Note to the reader: I am sure now that this is the last chapter. There are more mysteries being unfolded and some answers might be answered in the sequel, "Angels Still Fall from the Skies". Thank you guys for reading this fic! I love you all!

Summary: In the end, the sinner must come back to the light.

CHAPTER XIII- The Repentant Sinner

Morning. Beginning. Start.

It felt somehow different for Uchiha Sasuke.

Final. Last. Good bye.

The eerie feeling of being observed was strongly felt by the young Uchiha. He shifted from one side to another, trying to keep himself asleep. But he heard sniggers from somewhere near. He kept his eyes closed for a matter of seconds before grasping the idea that, indeed, there were in fact many people watching him sleep. And yes, it was irritating. The Uchiha pulled the comforter off him and looked at the blurred images of the disturbers. He rubbed his eyes and then massaged his head due to the hang-over he got from the entire saki he drank. The laughter became more evident and the more it became louder, the more Sasuke felt like killing the people around.

"Good morning—" Another set of sniggers inserted. "—Mr. Haruno-Uchiha."

Sasuke immediately bolted upright and took whoever it was by the collar. Embarrassing as it sounded, he actually began talking but his words were as unclear as his sight. He fell back to the futon and pulled the comforter against his face.

"He looks so cute." One of the observers commented.

"Cute? I don't really understand girls." Another voice was heard.

"Come on, just leave him." Another girl's voice was harked.

There were muffled footsteps that seemed to get out of the room. The sliding door was gently closed to avoid any noise that could fully wake up the young Uchiha. However, Sasuke was already half awake because of the occurrences. He gave his body a more rest before he pushed himself up with his noodle-like arms. They were less robust and alert than usual, perhaps because of the saki. He managed to keep himself upright and then looked around. The morning light was already shining on the empty fixed futons beside his. He slapped himself to get a better idea and yes, he did. He was in the girls' room. He looked around for any sign of Sakura but it seemed like she had left.

Sasuke went to the bathroom and cleansed himself before going out. After doing so, he went to the kitchen and found the rest of his friends eating breakfast. There were pan cakes and cups of coffee placed on the table which were emptied slowly by the teens.

"Good morning Sasuke!" Ino greeted even though she had food in her mouth. The others acknowledged his existence by pointing to an empty chair. Sasuke scanned the surroundings before sitting with the rest. He looked at each one of them and then asked, "Where's Sakura?"

Lee almost choked upon hearing him. The rest gave different grotesque reactions: Ino dropped the piece of pancake she took; Tenten exchanged twitched looks with Hinata; Shikamaru and Chouji were obviously trying hard not to guffaw; and Naruto unintentionally bent his for with a one-hand squeeze. They sat blinking for seconds before Tenten opened an intriguing subject. "Sasuke," she looked sideways and met the approving looks of the others, "are you and Sakura having a relationship?"

Before the Uchiha could respond, the adrenalin rush of Naruto reached its peak. "What the hell did you do with her last night!"

Shikamaru's jaw dropped, "Naruto, get a hold of yourself!"

"NotunlesshetellsmewhatIwannaknow!" Uzumaki definitely did not breathe.

"We did nothing—if that's what you want to know." Sasuke answered with unruffled poise.

"L I A R." the blonde scoffed.

"Would it make you feel a lot better if I said yes?"

"No! Hell no!"

"Than stick with 'we didn't do it'. Heaven knows that's the truth." It was a new thing for the Uchiha to mention 'heaven'. And, yes, he was saying the truth. When Naruto had continued eating breakfast with his seething anger increasing his metabolism rate ten times, the Uchiha decided to change the question. "Where's Kiba?"

"Out. Lt. Kakashi called for an emergency meeting—" Chouji suddenly stopped after noticing their dagger looks toward him.

"A meeting for what?" It was a big mistake for Sasuke to hear of the meeting.

