A/N: First psychonauts story, just a short drabble really. Read, review, and enjoy.


She sees him fall, and she thinks to herself that maybe, just maybe, she's found an equal.

He's not extraordinary, not by any means. He has red hair hidden by a helmet, green eyes and goofy-looking orange goggles that stick out like a sore thumb. He has a big head and a warm smile.

So no, he's not extraordinary.

But, with time, maybe he could be.

He ran away from home to come here---to Whispering Rocks Psychic Summer Camp. That's unheard of. Most are sent here against their will, usually by their parents in order to get them out of the house. Few actually want to come here, so just by that alone he's an exception to the rule. She's only known him a few measly minutes, but she can tell he'll be an exception to many rules around here. He's convinced Agent Mila to let him stay for at least a few days, just until his father can come and get him.

But beyond that---he wants to be a Psychonaut.

For that reason alone, her father would love him, she mused. As the daughter of the Head of the Pyschonaunts, she knew what it was like to want something. For her, it was the want of challenge, the want of something much larger and grander than what the summer camp can offer her. She's been here so many times; she knows everything they have to teach her. She comes because her parents want to get rid of her for a few weeks out of the summer, and she's dieing of boredom because of it.

For him, it's the want of an escape. He grew up in a circus, and he hated it there. One could only take so many acrobatic twists and twirls before they, too, became repetitive. Leaving, becoming a Psychonaut, is an escape. One he thirsts for day in and day out.

In a way, they want the same thing---to prove their worth. To become something unique, something above and beyond the norm.

And it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes, she thinks, before scolding herself mentally. Her eyes betray her as they watch him, sitting on the steps, chatting lightly with Dogan. She blushes and turn away before he notices, before she has to come up with some sort of excuse as to why she's been staring at him like a hawk.

So what if he's not extraordinary? She'd settle for her equal any time.