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Tides of Friendship 2: Tears of Unfading Sorrow

Chapter Two: A New Face

It has been about three months after Ryou's departure; Malik is still working to expand the monstrous castle of the Lord. He hated him with all his heart content. For he blames everything on him. He swung the hammer onto the lumber, hammering the nail in place. Then he grabbed another nail blindly and jammed it in front of the lumber and brought the hammer down. Malik swing the hammer once, then twice. Then suddenly pain shock his thumb as he blindly brought the hammer down on the nail but it slipped onto his thumb. "Ow!"

He dropped the hammer quickly and yanks his hand back to examine his injury as his other hand went up as well. Malik thought about what Ryou said the other time he was here. "'Hope you feel better. Construction work is not for you, my friend.'" Malik eyes' watered but he refused to let the tears fall. 'Ryou, I miss you so bad. Where are you right now?' Malik looked at his thumb.

"Are you okay, sir?" asked a young innocent voice behind him.

Malik turned around and saw a young girl looking back at him. She smiled at him with a large friendly innocent smile as her scarred hands held a small ragged doll that hung limply. He saw that she was approximately no more than eight to ten years of age. She was about three to four feet in height. Her black hair fell past her shoulders; tied together by a tiny strip of white cloth. Several strands of her hair had found their way out of the knot and hung untamed, covering her ears. Scars decorated inches on her hands and Malik could see one running deeply from her left cheek down to her neck. The child was dressed in a shirt that fitted her perfectly except skin can be seen on her shoulder area for that area on the fabric has been tore including on her sleeves and her the bottom of her pants were stained with a dark substance that caked and is falling off piece by piece. The mud stained her shirt in several areas but the girl didn't seem to mind. She continues to smile at Malik. "Are you okay, sir?" she repeated.

Malik continue to look at the child. The smile never left her face as she still stands in front of him. "Uh... Yeah, I'm fine," he finally answered her.

"That's good. Hi, my name's Hana," the girl said as the warm smile spread even wider over her face. "Nice to meet you, uh..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Malik. Nice to meet you too, Hana-"


"No, no. It's Malik, not Marik," explained Malik.

"Oh, sorry. I think I mistook you for someone else. I just got here yesterday somewhere close to morning, I think. I don't really know since I was asleep in my mother's arms when the guards found us and took us here. I woke up and everyone was just fleeing everywhere! I didn't know what really happen. The next moment I was being pulled by my mother across a mud river. Then I believe we were caught and my mother held me the whole way here."

It hit Malik that the child standing before him is the same child he saw last night in her mother's arms! And that also explain why her clothes are caked in mud. "So you just came yesterday?"

"Yeah, that's right, I believe. I'm sorry again for mistaking you for someone else. You see, last night when we got our bunks, we saw and heard someone outside talking to that ugly chief guy and I heard his name was Marik? I also heard that chief guy called him by Commander Marik. They were arguing about something so I sneaked a peek but I couldn't really make out his face in all that darkness. Your names are really similar and now that I mentioned it, you two look a bit the same too, not that hard to take one for the other. Sorry, Malik," said Hana.

"So Marik knew about the new recruits and talked to the chief..."

"You...you know him!" asked Hana surprised.

Malik scratched the back of his head and looked down at her. "Well, uh... Kind of, I guess. We're kind of like brothers. Nothing can separate us."

Her little eyes lit up with light and her mouth formed a big 'o'. "Wow!"

"So your name's Hana? It means flower, doesn't it?" asked Marik leaving the subject behind.

Hana nodded at him. "Yes, it does. And this is my doll. A lot of kids call it childish but I don't care. I like to play with it; it was a gift from my mother. I never go anywhere without it, ever. Her name's Susi. I don't care if it's childish, I'll never change a thing."

Malik was very impressed she has such persistence and determination to be an individual. "Yes, never change because someone told you to or makes fun of you. If you changed in the past, then the Hana in front of me right now won't exist anymore, now would she?"