"That's nothing Sasuke!" Shikamaru tried to cover up the meeting. "Maybe it's just about a new training. Maybe you should chill out somewhere. Where did Shino and Saku—?" He could swear that he saw a deadly glint in Sasuke's eyes.

"Shino and Sakura? What about them?" It was another bad, if not worse, error. No one seemed to hear him for they automatically looked around to avoid the Uchiha's restrained glare. Sasuke's interest deviated from the military meeting to the Shino-Sakura issue. They were half-successful in trying to keep him from going to the meeting. Tenten's question was partially answered: Sasuke and Sakura seemed to have a relationship.

"S-Shino took her out…" Hinata muttered as her eyes met Sasuke's. "Th-They're just going to buy something…"

Somehow, Sasuke's emotion was softened by those Hyuuga eyes and it was not a wonder why. He finished his meal and made necessary things before leaving without a word. The others watched him walk out of the house as soon as he got himself tidy.

That noon, Sasuke found himself walking aimlessly along the road. Because of agitation, he completely forgot about asking the others where Sakura and Shino went. He passed strangers who looked at him in an interested but peculiar way. He passed buildings which were illuminated by sinful sparkles at night. The road seemed to be less crowded in the morning that at night. He grew accustomed to the nocturnal lifestyle that he didn't notice the beauty of morning. And he realized, someone had pulled him out of his darkness… and he was grateful of her loving him.

The path he took led him to his college school which was slightly empty because of the loss of students. It was vacation… he needed to be constantly reminded of that. He was in deep thinking for days but he didn't know why. Maybe he was trying to ask himself what more he could do to ease his boredom. Or maybe he was asking himself why he loved Sakura. Or perhaps, he was asking himself why his memory of his mother came back to him like it was just yesterday. The pain and the fear were so fresh…

"Uchiha Sasuke?" Someone called his attention as soon as he came into the gates' view. "It's nice to see you." It was one of the old guards stationed at the entrance gates. The white haired guard waved his aged cap and placed it on his head.

Sasuke approached him and smiled slightly. "I am late for the meeting with Lt. Kakashi."

Apparently, the old guard didn't know that Sasuke was not supposed to join army activities as much as possible. He raised his eye glasses up to his nose bridge and sighed, "Oh, yes, but Kakashi just checked in a minute ago. He was late, as usual."

Now that's good. The raven head thought. "Well," he took out his ID from his shorts pocket and showed it to the guard, "see you later then." He proceeded inside the school. No one tried to stop him though some teachers saw him. He trotted without looking back until he reached the army ground where they usually conducted meetings. He kept his silence as he cautiously walked closer to his colleagues, not wanting to faze them in any way. Sasuke reached the limit of his cover and so he held his breath to listen.

"Sir, you're late again." He heard a remark from a familiar voice.

"Ahaha…" Kakashi's faint chuckle was harked.

"So what now?" an army student appeared to be in a hurry to go away.

"We've got a report that there had been random murders all around the Fire City." Kakashi sounded serious that moment.

"One suspect?"

"One." Hatake confirmed in a low tone. "As the report has stated, he kills those who are once connected to him. He also kills those who he thinks owe him a lot."

Sasuke felt a certain chill run up his spine. There was a certain familiarity in that description which was ironically, unknown to him.

"But there's a little twist." Kakashi added. "He also kills those people his victims love."

"So the military wants us to find him?" another student spoke.

"Does the report involve the name?" Kiba questioned with furrowed eyebrows.


Everyone was silent, trying to listen intently. Even Sasuke was trying not to budge just to get himself ready for the whole impact. It was if he knew the killer…it was as if he had met him even face to face. Kakashi's eyes became serious for a moment and then with a grave tone, he mumbled, "Sasuke."

