Flirting With Danger

- Chapter 4 -

Silence filled the bedroom as both the dark and light youkai stared at each other over the form of the slumbering ningen female between them. Karasu grinned evilly at Kurama, his eyes glinting with mischief, as the kitsune's expression grew more and more irritated. Finally, Kurama broke the connection of their gazes and looked down at Keiko, still snuggled between them.

"You marked her as well, didn't you." He spoke softly so as not to disturb the sleeping Keiko.

At this, Karasu's grin widened and he too looked down at Keiko, noticing that his mark at the base of her neck was visible through the parting of her hair. "Indeed." he looked back up to find Kurama staring at him again. "Apparently we have the same idea of the perfect woman and our beloved Keiko is it." With this said the crow bowed his head and placed a gentle kiss where he had marked her.

Kurama's golden eyes narrowed as a rumbling growl emerged from deep within his throat at the gesture. He wanted to tear Karasu from the bed and disperse of the arrogant youkai once and for all, however, he held his anger in check, not wanting to awaken Keiko.

Sensing the kitsune's growing ire, Karasu grinned. Deciding to have some more fun at Kurama's expense, and to see just how far he could push him, he bent down and placed a kiss right on the startled fox's lips.

Kurama pulled his head back abruptly. "Just what do you think you're doing?" he growled.

Karasu grinned, "What do youthinkI'm doing, little kitsune?"

"I think you had best keep your lips to yourself, Karasu." Kurama warned through bared fangs.

"Aw," Karasu pouted playfully, "Where is the fun in that?" His grin widened, "Besides… I'd say you enjoyed it."

"You wish." Kurama rebuked, "Now explain to me exactly how you are still alive."

Karasu tilted his head to the right slightly and gave a taunting smirk, "So curious, little fox. I suppose now that we share the same mate…" Here he paused to grin evilly again, "I should tell you. I am what you would call a trueimmortal." At this, Kurama's eyes widened, giving Karasu a great deal of satisfaction. Continuing on, Karasu elaborated.

"You see nothing can actually kill me. Wound me, as you yourself did, but never kill me. That plant merely took a while longer to escape from." Karasu grimaced slightly, before finally saying, "I admit I did not expect it. That, though, is why my companions did not seem worried. Plus the fact that I won that round anyway." The crow chuckled, "You see, I did not wish to kill you, little fox. You are far too much fun to play with, as is our mate."

Kurama could not hide the surprise that entered his expression. He had heard of true immortals, yes, but in all his long years as a theif in the Makai he had never ran across one. It was hard to believe, but considering his confidence in the plant he had used to finish off Karasu in the Dark Tournament, there must be some truth to what the crow said. Quickly, he covered his confusion up with a heated look of disgust.

"I will not share her with you, Karasu." He stated evenly.

"I don't believe you have any choice in the matter, fox, unless you plan to leave her to me alone. For I refuse to give her up. Besides, we have yet to ask her opinion of the matter. So don't act so possessive. We both had her, we both mated with her. She is ours. Not just yours and not just mine, little kitsune. The sooner you reconcile yourself to that the happier we all shall be." He said with his characteristic evil yet seductive grin.

"Frankly," Kurama muttered, glancing back down at Keiko, "I must admit that her opinion on the matter is more important to me than yours."

"I thought as much. In fact, I get the distinct feeling you could really care less about my opinion at all." said the far too amused crow.

Kurama smirked, "You are correct, your opinion mean nothing to me." He said simply before the stirrings of a certain ningen female distracted both youkai from any further conversation.

Karasu grinned. "It would seem our little goddess is waking up. Now we can ask our mate her opinion on the matter." So saying he bent his head and, ignoring Kurama's menacing growl, nuzzled Keiko's neck, nipping slightly where he'd marked her. "Wakey, wakey little goddess." He whispered huskily.

Keiko woke up, her head slightly fuzzy and it took her awhile to realize that she was lying, naked, between two muscular bodies while one of those bodies was whispering oh-so-seductively into her ear. With a start, all the memories of what had transpired between herself, Kurama and Karasu of all people came flooding back to her.

