IMPORTANT A/N MESSAGE: I like Muraki as much as a villain could be liked. but this was just something that happened when we and my boyfriend were talking and we came up with this together. It's just for fun.. so Muraki lovers out there, don't kill me.

Hisoka and Tsuzuki looked to each other outside the house. They expected a fight soon, a real bad struggle but they had made a promise to each other. They'd finally found out where Muraki was hiding and they were going to try to end the doctors career permanently.

The door fell down with a loud noise and they rushed through the door with the adrenaline rushing through their veins, hearts pounding, ringing in their ears. They were set to fight but what met them was truly not the sight of what they expected.

There was a person in a fluffy and ruffled, floral pattern dress with a silvered wig flourished with curls falling down on squared shoulders. A decorative hat was pined into the curls. The dress was a squared neckline, coming down to show a stuffed breast and white neck decorated with Victorian jewelry. The puffed dress, undoubtedly having a hoop under it went down to the ankles where just below it you could see a pair of girly, if not somewhat childish shoes. Then back to the face their eyes wandered. There they were met by a pair of silver eyes accented by blue eye shadow, rosy red cheek and a pair of puffed pink lips. There, right there, was the man of all their nightmares, the one who constantly haunted Hisoka's dreams…. Dressed… Like a... doll

"So uh…" The two partners just kept stepping back slowly with small baby steps. "guess we'll just… leave you to you.. uh.. business here…." The older shinigami opened his eyes to the sight of the evil doctor in the dress looked around stuttering for a few moments, met the eyes of his partner and then they both turned and ran from the house.

They didn't stop running for a long while. "So we both agree. We tell the ministry he wasn't there, and we never speak of this again.! Right!"