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Chapter -30-

The initials on the suitcase said P.K. and nothing more. The hard-shell suitcase was placed upon the ground at the ankles of a flashy set of red boots. From the ankles up, a fireproof ultra latency protective suit with flashy yellow flames licked up the side of muscular calves which conformed into powerful thighs. The yellow and red found its way to laces of blue and white until expanding outwardly to the semi rotund and rather bulky frame of… none other than…

"Panda King here," came the somewhat aloof voice. His gloved paw was to his ear, speaking into a communicator. "I am here; it appears that this is the location where the police are detaining and interrogating Bentley, Murray and Penelope."

"Do you know if they're all right?" asked the thin voice over the earpiece.

King replied, "Yes, Cooper, they are well. I saw them being pulled out of the rubble with my own eyes." Panda King lowered his gaze to the ground directly in front of the large building and sighed. He then asked, "Sly Cooper, I have a personal favor to ask at the expense of sounding selfish." His baritone voice was melodic and calm.

"Go on, big guy," Sly replied over the communication line.

"Wait until my arrival to attack Clockwerk," Panda stated. "He is my old ally and I was manipulated to his band of wickedness with the promise of greatness. I began my greatest downward spiral under his tutelage and I wish to have a hand in his destruction. As far as I am concerned, his legacy ended in the fiery lava pits of Russia. I seek closure on that chapter of my past. Could you grant me participation in the attack?"

"Relax," Cooper said over the earpiece. "We can't even begin to start a plan until you and the gang arrives on location. Carmelita hit him with a Rocket Propelled Anti-Tank round and it didn't even scratch him."

King contemplated just how to reply for a moment. Finally, he just shook his head a bit. What else could he do? "Understood. I've been meditating on this for some time," Panda explained. "Cooper, if Clockwerk isn't defeated tomorrow or even the next day or even next week, I want you to remember one important thing…"

"Yeah?" Sly's voice was scratchy sounding from the piggy-back transmission that was being sent over seas.

Panda told him, "Whether or not you are in a relationship with Carmelita Fox, if she dies you will mourn her. If you die, she will mourn you. Avoiding romance with her until Clockwerk has been defeated is time squandered and lost. You're in love with her and her loss will devastate you, even if you've distanced yourself from a relationship. It's better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. And on that note, your chances of defeating him increase exponentially if you fight him together. I was once evil and know from experience: The power of truth and love defeat the ways of wickedness. After all, it is thanks to you that I am a changed man."

"Well, you had to change for yourself and your daughter, too. We all grow up sometime. Anyhow," said Sly over the communicator, "Let me know if there are any road bumps in the 'extraction' process. Carmelita tells me that the most they can do is hold Bentley for twenty-four hours because they have nothing tying him to the destruction of the bank; they probably can't even figure out the group's first names yet. Anyhow, be careful in there; an assault on a police precinct is a dangerous idea."

"Leave it to me, Sly Cooper. King… out." Panda King closed the communication and began to load up his backpack with explosives, sizing up the main doors using only his knowledge and expertise in the field of demolitions. As much as Panda preferred to take a peaceful approach to life, using meditation and ancient Chinese relaxation techniques …his true love for life was in doing what he knew best: explosives.

In his last meditation, he had a vision of Sly Cooper fighting Clockwerk. He saw that it came down to something that Sly possessed but didn't understand: A set of dense pearls, handed down from a doppelganger from the future. Somehow, those pearls were the answer to fighting the metallic monstrosity but how to get close enough to use them… that would be the tricky part.

For now, he had to put his mind and his attention on rescuing Bentley and the other two. The longer they sat in holding, the harder it would be to stop Clockwerk. Panda closed his left paw, pushing in on a special button sewn into his suit. It primed the charger in his backpack then he leaned forward and released the button. Two rockets burst free of the tube on his back and slammed into the double doors. They were blown from the hinges, clattering noisily down the hallway, inside the building.

Panda marched forward, strolling straight into the lion's den with a leisurely gait. Two cops from rooms on the immediate left and right hand side stepped into the hallway, drawing their sidearm. King reached out to either side of himself, snatched the officers by their throats then crossed his arms hard, hurling each man into the opposite room.