"Wha- how… er, I mean… um… hello?" Keiko managed to stutter, not really knowing what to say in regards to the situation. She had been so brave, so daring earlier when it had all started, but now she was unsure of the repercussions of her actions. Looking at Kurama questioningly, Keiko hoped the fox would say something to ease her uncertainty.

"Hello, little goddess, have a nice nap?" Karasu whispered huskily into her ear, effectively drawing her attention back to the crow. "We've been so anxious for you to awake. We have thingswe'd like to discuss."

"Um... o-o-okay..." Keiko managed once more to stutter a response. Her state of uncomfortableness was growing under both youkais' intense gazes, especially Karasu's. She shivered unconsciously.

"My little kitsune, perhaps you should say something to our goddess. She seems quite frightened."

Kurama grimaced at the possessive title bestowed upon him from Karasu, especially now that Keiko was awake to hear it. He finally found his tongue and reaching out to gently tilt Keiko's face back in his direction, said, "Keiko, there is no need to be afraid. I am here for you and will not allow any harm to come to you."

Keiko visibly relaxed at Kurama's touch and words. Drawing a breath, she shifted and then winced when she felt a pain at the base of her neck. Instantly, she brought a hand up to touch the spot and when it drew away, she gasped when she noticed drops of blood staining her fingers. An accusing look instantly settled in her eyes, which she directed in Karasu's direction.

"So accusing, little goddess." Karasu said, sounding hurt. "My little fox did the same to the other side of your neck. You should glare at him too."

Keiko's anger was replaced with confusion and once again Keiko looked to Kurama for assurance, or at least some sort of explanation. What was going to happen between them now? She very much doubted that this could be easily forgotten, by her at least, but she wasn't so sure about the two demons.

"Is there anything you would like to ask us?" Kurama asked in a prompting way.

"Well… I guess," Keiko began, not sure if she wanted to ask this or not, but finally decided to forge ahead and deal with the consequences. "What things was Karasu talking about discussing?"

"Don't give him that sort of opening, dear one." Kurama said, glaring at Karasu, who simply blinked innocently. "You do realize that the mating must be discussed, yes?"

"Mating!" Keiko exclaimed, sitting up abruptly, the action causing the blanket to fall and puddle in her lap. She quickly snatched the cover back up to her chest. "You mean I... that we... Oh, God!"

"That we what, little goddess?" Karasu asked. "I could tell you in great detail exactly what we did. Or better yet the fox and I could show you...again."

"Fortunately for us all she has a good memory." Kurama muttered.

"Of last night --"

"In General." Kurama interjected, wanting to forestall anymore of Karasu's jibes. "Fortunately, you survived." He continued, looking at Keiko, unsure of how to put this. "I've heard from other youkai that the marking can get out of control sometimes."

"I would not have let it happen to our little goddess, my dear fox." Karasu said, determined not to be left out of the conversation as well as wanting to rile to kitsune some more.

...Or so they claimed. Karasu was staring at her with such a heavy look in his eye, and Kurama was serious. They liked to tease her, but...

"You seem a trifle uncomfortable, little goddess. We shall have to do something about that." With that said, Karasu leaned over and caught her lips in a deep, penetrating kiss.

"Okay, first of all, hands off." Kurama demanded, jerking Karasu back from Keiko. "Second of all," Here he grimaced, "we need to talk like civilized people about this; we need to settle the terms now, define territory lines. You're making me antsy."

"Isn't that part of the fun?" Karasu smirked. "I also shall not keep my hands to myself, I was raised to believe in sharing." He said, running one hand down Keiko's back the other down Kurama's arm.

Keiko, still dazed by Karasu's kiss, noticed the touches and shook her head to clear it. "Wait just a minute!" She demanded, "This is getting out of hand. You two are acting like I belong to the two of you now. I am not a piece of property to be split down the middle!" By the end of her rant, Keiko's face had taken on an annoyed expression.

Kurama blinked in confusion. "You did come to us."

"No, she came to me, and I shared her with you." Karasu grinned at the put out expression on Kurama's face. "Sharing, Fox, it's an important word."

"I didn't mean to go to either of you! I was just..." Keiko trailed off as she realized she didn't really know how to explain what she thought she was doing. It sounded kind of silly in her mind now and she highly doubted that either of them would appreciate the fact that she had been playing with them in order to get a forbidden thrill.