The listeners' jaws dropped upon hearing the name. They stared at Kakashi for a little while before Kiba reacted. "Lieutenant, are you sure it's Sasuke? I mean—"

"Sasuke," the silver head eyed the entrance of the army ground, "come out. I know you're there." Eyes turned to the Uchiha's direction. Sasuke remained concealed behind the doorway waiting for Kakashi to think that he just thought there was someone there. But the Lieutenant didn't think so. Instead of dismissing the idea that there was someone there, Kakashi even slowly approached the Uchiha's hiding place. "So that's why I felt like someone was spying on us…" He muttered as he took a step-by-step approach. Before he got near enough, he glanced at Kiba. "I thought I said that you shouldn't be here." He addressed the statement to the hiding Uchiha.

Kiba didn't know what to say to the Lieutenant. I told them not to tell Sasuke!

"Sasuke, you should understand that you couldn't join us in your condition." The silver head continued speaking.

Sasuke still did not reply but he made up his mind to leave at that very moment. Before Kakashi could even see him, he was gone, leaving the rest puzzled and anxious. He strode through the empty corridor with a burdened mind. Was he too obvious resulting to his failure to retrieve the needed information? What was the name of the killer who seemed to haunt him before? How did Kakashi guess that it was him when there might be a lot of students who do eavesdropping? He was baffled in an unusual manner. He wasn't really the type who would take interest in things but now, he was not that indifferent.

He is from my past. He told himself. I must know who he is. He went out of the school without greeting the old guard he befriended and went straight to the path leading to his apartment. Sasuke's steps were heavy and uncertain about where to go or if he was supposed to go there. His mind wanted to direct him to somewhere else: to the bar? To the dormitory? To Kiba's house? He wasn't able to confirm. All he knew was that he was walking trying to search something… and…

His eyes picked up a certain sight…a sight of a lady in red matching her pink mane. She was in a restaurant, just near the large clear glass serving as the wall. He smiled to himself but he traced a different person just in front of her… sitting and talking with her… She blushed and laughed and then covered her face. The person in front of her kept his reserved disposition. He never smiled but Sasuke knew that the acquaintance of Sakura was happy in a way. What? Sasuke's eyes sharpened. They were Sakura and Shino.

Shino? What the hell is he doing with Sakura? He was possessive… deadly possessive… He was on his way to entering the restaurant when a hand dropped on his shoulder. He turned quickly, quite agitated, but he was startled soon after. "Itachi."

"I thought I asked Kakashi to tell you something." The older Uchiha, who was completely hooded, inclined his head to the side in an easy manner. "Why didn't you look for me?"

Sasuke's gaze went back to Sakura and then answered. "I know you'd find me anyway."

Itachi looked at the pink head in the restaurant. He smiled slightly and then said in a quiet tone. "Now I understand why. Did she make you oblivious of the people around?"

Sasuke didn't like the way Itachi opened his heart for his weakness. He glared at him and then inquired with the usual hostile tone. "What do you want now?"

"I'm going."

"Is that newsflash?"

"Not really," Itachi replied with a nod at Sakura's direction, "but I think I should tell you."

"Why is that?"

"Now that I'm leaving, no one will be able to take good care of your princess. In your condition, and selfish demeanor, she might not be taken care of."

"What do you mean?" Sasuke appeared very irritated.

"Have you ever thought of what she feels?" Itachi sounded somehow exasperated. "She is always minding what you feel—what you need."

"What do you want me to do then?"

"Stop breaking the rules. Don't ever think of doing anything that would harm you again."

"If you're in my position, would you be able to say those things?"

"Yes." Itachi's voice was deep and different. "If I were you, I would tell her that I love her and I would start loving her before it is too late."

Sasuke was speechless to see sincerity in those blood red eyes.

"Don't let her go like what happened to our mother before." The older said, now with a natural tone. "I know you want to find him." The younger eyed him curiously. "The killer."

"How did you know about him?"

"Let's say we are interchanged." Itachi's answer mystified Sasuke more than he was.

