AN: Blame it on the courses I'm taking right now, but I haven't felt like writing fanfic for some time. However, I must remedy this fact. Mer's very busy with her internship in DC, and it's fallen upon my shoulders to finish "Flirting for the Socially Inept." So to get my Muses back in gear, I've been tossing off some drabble-ish writing exercises to get back into the swing of things. For everyone who's been hoping for an update to "Flirting" - these are for y'all. --huggles readers--


She doesn't know her own face.

As she stands by the staircase, studying the moving pictures that line the walls, she can't help but notice this fact. A round-cheeked, black-haired baby becomes a child with large dark eyes and light brown curls – with an orange-haired firebrand stuck somewhere in-between.

The changes are more striking in the family portraits. Sometimes she resembles Mum, other times Dad; and as she traces the passage of years across the wall, a different girl begins to emerge. Shockingly bright hair, open expression, pale skin, blissful grin. A blue spiky-haired teenager waves from her Hogwarts graduation picture, winking at someone off-frame.

She raises a hand to trace that smiling face. Smiles. The only feature all those photos share – even her infant self sports a lopsided grin. Hair, eyes, nose, skin, height all differ, but that optimism stays throughout this visible chronicle of her life.

Footsteps break the silence of her thoughts, and she feels Mum's comforting hand on her shoulder.

"You have a gift," Andromeda Tonks says. "Never think that makes you any less of a person."