Chapter 1 Sudden Intrusion

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Proper Summary: Athrun is sent by his father to Orb to assassinate Orb's princess, Cagalli Yula Athha. Accompanying him to shield his true identitiy and purpose for being at Orb, he disguises himself as foreigner who was forced out of his country, and so he sought refuge at Orb. However, after he breaks into the princess's apartment and telling her his made-up story, she takes him in secretly out of pity. Realising he has succeeded in his first step in getting closer to the princess, he plots his moves carefully in order not to be suspected of anything. However, in the midst of his stay at Orb, he falls for the princess instead, will fate permit them to be together?

"Athrun, I want you to assassinate Orb's princess. However, this assassination will not be an immediate one. I want you to try and get close to the princess so you will not be one of the suspects after you kill her. I'm giving you a total of 3 months, if I do not hear from you by then, I will send someone down to check on you. Is that clear?" commanded Patrick Zala, standing behind his oakwood desk and facing his son, before throwing him an image of the Orb princess.

"Yes sir! I'll set off for Orb immediately!" replied Athrun, in a strict military tone, despite the fact that the man standing before him was indeed his father.

"Athrun, I expect you to succeed with this task. I will not compromise and failure is not an option. You're dismissed!" instructed the senior Zala, sending his son on his way.

"Thank you, sir!" replied Athrun sternly, saluting his father and taking the image with him, before turning and striding briskly out of the office.

Athrun slowed down once he was sure he was out of earshot of his father's office, he regulated his speed to his normal walking pace. He took a good look at the image of the Orb princess. Athrun couldn't help but realise that despite the princess's tomboyish looks, she was quite attractive in one way or another.

Checking his wrist watch, Athrun sighed deeply before jogging off to his room to pack up and book a private space shuttle to Orb.

Once he had brought along all his needed items and belongings, he headed down to the shuttle service counter, however, he realised that a booking had already been made by his father for him.

"Athrun!" came the sweet voice of a girl, jogging toward him, he long baby pink hair flowing behind her. Haro! Haro! Athrun! Haro! Lacus!

"L-Lacus! I didn't expect to meet you here!" exclaimed Athrun, looking half stunned at his fiancee of two years. He had met Lacus two years back after her father and his father had arranged an engagement for them. Throughout the two years though, he had only seen her several times, as he was often away at ZAFT.

Lacus Clyne was the pop-star singer of PLANTs, and her words had the influential power to inspire the citizens, which made her useful in times of trouble and crisis.

"My father came down here yesterday for a meeting with yours, and I thought I'd might as well find you. However, I can see you're leaving for somewhere again?" questioned Lacus sweetly, though there was a tint of disappointment in her voice.

"Yeah, my father has ordered me to go to Orb on a special mission. I've got a rather tedious and dangerous task to complete within 3 months." said Athrun sighing and looking down at his feet before perking up again. "I had no idea you and your father were here, my father didn't inform me about it. If I knew I would've taken you out somewhere,"

Haro! Athrun! I'm ok! Are you ok? Haro!

"Hush Pink!" said Lacus, sounding not at all snappy toward the bouncing ball-shaped device that Athrun had made for her. In fact he had made dozens of those bouncing devices for her, in all sorts of colours.

Lacus returned her attention to Athrun, "It's all right, you need not take me out anywhere. Just being able to meet you makes me contented already. Now I suppose you're to be on your way? Be careful though, you have my blessing."

"Thanks," replied Athrun, smiling warmly back down at her, before slowly and bashfully planting a soft kiss on her cheek.

Lacus bade goodbye to her fiance, as she watched the space shuttle launch from a launch vector and out through an opening into space.

"How long will it be before we reach Orb?" Athrun questioned the pilot, poking his head out slightly from the backseat.

"Approximately 4 hours, sir. Also, Chairman Zala instructed me to land in a nearby forest, in order not to be discovered." explained the pilot coolly.

Athrun nodded in reply, before leaning back in the chair and watching the galactic scenery fly past the window of the window of the space shuttle. He had never been instructed to assassinate anyone before, especially not a princess.