Hana giggles. "Yes, thanks. Malik, will you be my friend? I don't have anyone anymore to play with anymore... You didn't make fun of me or think I'm worthless. You look and sound like a very nice person, so will you be my friend, Malik? Pretty please?"

She looks at him with a giant frown and large puppy dog eyes. She even whimpered now and then to act out the part. Malik smiled then giggled. "I couldn't just say no to that face," Malik said as he acquiesces to her begging.

"Yay! I have a new friend!" squealed Hana as she jumps and claps her hands continuously. "Yay! Yay! Yay!"

Malik couldn't help himself but smiled and chuckle at the kid. But he stopped and focuses on the ugly scars on her hands and face. 'Who or what could have caused her such agonizing memories?' Malik was lost in thought. He thought of asking her but he quickly threw away that idea since it would be like prying open her life and disclosing her secrets to the open. Besides, what if she doesn't want to talk about it? So Malik just kept on smiling at her. 'I must look like an idiot all smiling like this...' he thought.

Finally, Hana stopped and turned back to him. "Well, I have to go before my mother worry or something. Thanks for being my friend. See you around!" With that, she turned and ran to another location of the construction site as fast as her little legs can run, jumping over puddles of mud left behind by the night's rain.

It really made Malik sad when the mere thought of Hana working in this dangerous place ran in his mind. Malik anticipated the day where they can be all free at last so much. Everyone can finally run free and be gone of this living underworld that has somehow taken over the living world. Malik turn back to his work and began to hammer nails into the thick lumber once again. He looks back at his thumb.

The tender flesh has started to turn a purplish color but it was only a minor injury. But it didn't bother him. After meeting Hana and considering her a friend, he wasn't going to let some little bruise ruin the whole day for him by hanging over his head like some black ominous cloud. A friend was something he desperately need in a time like this especially since he had lost his own not so long ago. Without warning, Malik's ears met the sound of a loud chirp above.

Workers left to go to another location of the site for that area was finished except for Malik. He was the only one left that hasn't finish with his work but Malik didn't care; he kept on looking in the sky.

He looked up and witness sparrows flying together then they flew away together still chirping. Malik watched them dance in the air around one another then flying away. They grew smaller as Malik's and their distance became further but he just kept on watching them. Finally, their chirping fainted then died out as the birds' tiny bodies are obscured by the density of the forest. Even when the animals were out of sight, Malik just kept on looking. Then he turned back to the site and picked up a nail.

Malik place the tool on his left hand and drew a thick and deep line. The line ran just below his index finger and ran just under his thumb. He then jabbed the nail into his wound. Malik grimace at the pain but he shook it off. Blood started to take color and soon, it dripped off his left hand forming a tiny puddle on the wet ground. The moist dirt immediately absorbed the liquid into the earth leaving the deep dark stains as markings. The dark red substance ran over his palm and over his entire hand. He knew it was a foolhardy act to commit but he did it despite the results. Then Malik look up to the sky and held his wounded limp out. Malik grimaced at the sight of blood and the feel of throbbing pain.

"Ryou... Upon this wound, I vow to you, I will be free one day. I vow on this day that one day I will fly high like the birds in the sky. I will run free like a wild horse with no restraints. I will be free like the wind, going where I want to go! I will be free one day, Ryou, I promise you! I will be free!" Malik screamed into the sky as tears ran down his face and onto the ground. "I vow I will be free and avenge you, Ryou! I promise you on this wound! I will be free!"

More tears ran down his face as he drops to his knees crying. The pain in his hand was great but it was no competition for the agonizing pain in his heart. He has lost so much already. Everything dearest to him is gone. But Malik's not going down without a hard core fight. He still has hope. He still knows he didn't lose the battle yet. But Malik still sometimes wondered if he can continue on or has he already lost. Sometimes it just seems so worthless to continue on. To someone's hopeless eyes, he had lost the battle long before it has even begun.

End of Chapter Two

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