He continued down the hallway, then paused for a moment. His eyes landed on an unused Kevlar vest sitting on a bench in a recreation room and snatched it. King then continued back down the main corridor, stepping over the two crumpled doors on the floor. A triumvirate of officers emerged from a doorway at the end of the hall, drawing their weapons. King lifted the bulletproof vest, sliding his left fist through the armholes. He held it up like a knight of old would wield a shield, deflecting handgun bullets, still pushing forward down the hallway.

Upon reaching the three cops, he swung his left arm out, smacking the first officer in the face. Panda followed through by delivering a right hook into the second cop, who tumbled back into the third, bringing both to the floor. The large panda snatched up the third officer from the floor, slammed him up against the ceiling then dropped him back to the ground.

Stepping over the three dazed men, King continued into the door they'd come from. He paused at an intersection and glanced from left to right, trying to surmise where Bentley would be held. He was unable to read the Czech signs on the walls. Panda took a deep breath, inhaling through his nose. Due to the lack of hippos and turtles in this region, the scent of Bentley and Murray made it easy to assume which way to go. He turned to the left, narrowing his eyes as two more cops came from further down the hall.

Panda quickly stuffed another rocket into his backpack then doubled over, aiming it straight down the corridor. He fired it quickly for a direct hit against the torso of his enemy. The rocket continued on down the hall, sweeping the two men off their feet and carrying them twenty more feet until it exploded. The force of the concussion left them both unconscious and fairly singed.

It was difficult to detect the scent of his targets with the addition of burnt fur but, luckily for the large black and white bear, the interrogation room was only halfway down the hall, on the right hand side. King kicked in the door and waved for them. "Come; we must hurry! Cooper needs our assistance in the defeat of Clockwerk. They're most likely in peril until our arrival; come with me."

"All right!" Murray roared boisterously. "The Calvary is here!"

King turned about, there in the doorway, loading more explosives into his backpack. He then doubled over, aiming the tube further down the hall and fired with a high concentration of charge. Three rockets went flying from the backpack and hit a brick wall at the end of the hallway. They exploded, blasting a massive hole in the concrete that led outside. "There is our escape point, hurry!" He pointed down the hall.

Bentley, with his bionic legs, took off running with Penelope and Murray following suite. Panda escorted them outside where several police cruisers were just arriving on scene. They skidded to a halt with several drivers hopping out and taking up positions behind the vehicles, drawing their weapons.

Panda narrowed his eyes and said, "Head back towards your last Safe House. My daughter waits upon the rooftop with a helicopter and a hired pilot. We must make haste!"

"What about the cops?" Bentley cried, still running towards the nearest alley.

King gave a tug at his suit's specialized gloves causing them to creak softly. "I'll meet you shortly; leave the law enforcement to me."

Several shots rang out with bullets hissing through the air. Panda held up his left fist, using the bulletproof vest to absorb at least one of the pistol rounds. "Go, now!" Bentley, Penelope and Murray were quick to do as they were told, taking off into a sprint. They dashed across the next alley and disappeared in a hurry. Panda then turned towards the group of police officers, standing at the corner of the precinct and began to load his explosive backpack. Clinching his left paw into a tight fist, the charger began to prime…

More shots ripped through the air; one caught Panda across his ankle only managing to clip his suit and tear the fabric and his fur, beneath. He released his left fist and a barrage of missiles fired straight up into the air. They soared back down to earth in a volley of explosive charges that struck one of the police cruisers.

The gas tank simultaneously erupted, causing the car to lift into the sky; police officers scattered, falling back. Panda let off another volley of rockets which crashed to the ground, causing more devastation. He then stuffed several smoke grenades into the tube mounted on his back then fired them into the air. They hit the street, spewing a veil of thick dust and smoke. Once he felt that his escape route was secured, he took off in the same direction that the other three had run.

He wouldn't be able to outrun the cops forever, especially in his flashy suite. For now, all he had to do was make it to the helicopter. From there, they would have to get out of Czechoslovakia.


Sly dove forward and the world seemed to slow to a crawl around him. His eyes and mind werehyper focused. His arms opened, heading towards Carmelita, who was running directly in front of him. His paws came together, encircling her waist; his weight was added to her own inertia and he jerked his body to the left, tackling her down. From the way he twisted his frame to the left side, they hit the ground simultaneously, with his hip taking the brunt of the force. His right leg slid up over her side, protectively, trying to enshroud her without slamming her onto her face or chest.