"It's just?" Kurama prompted.

"Just…" Keiko sighed, "I didn't think something like this would happen."

Karasu looked amused. "What did you expect? For us to chase you down then leave you?" He made a tsk'ing sound. "I told you exactly what would happen were you to play with me, little goddess."

"There wasn't much time for talk then." Kurama added, not quite believing it, but finding that he actually agreed with the crow on this one. "But I assumed, since you were with Yusuke, you'd have some idea..."

Keiko shook her head no sharply. "We never discussed anything about his youkai behaviorisms or anything. I don't know what I was thinking! I'm so sorry, Kurama. Is there any way for it to be undone?" She asked, figuring that neither youkai actually wanted to remain mated to a mere human female.

Kurama looked at her incredulously, "This is a binding contract we're talking here! The minute we shared pleasure, our contract was sealed. This is unchangeable, Keiko, not some piece of paper we can burn. Besides..."

Karasu noted the kitsune's trailing off and took the chance to add his own view to the situation. "It cannot be undone, little goddess, or at least I cannot undo my mark." He paused a moment to lick where he'd marked her for emphasis. "May I ask though, why are you feeling so… 'Unworthy' is the only word I can come up with. Remember, little goddess, I am slightly empathic."

"Well..." Keiko peered at the two of them hesitantly. "You two don't seem to be upset at all, but I'm the cause of all this. I made the mistake, and I can't see why you'd want to be chained to a human mate."

"Keiko," Karasu said, using her real name for the first time. "I am quite happy about this arrangement, little goddess. Besides, you aren't quite human anymore…" There he trailed off, for once looking worried.

This little comment cause both Keiko andKurama to blink. As one, they both stared at the crow demon for any forthcoming explanation he would give.

"As I explained to you earlier, I am a true immortal." Karasu looked Kurama in the eyes to drive home his words. "I will never die." He turned his gaze back upon Keiko and continued. "There is only two ways though to become a true immortal: 1 - You are born one from parents who are both true immortals and 2 - You mate with one."

He looked thoughtful for a moment then continued. "Though I guess I really should say three ways...for you, my beloved little fox, are also now one as well." He smirked, as once again the great Youko Kurama was struck speechless. "Keiko too. That is why, little goddess, you are no longer quite human. You are a true immortal, and shall never die."

"And in the spirit of confession, I am secretly a human thief in disguise. I apologize for lying to you all for so long." Kurama's scorn was backed up by the glare he threw at Karasu. "No, really. Be serious for once."

"Where, may I ask, is the fun in that?" asked Karasu looking scandalized.

"It's all fun and games until someone's eye gets stolen." Sarcasm dripped from the kitsune's words.

Meanwhile, Keiko was attempting to take all of this new information in and finding it a bit difficult. Kurama seemed to suddenly realize that the crow was, in fact, not kidding.

"Sweet Inari! You are serious!" He exclaimed, glaring at Karasu heatedly. "Just when were you going to mention this? Last night would have been a great time!"

Karasu chuckled darkly. "My dearest kitsune, would you have ever agreed to it had you known?" He smiled when Kuram started to speak but then refrained. "The emotions would have run dry, beloved. You would have taken forever to analyze every little piece of information. I may have all the time in the world but I reallydidn't wish to wait that long, sweet kitsune."

It finally began to dawn on Keiko that she was inseparably bound to two youkai who seemed to not mind and, if what Karasu was saying was true, then they would be together for a veryvery long time. Deciding that she didn't want to start their new... relationship? Out on the wrong foot between the two of them, she decided to intervene.

"Hmph. So much for the idea of being mated. I'm already being ignored," She taunted, hoping to get a favorable response from them. Both youkai broke off their argument to look at Keiko.

"Ahh, our little goddess complains of neglect, dear fox." Karasu's eyes gleamed dangerously. "I suppose we shall have to do something about that."

Kurama noticed the look in Keiko's eyes. It was similar to the one she'd had the night before. Deciding that the discussion of the boundaries and limits to their shared mating could wait, Kurama grinned smugly. "Yes, Karasu, let us show our mate just how much we appreciate her."

And for the next few hours, they did exactly that.