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Chapter Seventeen

The next day, everyone woke up thinking about the night before.


Last night Sasuke was so sweet...He thinks Im an angel...Hes really nice to me..I never though we would end up like this. I never thought he would like me, but now he loves me... wow Im lucky

Sakura got up smiling and went to make breakfast.


Morning already? I wish Sakura was here. I cant belive I danced with her...that stupid bastard trying to rape Sakura...

Sasuke got up and went out of a walk.


What a great day! Wait...Im gonna be attached to Gaara! Today will be named pain day!

Naruto got out of bed and ran to Hinata's house.


Naruto and Gaara are going to be attached together today...I dont know if I should stay near Naruto. If Gaara is okay with it...

Hinata thought while making eggs for Neji and her. All of a sudden, Naruto bumped into Hinata, making her spill the eggs on the ground.

"Sorry Hinata!" Naruto said picking up the eggs.

Hinata smiled at Naruto but saw the eggs. She took them from him and put them in the trash.

"Its okay Naruto."


Im hungry...Better see what Hinata is making...

Neji walked downstairs, seeing Naruto picking up eggs from the ground.

Neji growled. "First you kiss my cousin in front of me, now you have to ruin my breakfast?"

Naruto ran out of the house, with a quick "Sorry Neji! See ya later Hinata!"

Hinata started making more breakfast. "You didnt have to him away Neji"

Neji smirked. "I felt like it.."

Hinata rolled her eyes.


Im going to be stuck with that baka today...can my day get any worse?

Temari barged in Gaara's room. "I dont care what your plans are for today, but we have to go shopping! Its 70 off!"

Gaara's jawed dropped. "Why dont you go with any GIRLS?"

Temari sighed. "I cant. Come on. You owe me. Remember when you were 6, and you need a bath, and-"

Gaara covered her mouth. "Okay! Just shut up! I was 6 okay?"

Temari smirked. "A very muddy 6 year old..."

Gaara knocked on Naruto's door, and when he opened it, he chained his hand. Naruto yelled. "No!"

Gaara rolled his eyes. "I hate this as much as you, but I am NOT going to kiss you...and to make it worse, we have to go shopping with Temari..."

Naruto yelled again. "SHOPPING! IM DOOMED... oh, and uh...we have a date with Hinata..."

Gaara punched Naruto. "You better not kiss her or anything so mushy in front of me..."

Naruto blushed.

Sasuke knocked on Sakura, and she opened it, and was holding a peice of toast in her hand.

Sasuke smirked and took the toast, and stuffed it in his mouth. "Thanks..."

Sakrua punched him playfully. "You could of asked first you know..."

Sasuke looked into her eyes, and she saw how serious he had gotton now. His eyes even showed sadness.

"Sakura...Im...m..m..moving..." Sasuke said quietly.

Sakura imidietly (dunno how to spell things...) started to cry. "Dont joke with me Sasuke? Are you serious?"

Sasuke looked down. He nodded.

Sakura ran to him and he ebraced her in a hug. In about 5 seconds, his shirt was damp from Sakura's tears.

"Why are you moving? How can you move, when Im in love with you! I dont want you to go Sasuke!"

Sasuke stroked her head gently.

"I tried my best, but I have to leave Sakura. My landlord is moving to Italy...and I have to leave. But I will visit always. I wont ever leave you..."

Sakura cried even more when he said Italy.

"Italy! Thats so faraway! There is such pretty girls over there! I probably look like trash when you see those girls!"

Sasuke was suprised to hear her say that. He lifted her face to his. He kissed her deeply. "How could you say that Sakura? You are the most beautiful girl I have and will ever see. Its not only your looks you know. You have the most cheerful attitude I know, you make everyone smile and forget about their worries where you are near them, and you melt my heart everytime I touch you..."

Sakura smiled at what he just said to her. She hugged him again.

"No matter where you go Sasuke, I will never leave or forget about you. At LEAST 10 times a month, I need to see you!"

Sasuke nodded. "It will be like I never even left."

Sadly, Sakura told everyone about the news.

Sakura smirked. "You know, in Italy, I want you to go make a friend, so they can video tape you, acting like Naruto for a day. I wont forget that dare.Ha!"

Sasuke smirked. "Ya, ya. If Im like Naruto, I wont have any fan girls. Good thinking Sakura"

Sasuke's land lord was waiting in the car for Sasuke.

Sasuke Neji and Naruto all shook hands, and said their good byes. "See you around Hyuuga."

"When you come back, we battle, to see how much stronger you get"

Sasuke turned to Naruto. They really have grown a bond over the years. They hugged each other, friend to friend. Naruto was about to cry, but held back his tears.

"Sasuke..your like a rival, friend to me...take care..."

Sasuke nodded. "See ya Naruto...when I come back to visit, you better be Hokage..."

Naruto grinned. "I will!"

Gaara,Neji,Shikamaru, and Naruto leaned in to head what Sasuke was about to say.

"Take care of Sakura foe me guys...if someone ever touches her Neji, I want you to hunt them down. Naruto...I know she will cry a lot, let her stay with you if she needs to. Gaara, and Shikamaru, watch out for her please. I dont want Sakura to get hurt..."

Naruto patted Sasuke on the back. "We know she wont fall for any other guy Sasuke."

Sasuke blushed.

He headed towards the girls. They all hugged him, and Hinata cried but sliently.

Tenten and Sasuke shook hands. "Once you fight Neji, I wanna have a battle too. Get stronger Sasuke."

Sasuke smirked. He said good bye to Temari, HInata and Ino, and headed to Sakura.

She had tears strolling down her face. Sasuke hugged her. "Sakura...the things I said before...I mean it...I love you, and will always...good bye..."

Sasuke kissed her and Sakura looked up at him. "Sasuke...I need you..."

Sasuke touched her delicate face. "Im never gone Sakura...I will always be in your heart. Dont worry, Im visting in about 3 weeks."

With that, Sasuke left to the car. Everyone waved good byesaw Sakura smiling, but still crying. Naruto walked over to Sakura, and hugged her. Sasuke smiled. He knew Naruto and his friends would take care of Sakura.

Over the months, Sasuke had visited often. Sakura and Sasuke's relationshiop never broke. It had gotten stronger. Ino and Shikamaru, were happy together, while Neji and Tenten had gotten even closer. Hinata and Naruto, werent that shy to each other anymore, and one summer day, Kakashi and Kurenai were sitting on the bench park, watching the teens playing soccer.

Kakashi smirked. "You see? I am the best matchmake ever. 5 or 6 years, these kids have been going."

Kurenai smiled. "You really did good Kakashi. I see they are happy"

Kakashi opened his book and with one last look at the teens, he said, "Dont you just love Love?"


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