A large energy round passed overtop of them, harmlessly, until it collided with something solid, way off in the distance. Clockwerk's shadow swooped by and continued on in passing. Two American Coast Guard ships had come up the Canal to intercept the large metallic owl who was now to blame for the destruction of multiple cargo ships and half of the Canal docking network.

They were firing rockets at Clockwerk which only hindered his pace to some degree. None of the attacks had damaged the machine thus far. Mortar fire could be heard in the background and antiaircraft flack cannons caused little round gray spots to hang in the air where the rounds had exploded without a target.

Now even the media was getting in on the action, labeling Panama City as a war zone, referring to Clockwerk as "an unknown, unidentified flying object on the attack." The dock workers had cleared the area and the local police were busy trying to stop panic while organizing evacuations. The area was in complete chaos.

Two F-16 jet fighters were holding a dog fight with the multitasking monster but Clockwerk's new processing unit was far too advanced. He'd already struck down an attack chopper and he was still holding his own against the fighter planes with relative ease. The owl swooped about in a loop, coming to bare on a fighter jet that came up behind him. He went into an intense dive and smashed right through the back of the jet, destroying it. The pilot's ejection seat popped and a tiny parachute became visible in the skyline.

"We'd better find a place to hide," Sly said, still holding Carmelita on the ground. "The sewers are sounding like a good place; I don't think ole' Clocky'll be able to fit into a manhole."

"Good idea, let's go!" Carmelita said, wiggling out from beneath him. She got to her feet and took off for the nearest intersection, halfway down the street. Right in the center was a pair of manholes. "Sly, bring your cane over here and pry this off!" she called back.

Sly took off after her, drawing his cane from his belt. He jammed the handle down into a small metal section of the manhole lid and pried it free. Carmelita slid down into the opening, dropping into the ankle-deep water, far below. Sly snatched the metal lid and pulled it back over the opening after entering the sewer, right behind her.

Cooper slid from the ladder and practically landed right in Carmelita's lap, his tail wedged between her knees. He broke into a fit of relieved laughter after hearing two more explosions up on the topside. "What a rush!" he exclaimed. "God I hope we burry that thing soon. That way I can get back to concentrating on us."

"Geeze, you're such a flirt!" she chuckled in response to his delightful sounding laughter. "He's going to be a lot harder to defeat this time. Whacking him with your cane and shooting him with a deck gun mounted on the back of a chopper isn't going to cut it this time around."

"Yeah," Sly nodded in agreement. "No kidding; he's a beast this time. That Steven guy built him to last, for sure."

A third voice joined the conversation. "Every creature has a weak point. The problem is when your enemy's weak point is a weapon that is beyond your ability to obtain… or worse, a weapon that hasn't been invented yet."

Both Sly and Carmelita looked up, gasping in shock at the visage of a weary looking skunk. He wore a fedora and a trench coat, complete with waterproof boots. "I'll move on again, reinvent myself and change my name once more," the skunk continued, adding, "That's why I didn't want to have a part in rebuilding Clockwerk. He was something from my past. Now that Sire is dead, it's time to begin yet a new chapter of my life. Perhaps my next goal is a cure for the common cold; who knows? You know, it's quite a coincidence to have met you both in this fashion…"

"Oh yeah, how so?" Carmelita snapped, narrowing her eyes at him and barring her teeth.

Steven smiled a bit and said, "Because I intended to use the sewer system to locate you both, without endangering myself."

Sly chuckled inwardly. "And we just dropped in right in front of you, huh?"

Steven nodded. "As if destiny, herself, had a hand in this," he agreed. "I couldn't help but let that clone have his way, rebuilding Clockwerk. It was like having a son; watching him chase his dreams and watching the evolution of his derangements, like reverting to archaic tongue… he was striving to be unique… to be his own person. I thought he was magnificent. And now I understand parenthood a bit more: If you give your children their way and support every little whim without providing consequences… they'll fail at everything. I should have provided guidance and gave him goals. I should have banned him from restoring Clockwerk. Now he's dead and it's too late for him to learn his lesson. I feel completely responsible for all of this."

"Well," Sly sat up, climbing out of Carmelita's lap. "You can still take responsibility by helping us to stop Clockwerk before more people die needlessly."

