Green Lining


Whenever anyone asks him what his favorite color is, Cyborg always says that it's green.

Kory thinks it's because he likes plants. He does like plants, but he's more interested in fauna than flora.

Green is Vic's favorite color because of one Garfield Logan. No one calls him 'Gar' except for Cyborg, though, just like no one calls him Vic Stone besides Gar. And just like he can't think of magic without thinking of Raven, or see an arrow without thinking about Roy, Vic can't see or think about the color green…

…without being reminded of his best friend.

Garfield Logan is the only member of the Titans that knows what it is to have once been human. Donna has literal god-given powers, true, but she is a clone of Wonder Woman, who was created from clay. Her body is still made out of flesh and blood, which, even if it is harder to bend, fold, spindle and/or mutilate, is still the same color. Dick and Roy have never been anything but human; Raven is from the extra-dimensional whatsis Azareth even if she is half-human, Kory is from Tamaran and only came to Earth a few years ago; and Wally…

Well, Wally did know, but he's decided to try being 'normal,' and is happily keeping his distance from anything that even smells like metahumans or superheroes.

If Vic got his normal human body back once more, he thinks he might do the same thing. Except…

Donna is sort of the like the little sister he'd never had – and always wanted. Dick and Roy are like the older brothers who never know as much as he thinks he does (Dick), and always knows enough to get all of them into and out of trouble (Roy). Raven makes him feel human, if only because she looks down on all of them as beneath her with the air of an older sister, in that, 'Why do I put up with you idiots?' type of way that is laced with resigned amusement and tinged with tolerant affection. Kory is a ray of sunshine even on the cloudiest days and charmingly inept at human social interaction, so much so that it makes him feel even more human than when Raven rolls her eyes at him.

And Garfield Logan, AKA Beast Boy, is still his best friend.

Best friend. Two very inadequate words to describe what Gar meant to him. Gar's the only one who thinks Vic's cyberbiotic parts are quote, 'Cool, man!' instead of just weird or 'efficient' as Robin once said. Gar's the only one that's cool with helping Vic do repairs on himself, just like Vic's the only who's cool with Gar's vegetarianism and propensity for lounging around in people's laps as a cat.

Gar's a little piece of heaven on Earth that makes all the hell the Titans go through as teen superheroes worthwhile.

Especially, personally, to one Victor Stone.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Sparing a nanosecond of a glance down at the shiny metal plating he has instead of sixty percent of his human flesh, Vic's optics focus in once more on Gar. Beast Boy has finally beaten Robin at Speed Racer II and is currently doing his patented Beast Boy Victory Dance, wherein he prances around the loser and changes into a new animal every two point thirty-five seconds – all the while, a big, cheesy grin on his face (which looks very out of place on an iguana and just plain weird on a platypus).

Unbidden, a smile comes to Victor's lips.

The lining of his cloudy life is green. And it makes all the rain and pain that has fallen into his life worthwhile.