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Background info: Logan and Rory have been friends for years and roommates for 2, They've both always carrying torches for the other but always at the wrong time. What happens when neither one of them have a boyfriend or girlfriend and they get a chance at the romance they always wanted? Will they take it? Or leave it, in an attempt to protect there friendship?

Both characters carry the same personality as on the show.


Chapter 1 – The Break Up

Rory Gilmore parked her rental car outside one of Stars Hollows most popular restaurants and looked carefully for her boyfriend of two years. She tucked her wavy brown hair behind her ear and pressed her hands against her jeans, she straightened out her baby blue halter top and then began to twiddle her thumbs as she looked out into the dark sky.

Stop it, your acting like a child. This needs to be done, and its not your fault She mentally scolded herself.

She heard her cell phone ring and jumped and then rolled her eyes and exhaled.

Relax Gilmore She thought to herself as she checked the caller ID and answered her cell.

"Mom" She whispered into the cell.

"No, not mom Rory...code names remember?"

"Mom this isn't a time for jokes!"

"Right, Right, Sorry, any luck yet?"

"No I can't see Dean…or her" Rory replied softly.

"I'm sorry sweetie, I wish it was you cheating on him"


"Not that you ever would" Lorelai Gilmore quickly covered up.

"I want to stab him Mom!" Rory complained on the phone as she looked on.

"I know, I know…I'm so sorry kiddo"

A uncomfortable but needed silence fell on both the Gilmore's. Rory blinked back tears as she thought of her perfect boyfriend cheating on her. She almost didn't believe it. It was why she was here now. She needed to see for herself.

Rory looked around the entrance of the restaurants and gasped as she spotted her 'boyfriend' exit the restaurant with a young blonde next to him, "Mom I see…them"

"Oh Rory" Lorelai replied sadly.

"I'll be right back" She said closing her cell phone, ignoring her mothers reply and open the car door as rage over took her petit body. She felt a heavy pang at her heart as Dean kissed the blonde and the two laughed as they walked towards Dean's car.

Rory circled around the couple and tapped Dean on the back.

"What-Rory?" The smile that had been on his face vanished replaced with a shocked expression.

His arm dropped from around the blonde and he looked at Rory carefully.


Rory controlled her emotions like a good reporter wouldand smiled, "Hey Dean"

"I didn't know you were coming home this weekend" He said a smile on his face but his body tense.

"Neither did I, but I needed to pick up a dress for an event this weekend at Yale" Rory lied with ease.

Dean swallowed and looked at the blonde carefully, " this is my friend Ashley…"

"A friend?" she questioned carefully, her journalism classes at Yale finally paying off.

"Yeah, just a friend" He answered quickly.

"Really?" Rory asked looking carefully at the blonde and then Dean.

"Yes" He said and Rory allowed her face to relax and in turn so did Dean's.

"Ashley this is Rory" He said completing the introductions.

Just Rory...not Rory my girlfriend Rory thought sadly.

Rory shook hands with the nervous blonde.

"Nice to meet you, I can't say Dean has ever mentioned you…" She said ignoring her body's earge to slap the blonde bitch.

"Oh" The blonde laughed nervously, "We just met…"

Dean slipped an arm around Rory's sholdors and the three of them began walking towards his car.

"So I have a question Dean" Rory said casually as her heart did flip flops inside her chest. Even if she now knew the truth, she needed to hear him say it...and this was the moment of truth.

"Yeah?" He said kissing her head.

"Since when do friends kissoutsiderestaurants?" Despite the way she felt her voice was steady and not shaky.

Dean's arm tensed around Rory's shoulders as he stopped walking. Rory shrugged his arm off her and turned to face him the anger she had carefully hidden at full flow.

"Don't take me for an idiot, The day you showed at Luke's with her I was notified immediately by not only Luke and Lane, but even by Ms. Patty. I can't believe you would do that Dean" Rory said her eyes showing anger, "After everything we've been through and everything we've said to each other, after you promised to always love me and that we could still make it with me away at Yale!" She was almost yelling now and tears welled up in her eyes.

Don't give him the victory of your tears Rory She said to herself as she held back tears

"Rory I'm sorry for hurting you" He whispered looking down.

"But not for cheating on me?" She questioned.

Dean looked away.

"I get it, you didn't mean to hurt me, but your not ashamed or sorry for dating her behind my back."

Dean swallowed.

Rory exhaled and sniffed, "Fine, Have a good night, We're over Dean, for good" having said that Rory turned on her heel and walked towards her rental car. Dean didn't even call to her. She let the tears she had tried to hold back slip down her eyes as she put the car into drive and drove home.

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