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Tides of Friendship 2: Unfading Sorrow

Chapter One: Living Nightmares

Malik- the light

Marik- the yami




It was a dark and stormy night but it was near morning. The sky was still etched with black streaks of night left behind but lines of lighter blue ran across it like a pattern indicating morning was near but not too near since it was still another couple of hours away. Rain poured over the construction camp; pounding on the wooden roofs, demanding to be let in. Trees swift to one direction to another, never stopping as the hard gale blew against its branches and leaves. Mud formed where dirt can be found, which was almost everywhere. It was hard to keep dry that fierce night. Doors to rooms rattled loudly against the pressure. Malik could hardly sleep a wink. He was still thinking about his friend's departure of the living world. 'Ryou...' Malik thought, 'How is it up there? I really miss you, you know that? Don't forget to tell the others that I said hi.'

Malik smiled an ever so weak smile. He turned on his side, trying so hard to sleep and escape reality for the night. Suddenly there was a loud crack outside as the front door to the camp swung open. Malik sat up in his bunk and listen in to the conversation outside in the rain. After a few seconds he heard heavy footsteps and grunting. Finally, he heard the chief's raspy voice.

"I hate this stupid rain. It better let up tomorrow so the slaves can work!" he yelled to someone beside him.

"Yes, sire. But aren't you happy that we have found and captured new slaves?" asked a random guard.

Malik's forehead wrinkled in perplexity. 'New workers? They captured more people?' he thought to himself as he pressed his ear closer to the door for better hearing.

"Of course!" said the chief. "Stupid people, they think they can just hide out in the forest for the rest of their lives." He paused, then, chuckled at their so call stupidity. "But now, they can forget about all that junk since they'll be working for the Lord to build an entire new kingdom to replace the old pathetic city back then."

The chief spat out each word heavily with disgust. Then he toss his head back and laughed an evil and heartless laugh while the newly captured slaves throttled behind helplessly following in the rain, drenched from head to toe.

Malik took a peek outside and saw the marching slaves along with guards armed with spears pointing at their backs, preventing any escape possible. Then he glanced toward the chief talking to the guard. A large umbrella held by the guard beside the chief held it over the superior's head, shielding the man from the cold, wet crystalline droplets from above the darken sky while the guard was drenched himself in the rain, leaving the chief to be the only one to be dry and warm.

More mumbling was received by Malik. "Set them to work right away. Well after this stupid rain anyway. What's the matter with the sky? It has been raining for days now!" goes the chief. "Hate the dumb rain..."

"Yes, yes, sire..." went the guard as he held the umbrella more firmly as he hurried to keep the pace between him and the chief.

A cough arises into the air behind all the muttering in the rain. Then a voice came alive. "Don't worry, honey. We're almost there." The voice belonged to a woman about middle aged. She was talking and comforting a small child whom she was holding in her arms, as she tried to protect the child from the freezing temperature of the atmosphere.

"Be quiet and keep walking if you know what's good for you! Keep it up and I'll slaughter you both! You and your little weak daughter! You hear me, woman!" shouted the chief.

"Yes, yes, sire! I'm sorry!" apologized the wet woman as she said no more but held her descendant closer to her.

Marik couldn't help but felt extreme sorrow for the woman and her child. 'How heartless to treat such a youngster and her mother,' thougth Malik as he took another look at the small child in her mother's arms. The child was small enough to be about eight to ten years of age. The child was covered in a brown like cloth that act like a blanket helping the child from getting wet. Malik couldn't see much more of the child except its size. Gathering information from the small but cruel conversation between the child's mother and the chief, it gave Marik enough data to guess that the woman's child is indeed a small girl.

Then after what seems like and is gentle rain dropping and splattering into puddles into the mud, the chief spoke up again, breaking the still silence. "I want every single one of these people to work... including that little girl and her mother."

"Yes sire, but don't you think the girl is a bit young to be handling construction work?" asked the guard holding the umbrella over the chief's head.

Suddenly, the chief came to an abrupt halt and whirled his head toward the guard. He pressed his face close to the guard's and snarled in his face. "If you think that girl is a bit young to work, then she's useless, then why don't you just kill her off like everyone else in the past! Or we can just kill you instead," said the chief with malice in his eyes to harm and kill with lust.

"Sir, I mean no such thing! I'm sorry, sire! My dear chief, I'm truly sorry! I didn't know what I was saying! Please don't kill the girl!" pleaded the guard as he dropped to his knees hitting the mud and rising his hands to the chief to beg for mercy as he let the umbrella float gentle to the muddy ground.

The chief glanced down at the pleading guard. "Good, watch your mouth or I'll order someone to kill you and let the wild animals devour your corpse so you can't ever rest in peace like the others! We have lots of guards. Taking one away won't make a difference. Get up before I get any angrier from getting wet while you're on your pathetic knees!" he yelled.

"Yes, sire! Thank you, thank you!" he said as he returned to his position beside the chief with the bamboo umbrella in his hand serving the chief of a monster.

"Now hurry up and get the stupid slaves their bunks so I can go already!" said the chief.

"Yes, yes, sire! Right away!" said the guard.

Malik saw the guard peeking at the mother and her daughter, showing sorrow but he quickly turned and served the chief as the band of people strolled on.

Malik exhaled heavily. 'Just a small kid and her mother, but they have to work for this torture camp,' thought Malik. Then he thought about what the chief said about the people in the past who disobeyed and was killed off. 'Being killed and devoured by the animals so they can never rest in peace. They had thought if they died, then the suffering has ended but they never thought about resting in peace after living," thought Malik. Then he thought about the chief. 'How can anyone be so heartless and cruel? Only a monster hungry for blood and lust can be that cold...'

After a couple of moments, the group of people disappeared behind the buildings. Voices was dimmed then quickly faded out. Soon, silence hung in the air. So beautiful and so quiet. So quiet but yet so loud the silence is. How loud the silence is, ringing throughout the buildings and around the rain. Rain falls down spattering on the dirt, forming more mud than before the crew came in. Crickets chirp throughout the rain, loud and clear to Malik's ears.

He shut the squeaking door gently and slowly, afraid to wake the others. Then he retraced his steps back to his own bunk and lay down. He pulled to the blanket to his chest and turned, facing the closed window. He could still see the moon, but it was growing smaller and smaller the nearer morning crept by. He tried to forget what he had heard and seen that night about the child and her mother but he just couldn't. Marik hoped the best for the child and her mother. It stabbed him with painful force to see such pain for he knew what pain felt like; especially losing someone so dearest to him for he had been through it.

Malik thought about the first time he laid his eyes on the camp for the first time. It hurt Malik so much especially with all he had to endure. Malik was quite surprised and shock to find that after everything that has happened, he was still left standing and that he, has survived. He couldn't figure out how a being could feel so much pain at once. He was hurt and he knew it can never be mended. His heart was too broken. The scars ran too deep to be healed.

'When people think of pain, they know it hurts but how can anyone know how painful it is for me? And to see others tortured as well?' Malik toss and turned but after a while he managed to return to sleep but in his heart and in his mind, he still couldn't forget the horrid images and sounds of that dark and stormy night. But before he did, his heart ached from the earlier events and his heart yearns for the missing piece where Ryou used to be. As his eyelids began to drop, he thought and whispered out, "Save me, Ryou. Save me from this nightmare I'm living in reality. Please, save me, Ryou. Save me."

End of Chapter One

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