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Sirius was wide awake sitting infront of his fire place. It was about two weeks before school started back for his god son, then he would be alone. It wasn't that big of a deal he'd spent 12 years alone. He rembered what day it was. June 28th, his daughter's birthday. She'd been an entire year older for almost a day and he hadn't realized it.

"I'm sorry Lindsey." He thought to himself. Every year on his daughter's birthday he would find himself thinking about what would of happened if he'd stood up to her mother and made her beleive he would've taken care of them. He heard someone come down the hall, but didn't move.

"Sirius? You're up late." He heard Hermione tell him.

"So are you missy-miss"

"Well you tend to lose sleep when you get ready to go back to school. I've always done it." She said sitting on the couch across from him with a blanket.

"Harry never seems to have any problems."

"No,Harry always sleeps like a rock. You never said why you're still awake."

"Just thinking."

"About what?"

"The past."

"James and Lily?"

" Not really,"


"Who told you about Sidney?" She really did know everything at times.

"I over heard you talking to Lupin about her, it sounded like she was your whole world."

"Until she took it away."