Note to the reader: I hope you enjoy this fic. If Sasuke is a little off or any of the characters is OOC, please tell me as well. This fic is AU…just a reminder.

Summary: School has never been fun as this.


A raven haired teen walked into the silent church only to find that it was empty. His black robe flew gently with the wind as he gracefully turned to the confession box. A handsome smile was formed by his lips as he entered the box. The lattice border kept the face of the priest from total exposure.

"Bless me father for I have sinned…" He spoke softly as he crossed his legs and supported his head with interlaced fingers. "I have bedded five customers: three women and two men." He slightly turned his head to look at the priest who coughed. "And… I have finally found my partner in life."

"Well, that's not a sin." The priest brightened up.

"My boyfriend's name is Neji." The guy added and sighed heavily. "…saw him in the bar—he's fuckin' sexy."

The priest coughed again.

"Well father, that's all for tonight." The raven haired teen went back to a normal sitting position and waited for the priest to speak.

"Five Our Father, five Hail Mary and five Glory Be." The priest finally concluded after some seconds.

The teen winked and was about to go when the priest spoke again. "You've been having your confession every night and you've been saying the same sins…"

"Don't worry father," the teen replied with an air of malice. "I do repent." After saying the mischievous lie, he went out and saw a pink haired girl sitting uneasily on a chair. She hastily stood up, fixed her skirt and went into the confession box.

The male teen smirked and went out of the church.

"Bless me father for I have sinned…" The female teen spoke softly as if she didn't want the priest to hear her. "I dumped a very nice guy a while ago. He wanted me to become his girlfriend but I aspire to be a nun. I just can't take how much I had hurt his heart."

"Bless you child…" The priest said. "You have made a choice and I believe you have a good reason why you did not accept his love."

The pink haired teen nodded and whispered, "Thank you father."

The priest told her to pray one Our Father and then she left the box.

She prayed deeply before leaving the church doors. She noticed that it was raining and that the teen was still there.

The guy ran his fingers through his hair and looked at her. "Haruno, I should have guessed it was you."

Sakura, the pink haired teen, moved her attention to the guy. "Oh, Sasuke." she smiled upon realizing the familiarity of the classmate. "So you were the one before me."

Sasuke smirked and lit a cigarette. "I'm there every night." He suddenly noticed that Sakura was silenced by what he said. "Wanna smoke?" He gestured his cigarette towards her.

"No." Sakura forced a slight smile and then looked at the road for a passing taxi.

Minutes passed.

"There goes my ride." Sasuke dropped the finished cigarette on the pavement and walked towards a limousine that stopped in front of them. "Wanna ride?" He turned to Sakura who shook her head right away. "I'm fine, thank you."

The door opened as Sasuke went in. Haruno watched the door close and saw a familiar face looking at her through the car window. Neji? She thought. The limousine went off leaving the gal in deep thought.

Haruno Sakura was an eighteen-year-old nursing student. She took nursing as her pre-med course before taking pulmonary surgery. Now, she had a hard time deciding whether she would shift to theology and become a nun someday.

Sakura was a busy student and she's very smart as well. She could balance her academics and extra-curricular activities—a rank 1 at the same time a varsity captain. She was much admired by all… not until the Uchiha came and attracted all their attention. Some students, both male and female, would go to college school just to check out his ass.

Uchiha Sasuke? He was the only one who could open his polo shirt while having his lesson in the army. (And his superior could only stare.) He was skilled, smart and simply seductive. No one could tell what was running in his head once he smiled.

Haruno and Uchiha shared only one subject about human anatomy. Medics needed skills in first aid as well as the soldiers.

That morning, Sakura walked gracefully along the corridor to get her books when she saw a moving figure at the hidden side space beside the lockers. Hmm… I wonder what that student is doing. She walked silently towards the moving figure…


Sakura almost let out a piercing scream. The good thing was, she swiftly ran to the nearest room and shut the door loudly behind her. The bad thing was…

"Ah… Miss Haruno," Her biology teacher, as well as the whole class, looked at her with confusion. "Your class with me would be later."

She entered a classroom with a class.

