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Hotel Tendo Chapter 3 No need for rivalries

Ukyo creept as silently as she could down the hall in the Tendo Dojo. It was so early that the sun was barely up. She reached for the doorknob to Ranma's room and her hand bumped someone else's. She looked up to see a purple haired girl.

" What Spatula girl doing here?" The amazon demanded, quietly of course

" I could ask you the same thing!" The chef asked back. They both scowled at each other before hearing something inside. They both opened the door to see Kodachi climbing through the window, carrying a ball-gag and a riding crop.

" Now Ranma-darling, you will be mine!" Kodachi whispered

" Pyscho flower girl try to steal airen! Shampoo kill!" Shampoo pulled out her Bon Bori and charged Kodachi. The gymmanist leapt away and countered with her ribbon, wrapping it around Shampoo's bon bori and tried to pull them away from her. Shampoo pulled back and Kodachi was pulled toward her and slammed repeatedly in the head. While they were busy Ukyo made a dash for the blanket covered lump that was Ranma, She smiled as she pulled away the covers to reveal...


" WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH RAN-CHAN!" Ukyo yelled in Ryouga's ear. The lost boy was scared so much he jumped through the roof.

" What, how'd I get here? I thought I was in Moscow."

" You mean you get lost in your dreams?" Ukyo asked, Ryouga blushed, " Where is Ran-chan?"

" He should be in here." Ryouga replied as he got his head out of the roof. " Along with me and his otu." But Ranma is nowhere to be found in the room, so they split up and searched.

Meanwhile in Akane's room

Kasumi walked up to Akane's door. Her youngest sister had asked her to help with her cooking skills but didn't want Ranma to find out. She knocked but recieved no answer, so she opened the door and was shocked.

The sleeping Tomboy martial artist had arms around an also sleeping pigtailed martial artist and was snuggled close to him.

" Oh my!" Kasumi exclaimed.

" Foodmaker why you so surprised?" Shampoo asked as she passed by, Kasumi merely pointed and Shampoo's eyes narrowed.

" WHORE!" Shouted the angry amazon and woke up the remaining members of the household and a good deal of the rest of Nerima too. Ranma looked at the compromising postion he was in then at the intense aura surrounding Shampoo and went into self-preservation mode.

" It's not what is looks like! I..."

" Foodmaker say Ranma in here and Shampoo find Ranma in arms of violent girl, Shampoo no forgive! VIOLENT GIRL I KILL!" Shampoo charged, Ranma grabbed Akane and jumped aside as the bed was smashed to wood chips.

" Just(duck) give me(dodge) a chance(jump) to explain!" Ranma tried to get a word in edgewise while dodging Shampoo's bon bori.

" Ranma no hentai! Put me down!" Akane sent a palm strike to Ranma's chin and jumped out of his arms. " What are you doing in my room?"

" Violent girl no fool Shampoo! Violent girl try to steal Shampoo airen!" Shampoo accused with another strike.

" I don't care about that baka, you can have him!" Akane shouted as she jumped away.

" What's going on?" asked Ukyo and Kodachi as they entered the room.

" Violent girl try to seduce Ranma." Shampoo said. Both chef and gymmanist glared at Akane and drew their weapons.

" You brazen hussy!" Kodachi shouted as she swung her ribbon at Akane.

" Tramp!" Ukyo shouted as threw throwing spatuals.

" SHI SHI HOKODAN!" all three girls were caught in Ryouga's blast. " How dare you try to hurt Akane!"

" Ryouga thank you so much for protecting." Akane said. Ryouga blushed red.

' Such praise from Akane, I'm in heaven.'

" Ryouga-dear, what are you doing up at this hour?" asked Akari, rubbing sleep out of her eyes.


Ukyo saw his hesitantion whispered her plan to the other two.

" Who will you protect Ryouga, Akane or Akari?" Kodachi leapt toward Akari while Shampoo leapt toward Akane.

Ryouga was frozen with fear. 'No matter who I choose, I abandon the other. '

" AHHH!" Ryouga shouted in angust.

'An opening!' Ukyo charged in with her battle spatula.

" Katsunishiki intercept!" Akari commanded. Her Sumo pig charged through the doorway, trampling Kodachi and then slamming into Ukyo.

Shampoo swung her bon bori at Akane, who was grabbed by Ranma and pulled her out of the way.

" I don't need your help baka!" At that momment one of Shampoo's bon bori connected with her head and she passed out. Ranma sighed, picked up his uncute fiancée and continued avoiding Shampoo's attacks.

" Ranma, why you protect Violent girl, she try seduce you."

" I'm telling you that's not what happened!"

" I think I can explain." Said Nabiki. " By the way, you all owe me for waking me up so early." Nabiki took out a remote, pressed a button and a screen came down from the ceiling. The screen came to life and showed Akane, getting out of bed, her eyes still closed, walk into Ranma's room and drag him back to her room before snuggling next to him.

" SHE WAS SLEEP WALKING?" Everyone asked.


" HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Saki was laughing his divine but off. " Great touch with the sleep walking Takako-chan."

" Thank you Saki-kun. I merely made her heart's desires emerge while she's sleeping, but the best part is, the effect is random. She'll never know when it'll happen."


" See? Akane didn't do anything." Ranma pointed out.

" WHY ARE YOU DEFENDING HER?" demanded his other three admirers.

" Well, I...uh..."

" Breakfast ready!" Kasumi called. Everyone exchanged looks before deciding on a truce durring breakfast, but only because Kasumi's cooking was so good.

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