Orb's security was highly efficient, which meant he would've to be extra cautious when he crept around the vicinity of Orb.

The blue-haired co-ordinator spent the next 4 hours plotting out his plan and moves carefully, making sure that his plan was absolutely foolproof.

When the pilot landed the shuttle in a clearing of trees, Athrun thanked him and exitted the shuttle. The shuttle took off back into the night sky, leaving Athrun no other source of shelter or protecion other than himself and his backpack.

There was a sand coloured building in sight ahead of him, which according to the map was the house where the princess lived. Taking a deep breath Athrun stood up to full height.

"Freeze! Who are you, intruder! Put your hands up and drop the bag!" ordered a voice from behind, which was unmistakably a girl's.

Athrun had the urge to attack, however, he had more than enough brains that if he showed any signs of violence, the girl behind would probably fire at him if she had a gun, which Athrun assumed she did.

Slowly Athrun spun around to face the girl, and lowered his backpack onto the grassy terrain. However, his eyes widened at the sight of the girl. Wearing a red close-fitting tank top, and khaki pants with its edges tucked into a pair of black boots trekking boots.

The girl had shoulder length blonde hair and the most captivating honey-brown eyes he had seen in all of his entire born days. Athrun was staring so much at her, that he didn't realise that he was making his interest in her a tad to obvious.

"What're you looking at!" barked the girl fiercely, noticing that his eyes were travelling up and down her body.

"Athrun, control yourself, she's the darn princess! You've found her! But you can't kill her yet," Athrun thought to himself, before focusing his gaze on his feet.

"Who are you, and where are you from?" asked the Orb princess, circling him cautiously, gun still pointed at him.

"I was forced out of my country, and I flew here by shuttle but it crashed. I've been forced to seek refuge here," said Athrun calmly, but suddenly he tensed realising he had just said his shuttle crashed, but there was no crashed shuttle in sight!

"Oh really? Then where is that damn shuttle you said crashed here?" questioned the Orm princess, clearly trying to search Athrun inside out.

"Err it... umm it... err... sank! It sank!" said Athrun, suddenly realising that there was a coastline not far out.

"So you're saying that you're left homeless, now?" asked the Orb princess, raising an eyebrow at Athrun. However the stern look had faded from her face, which was now replaced by a look, half puzzled and half sorry at the same time.

Since it was the first thing that popped into his mind, Athrun fell to his knees and begged her to take him in.

"Alright! Shut up! I'll take you in, but if anybody finds you with me, you'll be in deep shit and so will I." exclaimed the princess, rubbing her head and shaking her head almost going nuts from all the intruder's whining.

"Follow me, there's a way we can avoid those freakin' security bums." snapped the princess, turning off the dirt track and into the dense undergrowth.

Athrun was a little shocked at her use of language and the way she speaked, as after all, the girl was a princess. He would've expected a princess to be a lot more feminine and gentle.

"Can I ask a question?" asked Athrun meekly, hoping she wouldn't tell him off.

"Shoot," she replied, crossing over a small stream to a gate, which had vines growing all over it. There was a small pit dug in the ground under the gate, which made it possible for her to actually lie down and slip under and through it.

"Are you the Orb princess? I think I've seen you somewhere on the news in my country," said Athrun slowly, making up a little lie to cover up for himself.

"Yeah, so what if I am, I don't really care." replied the princess, facing him as she stood on the other side of the fence. "I don't know if you can actually slip through that, or you could try and climb over the gate."

Knowing that if he climbed over the gate, it would make it all too obvious that he was no ordinary mortal, but a co-ordinator, so hoping it would be his lucky day, he tried to slip through under the gate.

Sure enough, Athrun managed to slip under the gate, escaping with a few minor scratches on his arms.

"Let's go before we can get seen," said the princess, running toward the house, and using her arms to hoist herself up onto the window sill before holding on to the pipe and climbing up to the second window.