"Oh… yes… later… I'm sorry…" Sakura hastened as she got outside and panted. My Anatomy class! She ran as fast as her feet—wearing two-inch-heeled shoes—could to the classroom at the other side of the building.

Good thing, she was not late and the class did not need books at that time. Sakura sat on her usual seat, exhausted and still shocked. She fixed her uniform and looked at the picture her teacher showed them… but something else appeared in her mind…

Sasuke… was against the wall with… Neji… kissing him… a torrid kiss… she could say. That scene beside the lockers shook her insides violently.

"Uchiha Sasuke, you're late." The teacher's voice crashed against her imagination.

The cool Uchiha shrugged and flashed his usual smile which made everyone in the room blush. Sakura blushed, yes, but not because of that smile of his… She followed him with her eyes as he sat.

"Now," the teacher continued, "the lips of humans have many receptors and nerves alike, thus, a lot of blood occupies them."

Haruno felt a warm uneasy feeling rising from her chest.

"Because of this reason, the lips become sensitive to pain, temperature—"

"And pleasure?" A student added that made the class laugh.

"Yes." The teacher chuckled as well. "That's why if you kiss—"

"STOP!" Sakura suddenly gave an unwanted and uncontrolled reaction. Everyone looked at the rank 1 student.

"Is there anything wrong, Miss Haruno?" The teacher asked.

"N-nothing…" Sakura shook her head.

The class went normally afterwards… An hour after, the class ended and the next two hours was Sakura's schedule for extra-curricular activity. She breathed heavily as she packed her things and headed for the door when Sasuke suddenly pushed her against a corner when everyone else had left.

"I knew that it was you… your pink hair is so unique." Sasuke twirled his finger around her hair. "Enjoyed the view?"

Sakura just stood there: silent and confused of what to say.

"Why are you silent? Do you want to know…" the Uchiha drew closer to the pretty face. "The feeling of being kissed…?" Sakura felt the warm breath of Sasuke against her cheek.


Sasuke smirked and turned his back from the lady and went out. "If you just saw your face… Heh…"

Sakura could not believe how mischievous Sasuke could be…

The next two hours were intended for the volleyball. Haruno changed into her sports attire: a short sports sleeveless shirt and really short cycling shorts. She tied her luscious hair up (just like Anko's) and got bandage around her palms.

She joined her teammates as they ran around the oval for the warm up. After which they stretched began practicing.

"Okay, the tournament is near, let's try doing a team battle." Sakura, as the captain, suggested. The volleyball varsity team divided into two.

"Hey, that's the army guys…" one of her teammates pointed to the guys doing push-ups.

"Wow, they're so hot."

"Just look at them perspire…"

"Guys, focus!" Sakura shouted to get the attention of others. "Come on!"

Sakura served the ball and the back and forth receiving of the ball started. There was no problem when a male voice was heard. "Hey Haruno! That attire looks sexy on you!"

Sakura turned her head and saw Sasuke, with his captivating sinister smile, looking at her from the other side of the wired fence.

"SAKURA!" her teammates shouted.

Haruno opened her eyes and saw everyone surrounding her. She saw herself on the ground and the side of her head ached. "Ouch… what… happened?"

"The ball hit you." One of the people said. "Do you want to go to the clinic?"

"Y-yes… I guess…" She replied and sat up.

Sasuke was accustomed to the hungry looks his school mates, whatever year they were in, threw him. Sometimes, he entertained them, other times he just flashed them with a smile. But when he went out he saw Neji with a different look on his face.

"Hey Neji," he walked to him and shrugged, "is there a problem?"

"Let's go." Neji plainly said and opened the door of the limousine.

Just after the car moved, Neji raised the tinted window dividing the driver from the back seat. "Why are you flirting with her?"

"Jealous? I am not…" Sasuke gave a cool reply.

Neji didn't speak for seconds then he spoke again. "You're being out of control Sasuke—"

In a… woah…. Sasuke pressed his lips against Neji before going down on him… a very good strategy to calm down his lover…


I, myself, got shocked by the events. Hope you weren't turned off or something. I guess detailed lemon scenes are prohibited so sorry for the boredom if you expect action.