"I don't understand—"

"Just keep Sakura safe and don't be stubborn." The older Uchiha smiled slightly and then moved on. He took a step back and then turned to the opposite direction. "Sasuke," he muttered before walking away into the crowd, "I would be seeing you again alright?" He looked over his shoulder and then nodded once. After which, he sauntered out of sight.

Sasuke gazed for a moment at his brother who had departed and left him thinking. If I were you, I would tell her that I love her and I would start loving her before it is too late. That was a strong statement and he didn't understand why Itachi said that so earnestly. He looked down on his palms and then asked himself. Why am I like this? Perhaps it was his pride…

He was in deep reflecting when he harked something. "Yes, that would be delightful." He heard a voice which grasped his attention fast. "What more can you suggest then?" Sasuke turned and found two familiar people walking side by side. They seemed to have just come from the restaurant. His eyes sharpened upon meeting those black round shades.

The two people where Sakura and Shino who halted with their chat when they saw Sasuke glaring at them. Sakura's voice faltered and then smiled at the raven head. "Sasuke, I thought you were still in Kiba's house."

"I thought you were there." Sasuke replied rather coldly but his eyes stayed averted from Sakura's gaze. Shino met the sharp gaze of the young Uchiha with a calm one behind his shades.

"Shino and I were just talking about Naruto." Sakura immediately knew what was running in the Uchiha's head.

Shino spoke out of a sudden, "Naruto apparently used my name and appearance in these letters." He showed the bundle of letters to the raven head. "I should be going now I suppose." He bid Sakura good bye and then walked ahead of the two. Sakura and Sasuke watched Aburame move away and after that, they looked at each other: Sakura placed her hands on waist while Sasuke averted his glance.

"What was that about?" she cocked her head to the side. "You actually glared at him!"

"So what?" He was still the egotistic Sasuke.

"So what? So what?" Sakura's eyes rolled and then crossed her arms. "We were just discussing what Naruto did."

"I know alright?" the Uchiha replied. "I just—"


"I just feel—" Pride. It was his problem.


"I'm just jealous." If it was rare to see the Uchiha blush, he did at that moment.

Sakura opened her mouth only to expel pure silence. Her lips formed an half amused, half irritated smile after reaching out to hold Sasuke's hand. "Why are you jealous? Am I not yours?"

What? He needed to hear it again.

Sakura reddened and she tightened her hold of his hand. "You promised me that you'd always come back to me right? To whom would you come back if I would be not there for you? That's why I'm yours…"

Tell her. He gulped. It was not new to him to hear fantastic remarks from girls who gushed over him almost everyday. But this was different.

"Sasuke?" Sakura appeared anxious why Sasuke suddenly silenced up.

Tell her now. His eyes moved from left to right as he read her emerald orbs.

"Are you alright?"

Don't waste this moment. "Sakura, I—" he almost chocked.

The pink head was just waiting for his words.

Tell her what you feel. "I want you to know—meet me at, wait, the park by seven."

"Sasuke—" But the Uchiha had gone away into the distance. Sakura wanted to follow but she decided to go back to Kiba's house to speak with Naruto and Shino. She couldn't tell Sasuke that they were also talking about the Uchiha's birthday, other than Naruto's prank, because she wanted to surprise him. Sakura sighed and then looked at the bundle of letters she took from Shino and then walked away.

Uchiha Sasuke reached an alleyway by half-past six. He had wandered into the beach to reflect on what was happening to himself. He was afraid of something he could not spell. Was it the killer? Was it how he'd tell Sakura? Was it his condition? He didn't know.

The alley was darker than usual. But it was his shortcut to Sakura's dorm so he decided to put up with the darkness. The dim environment was perhaps because of the season of fall. Rain had been always associated with that season, thus, making the skies gray and gloomy. He groped half-way through the path when he heard a gunshot. What was that? He automatically increased his pace towards the end of the pathway and saw a man holding a gun and another man on the ground. The killer looked at his direction and then spoke in a seemingly low whisper. "Uchiha Sasuke…"

He froze. That voice…

"I didn't know that I'd meet you here."