Once she disappeared out of sight, Athrun took a deep breath, ran stepped on the first window before using the force to push himself up to the second, and slipping through.

"Shut up, don't make too much noise of my bodyguard, Kisaka, will hear you." instructed the princess.

"Yes ma'am," replied Athrun softly, sitting down in the corner of the room.

"Don't call me ma'am, my name's Cagalli. And please, just because I've taken you in as a refugee, doesn't mean you have to act like one. Make yourself at home, and you don't need to ask for permission to use the toilet." said the princess firmly.

"I'm Ath-Alex. Alex Dino," said Athrun quickly, realising he had nearly given off his true identity.

"Pleased to meet you," replied Cagalli, pulling out an extra mattress and pillows from the cupboard and laying it on the floor.

"Do make yourself comfortable, I'm going to take a shower, just ask if you need anything." said Cagalli grinning at Athrun, before disappearing into the bathroom.

Boy, she sure was much of a tomboy, and that grin was the only friendly gesture, besides her asking him to make himself comfortable, Athrun had received form her since he first met her.But all together, Athrun supposed she was quite a decent girl. The thought of having to kill her in the end, really irked him.

Athrun got up and was pacing the length of the room, thinking hard about what his enxt move would be.

The water in the bathroom had stopped a minute ago, and Athrun assumed Cagalli was changing and would be out in a second. However, there was a loud knock on the room door, and instantly the toilet door flew open.

Cagalli darted out pushed Athrun onto her bed, before pulling her comforter over him and right up over his bed, before throwing herself beside him on the bed.

"Cagalli, your father asked me to pass you this," said Kisaka, throwing Cagalli a letter.

"Thanks," replied Cagalli, smiling gratefully at her body guard.

"Umm Cagalli, what's that?" asked Kisaka, pointing to the bump beside Cagalli, which was obviously Athrun, as she lay sideways, head resting on her elbow.

"Oh this? It's a... a giant... back support! See, I've been having this really bad backaches lately, so I bought this for myself." said Cagalli, rolling over onto her back, before lying onto Athrun.

Athrun was lying on his stomach, and he had a hard time breathing now that Cagalli was lying on his back.

Kisaka raised an eyebrow at Cagalli, "It really works, it's got such brilliant support!" exclaimed Cagalli, raising a hand and whacking her so called 'back support' hard.

Athrun's face scrunched up in pain, as he felt her hand hit him hard on his upper thigh. He could feel his face becoming red from the pressure, and wasn't sure if he could hold it much longer.

"Yeah it's kind of useful, and if I'm lazy to go to my desk, I could just use this as a table." said Cagalli, getting up and turning herself around, before throwing one leg over Athrun and sitting in a writing position.

Athrun had to keep his mouth tight shut to stop the grunting sounds from escaping from him, all her movement made it feel as though she was humping him, though he knew better than to think dirty thoughts.

"Alright whatever you say," said Kisaka, the look of suspicion still not fading from his face.

The door closed shut, and Cagalli rolled off Athrun and ran to lock the door. She pulled the covers back to reveal a flushed faced Athrun, who tumbled off the bed onto the floor.

His face immediately returned to its normal colour, but it reddened once more out of embarrassment, when she appeared standing beside him, wearing what looked like a tight fitting white sleeveless shirt and black sports shorts, revealing her long slender legs.

"Sorry about that, I think you'll have to put up with more of my 'back support' ideas, whenever anyone comes in here. I'm hope you're ok," said Cagalli looking at the flushed look on his face, though truthfully, Athrun knew he was blushing red hot.

"It's getting late, why don't we turn in?" suggested Cagalli, looking at Athrun.

He nodded quickly, before getting to his feet and shaking his head a little.

"Feel free to wash up in the bathroom, Alex." stated Cagalli, tucking herself into bed and rolling over onto her side.

Athrun couldn't help but remember the image of her long legs. Fair and slender, and her skin looked so smooth. However, he smacked himself lightly on the head for thinking that way of her.

"She's your victim you asshole!" thought Athrun, before disappearing into the bathroom.

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