at them with his barrier. The demon exterminator, Sango, catches it with ease. The young priestess, Kagome, and the fox demon, Shippo, arrive as Kagome shoots one of her sacred arrows at Naraku and hits him. Naraku just comes back to form and is ready to fight back. He sends demons at Kagome, but Inuyasha hits them away with the Tetsusaiga, a sword made by his father's fang and reforged by his fang.

They land on the ground as Shippo faints from flying so fast. Kagome, who is sensing the Sacred Jewel Shard, tells Inuyasha to launch the Wind Scar. Inuyasha stabs the ground and out comes the Wind Scar as Kagome shoots an arrow. At the same time, Sango asks for Miroku's staff, he gives it to her, and a rub on the bottom. She slaps him, knocking him out. She swings the hiraikotsu and the staff together right toward Naraku. All the attacks hit Naraku, and smoke appears in the sky, right when Miroku wakes up (he's used to being hit by now) and uses the wind tunnel to suck up the smoke of Naraku. Just as the smoke got sucked up, the Wind Tunnel disappeared. The battle was over. Shippo woke up, and was happy that Naraku was gone. Kagome fell down on her knees, relieved that the battle was over. Inuyasha helped her up, but he soon fell down tired after the wound he received. Kagome soon helped him up and asked Sango if they could ride Kirara, her demon cat.

Back at Kaede's hut, Kagome bandaged Inuyasha and everyone else was outside. She looked at the, once again, complete Sacred Jewel and thought back through the memories. She slowly remembers the day she met Inuyasha.

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