"Oro…chimaru?" His voice trembled for some kind of reason. It was dark but he could see the dim reflection of light on the metal of the gun.

"I didn't know that I'd meet you here in the dark again." He smiled grimly. "After four years…"

Four years before, Sasuke used Charlatan for the first time. Four years before, he worked in the bar as a neophyte. Four years before, Itachi and Sasuke went away from home. Four years ago… someone killed his clan. Sasuke felt the memory coming back to him again… the voices… his mother's voice… his parents' corpses… and the killer who stood in front of him with a gun in his hand.

In a flash, Orochimaru shot the young Uchiha but he dodged the bullet and it hit his leg instead. He fell towards the cans and barrels piled up in the dark alley. He shouted in pain but he quickly bit his lip and controlled his shaking limb. He pulled a piece of cloth from his garment and tied it around the injury to prevent excessive bleeding. Orochimaru, on the other hand, approached him and knelt in front of the Uchiha. He watched the quick yet panicky movement of Sasuke—it was bliss for the sarcastic killer. "Is it painful Sasuke?"

"What the fuckin' hell do you want!" Sasuke yelled futilely.

"Actually, Uchiha, I am not here to hurt you." He grabbed Sasuke by the hair and injected him with something. The Uchiha recoiled as soon as Orochimaru released him. "I came here to finish someone else…"

But there's a little twist. He also kills those people his victims love. Kakashi's report rang endlessly in his head. He looked at the end of the alley and saw a familiar street… it was the street where their dorm stood… He was coming for—"FUCK YOU!"

"Ahahaha…" Orochimaru smirked. "Yes… I don't want to hurt you. So, I'd kill her instead. You owe me your life Sasuke."

There was a warm churning feeling in his stomach which flowed into his veins… He became dizzy and unstable and numb. His sight was blurred but he tried to stand nonetheless. "What…did you…?"

"A full syringe of Charlatan just for you." Orochimaru threw the empty injection and watched the young Uchiha feel into painful coughing and chest tightening. He was expelling a lot more blood than usual and in a minute or so, he was to faint… but he didn't.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!" With all his remaining strength, he flung himself to the killer and, despite the pangs of the drug overdose, he tried to grab the gun. The struggle went for seconds: Orochimaru kept on kicking and trouncing Sasuke. While, the younger pulled on his wrist and hit him. They released some shots, attracting the immediate action of the people near the alley.

"Police! Call the police!" One yelled and ran. The other citizens panicked and began moving away. On the other hand, Sasuke had successfully grabbed the pistol because of his determination and pointed the shaking gun at the killer.

"Oh, so you're going to kill me now?" Orochimaru appeared cool. "I bet you can't since you didn't even have the guts to protect your mother."

Sasuke's eye sight was dwindling from obscured into total blindness. And in a flash, he could see well again. That was the effect of an overdose of Charlatan and he knew it would be worse sooner or later. He pulled the trigger slightly as he tried to focus the shot on Orochimaru. He panted as heavy beaded sweat dominated his forehead. Shit!

"And I don't think you can save your girl either!" Orochimaru mocked.

"SHUT UP!" He lost control. He triggered the bullet and shot Orochimaru down. He felt the pangs of never ending headache and internal bleeding. Then he heard faint shouts from behind:

"Drop your weapon!" there were police at the other side of the alley. "Now!"

Sasuke was totally perplexed by what was happening. The drugs plus the shouts and the bloodshed in front of him caused his to be too disturbed. He pointed the gun to the police man and yelled, "Who are you?" He was already hallucinating and was seeing Orochimaru's face in every person. "Orochimaru!" There was a constant laughter ringing in his ears. Sasuke's eyes rounded and then he shouted out of pain. He coughed more blood, shot the policeman and swaggered out of the alley.

