Chapter Two

An Article on Disaster

NOTE: When you see text in bold "Bla", the speaker is speaking Japanese. See AN at end of this chapter.

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"I just don't know how that nasty little witch is going to keep me off a story like this." Moaned the woman next to Kagome on the plane. An extremely blonde woman, with lime-green nails and coat, was chewing on what looked to be an extremely old fountain-pen. A notebook sat on her lap, and she was constantly muttering to herself throughout the trip.

Kagome sighed, wishing she could have had the chance to sit next to Yuka, but Hojo had already requested the honor. The two were currently sweethearts, and Kagome was gladly cheering both of them on the sidelines. But now? She was stuck with a foreign weirdo.

"Er, Herro?" Kagome softly asked, glancing towards her neighbor for the umpteenth time. This was the first she had tried to initiate conversation though.

"Huh?" The pretty woman turned towards the dark-haired schoolgirl. And then, Rita Skeeter's mind narrowed, focussing on the now-nervous girl. That stupid Granger girl had forbidden her from stories for a year, but this was one she couldn't pass up. So how was she to do it? With the help of an innocent!

"Why hello! It's absolutely a pleasure to meet you." Rita said, a predatory look entering her eyes. The small girl seemed to be confused, until she spoke once more.

"Aimu Sorii," she said quietly, hoping that the woman would understand that her English was not very good in a speaking form. Reading it was another thing entirely. So, Kagome pointed to the woman's pen, and gesticulated as if she were writing. Rita handed her the pen with a bit of bewilderment.

'I'm sorry, my English is still not very good when I speak it.'She wrote in a large, legible writing. Rita fairly squealed, and several of the plane's passengers looked at the grown woman with exasperation. It was an all-night flight, and many of the people were trying to sleep.

'That's quite all right. My name's Rita. I was visiting a distant aunt. What about you? Is your school heading to England on a trip? Are you in a club?'

My, but the woman was pushy, and noisy.

'Yes, and yes, Rita-san.' Kagome scrawled in return, looking at her passenger-neighbor with confusion. 'I'm sorry if I'm rude, but you look very different from the average person.' She hesitantly added, ending with a small dot on the page.

Rita-san quickly read over what she had written, and smiled a crocodile smile. Dear, but the girl was perceptive.

'That's because I'm not an average person.' Rita wrote slyly, handing the pen back to Kagome, who was reading avidly what she had written.

'Really? How so?'

Rita chewed her lip for a moment, obviously missing the cap of a pen to chew on, and Kagome briefly wondered if that was her 'nervous habit'. Finally, she began to scribble rapidly over the page, dotting her letters furiously, then scratching them out again.

'I am an exiled reporter. My time's almost up, and I'm returning back to England. But there's this absolutely fabulous story that I must write…oh, I won't bore you with the details.' Rita handed the notebook back, her eyes gleaming in the florescent lighting of the plane. It had been worth it after all to take the muggle transportation home. And when her muggle family had driven her to the airport, what was she to do?

The Kagome girl seemed skeptical as she read slowly, almost as if she sensed Rita's developing plan. But curiosity killed the cat, so to speak. Just as she was beginning to write a reply, a mewling sound came from below her seat. Rita stiffened, as Kagome drew out an animal crate from under her chair, and found herself nose-to-nose, almost, with a little fox kit.

"Kami! Shippou! Gomen, gomen!" Kagome was saying, as she tickled the animal through the cages.

"Uh, Aimu….gomen?" She said to Rita with a sheepish grin. Kagome picked up the pen, and began to write. 'Shippou-chan is my little fox. I promised him I'd let him get out from under my seat after the plane rose. Do you mind, Rita-san?' Watching the smiling girl, Rita couldn't help but nod. She was fascinated. Fox cubs were a well-known source of magical potion ingrediants, and their tricky nature and intelligence made them highly suspicious of humanity.

"So, Kagome, you're versed with foxes?" she asked, and realized she'd spoken, instead of written. Fortunately, Kagome seemed to be weary of writing, and wanted to challenge her skills.

"Uh, ha-yes…" She looked fondly at her child, disguised as a true fox. She only hoped that Shippou would remain in the form she'd told him to take… Unexpectedly, there was a muffled popping noise, and there stood Shippou, clad in a pair of new jeans, and a green tee-shirt that really brought out his eyes.

"Mom! Why do I have to stay in that form?"

"Shippou!" She hissed, and tried to tuck him into her shirt, to hide him, but Rita was already staring in horror at her child.

"Is…that…an Animagus!" She screeched, and half of the plane's occupants glared heavily at the loud woman who had already made so much racket. She went to grab for Shippou, and Kagome hauled him out of her reach, stuffing him under her shirt for safety measures. Rita glared at the girl slowly, with a smoldering look of someone viciously wanted something.

"Why didn't you tell me you were a witch, you little girl?" Rita hissed, as the other plane passengers slowly dozed back to sleep. Kagome had her own glare on, and compared to Inuyasha, this woman was a fuzz ball.

"Not a 'wench'." Kagome growled back, hugging the lump over her stomach protectively. Sounds of 'Kaa-san' and mewlings came from the lump, so Rita settled back, wary now of the girl.

"Not a witch eh? You'll be fined for not being registered in whatever Ministry you have." Rita said, with a self-satisfied smirk on her face. Serves her right.

"No Ministry." Kagome said offhandedly, still hugging Shippou. Rita mulled silently, their conversation abandoned, and the wheels turning through her head. What could she do with this Kagome-san to further her own career?


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