Blood. The stench of it almost overpowered him. Yusuke could barely keep himself from gagging, the odor was that powerful. He could barely see, for the room was as dark as night. But he could tell that this was an evil place, a place that reeked of death. If it wasn't for the dire situation Yusuke would never have come here. However one of his friends was missing, and this was where all his leads had pointed.

A faint cry brought him back to his senses, but where did it come from? Another louder call, coming from…..there! A door that was nearly invisible against the rough walls. Yusuke threw it open and what he saw made his jaw drop.


Yusuke woke with a jolt. He was in his bedroom and covered in a cold sweat.

"Wow, that was a messed up dream." Turning to his clock, the bright green numbers read 2:58 AM. 'Not to spaz, but maybe I should call Botan, you know, just in case.'

Yusuke fumbled in the semi-darkness of his room to find his Communication Mirror. After ten minutes of frivolous searching he found it under a sweaty sock.

"Hey Botan….BOTAN!" A sleepy-looking blue-haired girl looked groggily back at him.

"Yusuke you do know it's three in the mor-mor- morning," as she failed to stifle a yawn.

"Yeah well I had a weird dream. Can you tell me where Kurama is?" Botan looked confused. "I just had a really freaky dream and I need to know if he's okay."

"Well, of course Yusuke, just a moment," Botan appeared to have finally woken up. "Let's see, he's asleep, like most people, at his house in Nigenkai. Where did you expect him to be?"

"You don't want to know. Sorry Botan, I guess I'll just go back to bed. See ya." He hung up on the deity of death, and tossed the mirror in the corner.

The mirror buzzed, and Yusuke, cursing, picked it back up.

"Yeah, what now?"

Koenma appeared on the screen this time. I have another case for you. I was going to tell you in the morning but since you were awake-"

"No way, I just had to ask one thing and BAM I get a case. There has to be some maximum hour thing that I must have exceeded. I mean can't a guy get any time off?"

"Well yes there is a maximum hour count. I believe it is around 25,000 hours, and you've had two weeks off so stop whining this is important!"

"Yeah, yeah I'm listening."

"A dangerous mongoose demon has escaped into Ningenkai and is on a killing spree; last night alone he killed fourteen people!"

"A mongoose? Are you kidding me? Lemme guess, you want me to take him down, right?"

"Well yes, but be careful this demon is an A class, with a bit more training he could be an S class demon. Oh yes, and his name is Shintaro. I want you to get Kurama and Kuwabara and fill them in, Kurama will know where to find Hiei, and we'll go from there. Well, what are you waiting for!"

"Sunrise," came the sarcastic reply and he hung up on yet another friend from Rekai.

As Yusuke climbed back into bed, he could help thinking about his dream. 'I hope it wasn't a vision or anything, cause if it is then….then…..aww crap, stop being stupid, nothing is going to happen to Kurama!'

And with that he fell into a deep sleep, one not plagued with nightmares about Kurama.

But instead of sleeping Yusuke should have been with his friend, for little did he know, his dream was more than night terrors. It was a premonition, one that could be deadly for the fox.


The next day, after school

It was a beautiful day in early autumn, for the leaves were only beginning to change colors. All was as it should be.

Kurama was walking home from school on his usual route through the park. He was thinking of Karasu, for the Dark Tournament had only occurred two weeks ago. The violet eyes that haunted him during the night had taken its toll on the redhead. Faint circles had appeared under his eyes, though someone had yet to notice.

"Excuse me, sir?" A scratchy voice brought him out of his reverie.

An older man, wearing a heavy trench coat was looking at Kurama with an odd look in his eyes.

"Yes, how may I help you?"

But the man didn't say anything; he just kept looking at Kurama with that weird gaze, and began to pull something from deep inside his pocket.

When Kurama saw what it was, his eyes widened, and he could not suppress the gasp that escaped from his lips.