The other police men began calling for back-ups as they ran after Sasuke. The Uchiha however, managed to escape to another branched alleyway. He tumbled over boxes and even beggars who were lying down in dark places. He didn't know where he was going but his feet were faster than he directed them to be. RUN! A horrified voice howled in his head. RUN UCHIHA! HAHAHAHA! The voice was haunting him even though he knew that the owner was dead.

"Hey! Get out of the fuckin' way!" A driver yelled but it was too late. Sasuke's head turned as he caught sight of the head light of the car—he didn't have the time to back away. He got hit full force when the car stopped and jerked forward. He rolled over the top of the car and then landed behind the car. The driver, out of panic, drove away as fast as possible leaving the Uchiha bleeding.

"Ah!" Hinata screamed upon hearing the loud bolt of lightning. The others also covered their ears because of the sudden thunder. Sakura looked outside the window and saw the threat of the upcoming storm. She looked at the others who were running for candles because they were afraid of another brown out. Everyone was silent as they walked around Kiba's house when Kiba slid the entrance door open and stared at them.

"Where's Sasuke?" He questioned with alarmed eyes.

"Not here." Lee answered after looking around. "Why?"

"He'd meet me by seven." Sakura replied and prepared an umbrella for her departure to the park. "What's wrong Kiba?"

There were people crowding the street for people could never take the habit of being nosey off. They began telling different stories about what happened. Some said that the teen intended to commit suicide. The others swore that the driver wanted to kill the victim. The rest added more stories that they didn't notice that the body moved. The teen moaned and coughed as if endlessly. He knelt up and supported his body with his arms. The others shouted for support but the victim shoved them away and began standing upright. You are Uchiha Sasuke, there was a voice in his head once more, and you're fuckin' strong for this—stand up. With his remaining strength, he stood up and swaggered away, his feet leading him to somewhere he could call safe.

The rain began to fall. Sasuke felt every droplet weighing him down to the ground. His sight was blurred by tears, rain and pain. He needed her… now. "AAH!" He fell down again upon being shot at the other leg.

"Halt!" a police pointed his gun at him.

Sasuke heard the mad laughter of the killer in his head. I'm going to kill you… "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Sasuke ran faster despite the hallucination and the pain Charlatan provided. He dodged some bullets but he got hit again by another bullet. His blood mingled with the salty rain water as he moved further into the road until he reached a place where he knew he could call home… the church.

Sasuke staggered up the steps and found himself lying just in front of the elevated ground of the altar. His head turned from left to right to see the place as he panted. "Father!" He yelled and grasped his bleeding abdomen. "Father!"

Father Luis cam rushing out of the back room upon hearing desperate calls from the altar. His eyes swept fast around the church and found the wincing Uchiha bleeding seriously on the floor. "Sasuke!" He ran to him and placed the Uchiha's head on his lap. The red blood stained his white clothing but it was nothing. He brushed Sasuke's hair off his face and then shouted for the acolytes. "Call the ambulance! Quick!"

"Father… don't…" Sasuke said in a deathly whisper. "I need… I need to confess—"

"Do not speak child! Faster! Get the ambulance!" Father Luis shouted once more but his sleeve was tugged by the Uchiha.

"Let me… speak…" Sasuke gulped and smiled. "Father, I finally understood my faults… I had hurt her…" Tears flowed naturally from eyes… he was revealing the pained Sasuke he had concealed for years. "And I'm sorry…"

Father Luis didn't know how he could save the young man dying on his lap. He was speechless himself.

"I love her…" Sasuke at last said with a rare smile. "I want her to know… that I love her…" Blood trickled from his lips and stained the silver locket he wore for quite a time now. Sasuke's chest tightened making it hard for him to breathe. He grasped his chest and panted until he realized that he could not hear what Father Luis was saying anymore. His eyesight dimmed and the surroundings gradually closed around him…


The Uchiha's eyes opened for the last time and looked at the open door of the church. It was raining hard but he clearly saw a blue light coming from outside. He gazed at blue luminosity until two male figures cast shadow on the aisle. His lips moved but no word came.

