Dont you just love Love?

-Sequel to 'Team Seven My Way'-

Chapter One

As you remember in my other story, Naruto and the others wanted to smash the camera Kakashi had. Well, they didnt. They all forgot about it.

It was the day before Valentine's Day, and Sasuke was looking at the shops. "What should I get Sakura?" Sasuke asked himself. Flash Back

"I made some cupcakes for you" Sakuar said shyly. Sasuke looked at the cupcakes and back at Sakura. "I uh... dont like sweets." Sasuke said gently. Sakura looked away. 'Im so stupid!' Sakura thought.

Sasuke took a cupcake and smashed it into his mouth. "You mot upid" Sasuke tried to say your not stupid, but there was a huge cupcake in his mouth. He ate it really slowly because he didnt like it. Sakura smiled and blushed at him. "Thanks." Sasuke's lips were covered in icing. Sakura took out a napkin and wiped it. Sasuke blushed.

End of Flash Back

Sasuke smiled. He would always remember that day. He saw a heart shaped box, with chocolates in it. Beside, lay red roses. A classic gift. Sasuke went in the shop, and 5 min. later was out with the chocolate and roses. He walked down the streets quickly to get home so no one would see him with a fancy bag written, Love You in red swirly writing.

When he went home, he wrote card saying, This gift is for the Rose Angel, Sakura Haruno. The day she made me sweets, was the sweetest day of my life. I love you. Happy Valentines Day. Sasuke wanted to give her somthing more. He went to a jewlery shop, and bought her a small necklace made out of silver. (Where he got the money, I dont know) It had a heart shaped locket, and inside was a picture of Sasuke kissing Sakura on the cheek.

Naruto was really excited about Valentines Day too. The ramen bar was going half price, on all chicken flavoured ramen. Naruto was drooling of thew thought. He wanted to take Hinata with him. "Ill buy her all the ramen her heart desires! Wait, I gotta get her somthing more." Naruto thought for about 20 min. and finally thought of an idea. "I will get Hinata the red braclet that has heart chains attached to it, that Kakashi said girls like!" Naruto was happy of his idea.

He arrived at the jewlery store, when he saw Neji looking through the window at a necklace,ring, and braclet combo, all in pink. Naruto was going to suprise him. Slowy, he tiptoed towards Neji, and poked him the shoulder. "WHAT YOU DOING NEJI!" Neji was blushing. "Nothing." Naruto looked at what he was staring at. "Oh... You want to get somthing for Tenten huh?" Naruto smiled and nudged him closer to the window. "Well, good idea. I bet she will like it. I gotta go and get somthing for Hinata. Bye!" Naruto left into the shop.

Neji took a glance at the combo and sighed. "I hope she does like it." He looked inside and found Naruto. "Maybe I will come back for it tomorrow..." and Neji left.

The next day, Sasuke arrived at Sakura's house and knocked on the door. Sakura came running down the stairs. "I hope its Sasuke!" She opened the door, and saw Sasuke with the box of chocolates and roses. Sakura blushed. Sasuke knelt down on one knee. "Happy Valentines Day" Sasuke said blushing. Sakura gave Sasuke a big hug, and they fell over. Sakura blushed and got up quickly. "Sorry" Sasuke smiled. "No problem"

He went into Sakura's house. He has been in there a lot, but he would always remember the first time he came.

Flash Back

It was warm inside Sakura's house. He could smell something cooking in the kitchen. It smelled good. He hadnt eaten home cooking for a while. Sakura noticed him smelling the chicken getting cooked. "Do you want to stay for dinner? I mean, if your parents dont mind." Sakura asked. Sasuke looked at her green eyes, then looked at the ground. "I dont

have any parents" he said quietly. 'Oh my god, I wonder what happened... I better not ask. He seems a bit sad.' Sakura thought. "Well, uh.. do you want to stay then?" She asked nervously.

Sasuke really wanted to stay, and eat some home cooking. "Thanks, but I should get going. See you tomorrow?" Sasuke asked, heading towards the door. "Yeah,

sure.." She felt a bit upset.'I bet he doesnt want to stay in my stupid house with me.' she thought. Sasuke stopped, and turned around. "Uh... your not the reason why Im leaving, so dont feel upset, or anything." Sasuke blushed and quickly went out.

End of Flash Back

Sasuke was thinking of that day. But Sakura was talking to him. "Hello? Earth to Sasuke? Di you hear me?" Sasuke blinked and blushed. "Oh sorry. What did you say?" Sakura blushed and repeated. "The Valentine Festival is tonight, and I was wondering if you would wanna go with me.." Sasuke smiled. "Sure"

Naruto bought the bracelet, and wrapped it in a pink box. He brought Hinata to the ramen bar with her eyes closed. When they made it Naruto said, "Take of the blindfold Hinata!" She took it off, and found she was at the ramen bar. She smiled.

"Its the half price today isnt it?" Hinata asked. Naruto smiled and replied, "Yup! And you can have chicken ramen and for bonus," Naruto took out the pink box. Hinata smiled and opened it. "I was looking at this in the shop, and I really wanted it. Thank you Naruto" Hinata blushed and kissed Naruto on the cheek. Naruto smiled and grabbed Hinatas hand, and they went in the bar.

Neji went back to the shop, and saw the combo still in the window, "Nows my chance" He was about to go in, when he saw Tenten walking down the strret with a box. Neji stopped and said, "Hi Tenten." Tenten saw Neji and waved. She was walking towards him. "Hey Neji. Are you going in the jewlery shop?" Neji blushed. "Uh.. Im getting somthing for a freind." He looked at the box Tenten was holding. She quickly hid it behind her back. "Mine is for... a freind too."

Tenten was blushing. Neji saw her blush and she hid her face. "Well, gotta go. See you later" Tenten was walking away when Neji grabbed her hand. "Do you want to go to the Festival tonight with me?" Tenten turned around and smiled. "Sure! See you there"

Neji went in the store and bought the combo. He went home waiting for the festival to come.

Naruto and Hinata were eating ramen, when Naruto looked at Hinatas hand. 'Shes wearing the braclet!' he thought. Naruto looked up at Hinata. She wasnt smiling. "Whats wrong Hinata?" Hinata blushed, and said quietly, "I didnt get anything for you..." Naruto smiled. "Thats ok! I dont need anything except for you! But, will you go to the festival with me?" Naruto asked shyly. Hinata smiled. "Of course! Thanks for the meal Naruto, but I have to get home, or Neji will come looking for me. Bye" Naruto waited until Hinata left, and exploded like a maniac. "IM GOING TO DANCE WITH HER TONIGHT!"

A/N: Sorry for all the flash backs, but I like them:) Review please. And I dont know very much about Neji and Tenten and Hinata, because I havent seen them yet in the shows. But from what I have read, Im making them with that kind of attitude. But I think I am making Neji soft. Oh well.