Steven tilted his head. "You have the answer in your pocket, Mister Cooper. A string of stolen pearls that were fashioned from metal found in a meteor in the Tenth Century. They were retrieved from the Moravian Hills, two centuries before the Christian Crusades. They were fashioned into pearls from the metal found within the meteor and given to a pope who was rumored to be female. Whether he was a she remains to be seen. The golden artifact Miss Fox has in her bag is part of that."

"Pardon?" Carmelita asked, furrowing her brows. "The scarab?"

"The golden locust," Steven said flatly, "Was made from the bodies of the locust that appeared in the British Sea. It had six wings and powerful teeth. It appeared in France as an Anti Miracle after three days of raining blood. They were gathered by the handful and thrown into heated gold then molded into the large golden locust… not a scarab. The anti-miracle gives it the power to be used as an artifact that would be necessary in reviving the Devil. But…"

Cooper found himself intrigued by this little history lesson and quickly asked, "But what?"

"It's all legend," Steven replied with an airy chuckle. "Who knows if it even works? All the artifacts are tied to some measure of anti-miracle and have never been assembled correctly so… no one knows if it's anything more than a tale; not even remembered well enough to be retold on the Internet. Some of these artifacts even became cultural icons."

"Like what?" Carmelita inquired, coming to her feet. She took her tail into her paws and wrung it out like a wet towel.

"For starters, the spear of Longinus and things like the pearls of the rumored Pope Johanna, also known as John the Eighth. The golden Locust made from golden locusts that caused death and a short term of famine in France. It's most likely nothing more than hocus pocus, Miss Fox. See, I was alive when these artifacts were floating around the public world in the hands of Roman politicians. I was known as Niall back then." He gave a slight smile, recalling his name which was pronounced 'Neal.'

"We can use the pearls to stop Clockwerk, right?" Sly asked.

"They're made from a metal which has properties not unlike Uranium or Plutonium. However, they don't emit radiation except when shot into itself to create something I like to call "Anti-Fission." Instead of implosion on a nuclear level, it explodes, creating negative Dark Matter which I like to call "Anti-Matter" because a temporary rip occurs in that location of Space-Time."

"Whoa, whoa," Sly cried, holding his paws up. He took his own tail and gave it a half-squeezing twist. "Stop while you're ahead, chief. Can you explain it in a common terminology?"

"Very well," Steven huffed, shaking his head slightly. "Do you know the basic concept of a Black Hole in space?"

"Yeah," Carmelita chimed in. "They're inside-out tunnels created with gravity. They're so strong, they can even bend or suck in a ray of light. Why?"

Steven nodded in reply to her definition. "Imagine, if you will, a miniature Black Hole that lasts for a few seconds."

"Okay, I follow ya so far," Carmelita said.

"If one of these pearls are shot into the other pearl, the theoretical result is an invisible vortex that would draw the intended target and anything up to a kilometer away into a void. Whether it's another universe, another section of this universe, or whether this target is simply swept under the so-called "Carpet of life" like a bit of dirt on a living room floor, where they are asphyxiated and simply cease to exist… no one knows for sure. The point is, it will surly destroy Clockwerk. …If it works. But according to my studies and research, it should do the trick. Building a detonation device that fires one pearl into the center of another at a high velocity… now that is the trick. I'm unable to ascertain the velocity necessary to achieve the chain reaction. Also, it's not my problem. I plan to disappear and reinvent myself. Even Clockwerk won't know where I am or how to locate me."

Sly and Carmelita remained silent, just gawking at him. Steven then added, "I'm sure there are other ways to defeat this Clockwerk but those pearls in your pocket," he said, pointing at Sly's waist, "They would work nicely. They would banish him from existence forever. Now, I've said my peace," the skunk told them with a firm nod. "I now take my leave! I wish you well in the destruction of your enemies. Please don't be insulted if neither of you never hear from me again."

Sly offered a weak sort of smile. "Thanks for the advice, I guess."

"Thank you," Steven replied. "For helping me to learn that my place in life is not among the Supernatural Immortals and the strange ways of their secret societies. Their life-long squabbles are beneath me. Fare thee well." The memphit then offered a smile and turned away from them, walking back down the sewer tunnel until he was gone.

"That was kinda weird," Sly said, turning his attention back to Carmelita.

