Title They Will Never Know
Author Uozumi
Genre General
Rating PG
Disclaimer I do not own nor claim to own this. The characters, ect...contained within are not my property. This is an act of fandom and I do not make a profit from this endeavor.
Summary They told the father and mother lies to use their son. A Jiraiya, Naruto, and Tsunade crackfic.
Note Okay so I was talking to my seme and we were talking about the Naruto is the Yondaime vs. Naruto is the Yondaime's son and then my seme posed, "Well why does he have to be related to the Yondaime at all?" and we said some other things and somehow managed to note that it's very plausible that he could be Jiraiya-sama and Tsunade-sama's illegitimate son. Now, for the crackfic.

They Will Never Know

The baby was hers though she will never know. The woman nearing forty was told there were "complications" and that the baby "just didn't make it." She asked to see the body but they wouldn't let her see the child. She asked to see the father but she could only see family right now. So she left. She ran and fled and tried to forget. She drank and gambled and hoped. When she looked into her shot glass, however, she couldn't escape what she wanted, what she had once hoped for. She was cursed.

The baby was his though he will never know. Being the father he wasn't allowed in the delivery room and since he wasn't married to the mother, he had a hard time even finding out what was going on. He was nearing forty and his hair was already white and despite his commanding and large presence he felt quite small when they told him. There had been "complications" and the baby "just didn't make it." He didn't know what to do. He wanted to see the mother but they stopped him. "Only family can see her," they said. So he waited and when she ran, he ran as well in the opposite direction.

The baby is theirs even though the boy will never know it. He will grow and develop, always smiling, always trying. He never thinks of his parents as if he doesn't know the word. He grins broadly and points and laughs at the man trying to scold him. The man merely clears his throat and adjusts his wide-brimmed hat. He can't reprimand this child easily. When he looks at him, he sees the mother's temper and skewed reasoning. The boy also has his father's perverted humor and loud manner. He also has their grin. The grin that means nothing is all right, but if the grin gets bigger, maybe it will be okay in the end.

One day the family will meet again. The mother and the father will not speak of the child and the child will think of them as grandparents. The boy will have grown and found a father in his teacher and a family in an assortment of friends. When he greets his parents, he will call them Grandma and the Open Pervert because he doesn't know and they don't know and it doesn't matter.

The End