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Hotel Tendo Chapter 1 When Tricksters get bored

Way above the Earth in one of the many branches of Ygdrasil, sat a goddess and a demon.

" I'm bored." Said one. He had short blue hair and red eyes, and wore a green and blue tunic and pants, and a black cape.

" Me too." Said his companion. She had long pink hair, green eyes and wore a purple tunic and a long red skirt.

" It's been like this ever since Skuld-chan and her sisters left. " Moaned the first one.

" Saki! Takako! Don't you have work to do?" Asked a passing goddess.

" Like what? Earth is really boring these days." Said the female goddess Takako.

" There's no where to play tricks." Said the male demon Saki.

" I heard of a city in Japan called Nerima, I bet you'd love it there." Said the Goddess and left. The goddess and gemon looked down from Ygdrasil's branches onto the Earth. When they saw the aura of chaos surrounding Nermia they both smiled widely.

" If it's chaotic already, then once we get to work..." Saki began

" It will be even better!" Finished Takako. They both chuckled before decending.

In Nermia

" Niho! Airen!" Shouted Shampoo as she peddled toward Ranma. The pig tailed martial artist ran even faster to get away from his Amazon persuer. Shampoo threw one of her bonbori at Ranma's head which stunned him long enough for her to catch up and


" Shampoo! Get off!" Ranma ordered, the amazon clung tighter instead.

" Not until Ranma date Shampoo!"

" RANMA!" Ranma paled he knew that voice. " What are you doing with that bimbo?" Shampoo glared at Akane.

" Violent Girl leave! Shampoo and Ranma busy." At that Shampo leaned in to kiss Ranma. Akane's aura flared, her mallet materialized and she charged. The next thing Ranma knew he flying through LEO(lower earth orbit)

' Why does she only hit me?' Ranma thought as he plumeted back down.

"The pig tailed one is the focal point of the chaos." Said Saki

" So all we need to do is compress it around him, and I know just what to do." Said Takako.

One week later

When Ranma and Akane arrived home at the Tendo Dojo, there was a surprise waiting for them, two actually.

" Ukyo? Konastu? What are you doing here?" Ranma asked. Ukyo ran to cry on his chest.

" Oh Ran-chan it's horrible! My restaurant has been driven out of business!" The Okomaykai chef wailed while clinging to her fiance.

" Yes, that's why me and Ukyo-sama need a place to stay." Said the cross dressing Konastu.

" And since I'm your fiance, you'd be happy to let us stay here." Sobbed Ukyo, then she grabbed harder onto Ranma and gained a malicous glint her eyes. " Right?"

" Of course you can." Said Kasumi. " We'd love to have you here." They all sat down for dinner when



Shampo crashed through the wall to glomp on Ranma. Colgone and Mousse walked through the hole, and explained why they were there.

" So the Cat Cafe is bankrupt and you don't have anywhere to live?" Clogone nodded.

" Shampoo not worried, Ranma keep Shampo warm all night." Said Shampo as she cuddled closer to Ranma, making him sweat and Akane and Ukyo seth with anger.


Takako looked down the Tendo dojo adimiring her handywork.

" It's good, but it needs a little more." Said Saki.

Streets of Nermia

" Where the hell I am?" Cried Ryouga. He looked around and saw he was back at the Tendo dojo. ' I'm not strong enough to challenge Ranma again yet.' He thought angerily and walked away.

After going a few blocks he found himself back at the Tendo dojo.' How'd I get back here so soon?' Ryouga turned around and walked away again, but no matter what he did he couldn't get away from the dojo.

Farm in the country

" Akari you got some mail." Said Akari's grandfather. The sumo pig trainer open the mail and started smiling.

" All sumo pig competitons have been moved to Nermia! That's where Ryouga-dear lives!"

Kuno Mansion



" Are you sure they weren't there?" Takako asked.

" Positive." Said Saki. " Now the preperations are set."

" For more chaos then Nermia has ever seen!" Said Takako.