"How in the hell does he know so much about everything?" She simply asked. "He can clone people, he can build an immortal machine, long before the first watch was invented, he learned how to deactivate his aging genes, before a microscope was even conceived. Now …this? What a freak."

Sly nodded then said, "Yeah but anything is worth trying in regards to stopping Clockwerk."

"We'd better return to France," Carmelita simply said. "Bentley is going to need this pearls and he's going to need time to sit in his lab and figure this whole thing out. Hey," she added at the end, "Do you hear that?"

Sly tilted his head. "Hear what?"

"Exactly," Carmelita replied. "The fighting has stopped. I've not heard any explosions since we came across that skunk guy. Do you think Clockwerk flew the coup?

"It's possible," Sly admitted with a light shrug. "What's the plan?"

"I've got a job to reacquire and you've got some homework to do," Carmelita told him with a firm nod. "I want this whole thing to be over with but I think we're going to need to sit down and really prepare for this. Who knows how long Clockwerk will stay quiet. Something tells me that he wants those artifacts, too. Call the gang and have them meet us in France. I'll start figuring out where we can hide the three artifacts we have so far. Destroying them is our second option. I want to know what we're up against, concerning their existence. After a few questions are answered, we'll figure out how to destroy'em."

Cooper nodded emphatically. "Sounds like a plan. Sire's dead, Steven is going to disappear from everyone's life forever. Now that everything is quiet up there, I've gotta wonder if we won. Who knows, maybe they blew up Clockwerk. If not, then yeah… we've gotta get back to France and help Bentley figure out a plan of action." He then grinned at her and said, "I'll figure out the details on Clockwerk then we can concentrate on dating again, you know?"

"Maybe," Carmelita said, drawing the word out slowly a second time in a row. "Do you really still love me?"

"That will never change," Sly replied bluntly. "Love you, in love with you, obsessed with you… whatever. I just want to make sure my future doesn't mirror that of my mother and father. I have plans to celebrate my seventy-fifth wedding anniversary."

Carmelita's muzzle contorted into a wry grin. "You plan to live long enough to see one hundred years old, huh?"

Sly leaned forward as if to offer a kiss. "Only if you're around. Life would be awfully boring without you." Carmelita backed away from him.

"Please, Sly. We're covered in sewage." She placed her paw on his face, pushing his muzzle back. "Let's go get cleaned up then we can go home."

Cooper nodded then said, "Sounds like a good idea. Just give me a few days to figure out what Clockwerk is up to. I want to know that you and I are safe and all that jazz. Don't worry, it'll give you a little time to get your job affairs in order. I'll call you when everything is shipshape. Then we'll figure everything out."

"Geeze, Sly," Carmelita chuckled awkwardly. "It's not like I said I wanted to go back out with you tomorrow." Secretly, she felt a little put off by his strange demeanor. It was obvious that his focus now returned to tracking down Clockwerk and what his options were. She then turned away from him and said, "Head back to France, Ringtail. I'll see you there. Stay out of trouble; I'll be watching the police bulletins for your name. I mean it."

"Good luck with Chief Barkley," Sly said calmly, watching her head for the ladder. "I do love you, Carmelita."

"You're acting awfully strange," she snapped in reply, taking the rungs into her paws. She began to ascend, heading for the manhole cover, up above. "I always think you're about to show me a romantic side, then you get all goofy about the stupid metal owl. You'd better learn how to get over him or you're destined to be a lonely man forever. Anyway, stay out of trouble or I'll kick your tail from Normandy to the French Riviera and back."

"All right. I've got to call Bentley and the gang and divert them to France. We have a lot of work cut out for us. Don't worry; I'll stay out of the spotlight. Good luck getting your job back, Inspector Fox."

"Inspector Fox?" Carmelita cried incredulously.

Sly blinked at her. "What? Aren't you proud of being who you are? Didn't you want to get your job back the entire time? Isn't that why you're helping me, so you can get your badge back and clear your name by stopping Sire?" He watched her ascend the ladder until she was at the top, heaving the manhole cover back off. She glared back down at him, almost gawking at the raccoon.

She couldn't get him out of her head and she despised him for it. Did she love him or did she hate him? Finally she found her voice and all she could manage was, "You're a bastard, Sly Cooper."

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