Remus had done as he was told. He sent a letter off to Caitlin Truman telling her that he indeed did have her father's current address. That'd he'd spoken to Sirius and that Sirius was awaiting her arrival. He was nervous about seeing such a fragile part of their history and what feelings it could provoke in Sirius. But his nervousness was nothing in compare to Sirius's. Sirius was pacing around the house making sure everything looked okay, asking Tonks over and over if he looked okay. Remus chuckled at the memory of Sirius telling Tonks the news. Tonks came through the fire within the literal second of getting off the phone with Sirius and quite frankly scared the hell out of both of them.


"Yes Remus?"

"Are you ready for this? Maybe you should have met her some place."

"No, it's okay I'd like to have her here."

"Maybe Remus is right Sirius, You're uncomfortable. It's going to make her uncomfortable."

"You think it will?" Sirius asked his eyes betraying his anxiety.

"Take her out some place when she gets here Sirius. I promise you'll do fine."

"Yeah.. I'll hold you to it." He said playfully.

Sirius loved Tonks. She was the only one of his family who'd ever supported him in anything and he felt bad for not trusting her with his secret up until now.

The doorbell rang. All the calm in Sirius had left him, but he went to the door and cautiously opened it. What he saw, was very different from his baby in the cradle.

She had shoulder length dark hair that resembled his own, but her eyes they were Sidney's. Those piercing blue eyes he fell in love with was in his daughters possession.

" Hello." She said very friendly.


"What's you're name?" She asked cautiously.


"So you're my father?"

"Depends are you Lindsey?"

"My names Caitlin."

"Right- right Alyssa renamed you. I'm sorry. - Caitlin."

"I'm sorry this is awkward-"

"Don't be sorry for something you can't help."

Tonks came up to the doors and pushed by Sirius. She could see from a mile away that this girl was Sirius's daughter.

"Hello Caitlin. My name is Tonks. Your father was just wondering if you'd like to have dinner with him someplace."

"Nice to meet you Tonks, of course I'd like to have dinner."

"Good." She said slipping some money into Sirius's hand and pushing him out of the door. "I'll see the both of you later."


Sirius took her to an Italian Restraunt. It's what she requested and if memory served, Sidney loved Italian food too.

"So, what school did you go too?"

"I went to Hogwarts,"

"What house where you in?"

"Griffindor, "

"My favorite memory of Hogwarts would have to be my 3d year."

"Why is that?"

"This 1st year, his name was Harry Potter. I met him you know."

Sirius smiled. She was clueless. She didn't know that she was practically Harry's cousin,

"Tell you a secret."

"Okay, shoot."

"Harry Potter is my godson."

"No way!"


"How?" She said at a normal tone.

" Harry's father James was my best friend in Hogwarts. He was around when you were born you know."

"Oh," She asked slightly less than enthusiastic.

"Your mother refused to see you didn't she?"

"How did you know?"

"It's in your eyes."

"My eyes?"

"You have your mother's eyes. I could always tell what was going through her mind in her eyes."

"Why won't she see me?"

"It's a lot of history Li-Caitlin. I'll get that right I promise."

"I don't have to be anywhere. Please Sirius, I have to know what I've done."

"Nothing Caitlin. Nothing it was never you."

"Well then what was it?"

"Your mother was seventeen years old when she had you. Your mother, she,"

"She what?"

"Your mother's mother died when your mother was five years old. Her father wasn't ever around for her and when your mother and I were together she had all of this anger and all of this love. At the same time Caitlin she hated everything and she loved everything too."

As much as he hated Sidney for what she'd done to him. It just didn't sit right for Caitlin to hate her too.

"Tell me my last day as your daughter Sirius."

"Umm- well you were I guess about a month or two old and we were about to graduate from Hogwarts you see and Sidney asked what I thought of putting you up for adoption. "

"What'd you tell her?"

"I told her, I didn't want to because of my own selfish reasons. There was a huge fight it ended up in the Headmasters office. She finally quit fighting me and told me to do whatever I wanted. She didn't care anymore. I knew I couldn't keep you for me. It was selfish and I couldn't make ends meet for both of us at the age of seventeen. I loved you more than that."

"So that's when you met mum?"

"Oh your mum was great. She was very comforting to me. I trusted her with you she promised me I could.

"Mum's great. She hid it from me though, until I was sixteen."

"I rember your sister and brother too."

"Damien and Bex?"

"Yeah, how are they?"

"Damien ended up Captain of the Quidditch team and Bex in her 7th year got head girl."

"What about you?"

"I got into too much trouble to get anything for merit. It was worth it though,"

"You are definitely my daughter."

"What'd you get into trouble a lot too?"

"I had you at seventeen sweetheart. That should answer your question."

Caitlin smiled and they talked some more. He told himself he was going to see his daughter again. Even if she was seventeen years old when he did. He just wished James and Lily could of met her. They would have loved her and to have seen the young woman she'd become. He was proud of her and he was proud of Harry, as proud as James would have been. Everything turned out okay. He thought nothing would ever be okay again after Lily and James were murdered. and it wasn't ideal, but he could deal with it again.