"Sasuke, come on." Gaara, it was Gaara who spoke.

"Let's go." The other figure was Neji who was a little behind the red head. He extended his hand for the Uchiha to reach.

Sasuke felt himself stand up and all the pain seemed to be gone in a blink. He looked back and saw his body being mourned over by Father Luis. The good old priest could not see him but he still approached his old guide and kissed him in the forehead. Then, he turned his heels and ambled towards the two.

"By the way Sasuke," Gaara said in a gentle tone, "I think you need to see someone before you go."

The rain had driven all the people out of the streets and open areas but someone preferred to stay. Her umbrella bore witness to the anxiety she felt as she waited. It was eight… an hour had already passed but the one she was waiting for wasn't still there. She turned her head whenever she heard a footstep or a voice but only in vain… until…

The girl turned for she heard a footstep but she did not see anyone coming. She was about to look away but the footsteps still continued and they approached her. Then, she saw a man sauntering towards her. At that moment, she became very afraid. She felt that there was something wrong but to her relief, she saw the man she was looking for. "Sasuke!" She cried out of worry. The man did not respond but he smiled instead.

The girl felt that there was really something wrong. She paced forward to meet the man and every step she made marked the tears which spilled from her eyes. She hurried… increasing her speed… sloshing the rain with her feet… she dropped her umbrella revealing her body for the rain to overcome. "Sasuke!" She ran towards him… she needed him… she needed to feel him—

The man did not open his arms to receive her but he just stood with a peaceful smile. The girl was still running but when she flung herself to him, she passed him… like running through wind. She looked back and her hair swept over her sullen face. She did not understand…

"Sakura," the man turned and knelt down in front of her, "please stop crying." He brushed her hair but his fingers passed through her pink mane. He stopped and watched his beloved tremble and shake her head. He felt like crying himself but he couldn't.

"I thought… you'd always come back to me…?" the girl spoke with all her best for she was shivering allover. "You promised!"

The man felt a certain throbbing more hurtful than the sting of Charlatan, of bullets or of blood. It was in his heart and soul. "I'm sorry." He said softly as he embraced his angel.

The girl felt cold air wrap around her weakened body. She leaned her head against his torso, pretending that he was as real as before. She held out her head and it was met by the man… their lips met for the last fleeting time. At that connection, it all poured out: the love, the pain, the regret, the passion and the reality that they could never be together but would always be one.

I look at them and see their blank faces. They were strangers though they claim that they have been working with Sasuke for years. Yes, they might have known him before but I could see that they do not even care. They just stand there as if they do not know the one being buried. They look at him as the Sasuke who was once the sexy entertainer in the bar but they never knew the Sasuke who was concealed all along.

I look at his face for the last time before they took him underground. I felt Itachi's comforting hold on my shoulder. It was over and he knew my grief. When they had buried the coffin, my friends gave me their last condolences and left knowing that I preferred to be alone at that moment. Itachi also went away after minutes of looking after me. They left leaving me in front of his grave, complete with flowers, tombstone and letters.

Sakura came out of her reverie upon feeling the cool breeze of fall. "Now you are with the sky." She told Sasuke with a smile. The gravestone, of course, did not respond. She inhaled deeply and watched the grass sway wildly in obedience to the wind's will. "I wonder how you are now." Suddenly, a fast sweep of the wind blew her hat off to the distance and came out of sight. She watched it fly away and then turned to the grave again. "At the other side of the meadow lies Gaara." She noted by pointing her finger to the far side.

Sakura silenced for a while before lying down beside the grave. The grass openly received her slim body and hugged her like how Sasuke did before. You gave me so many promises… She looked up the sky and saw Sasuke's placid face. She smiled to herself and a tear fell from her eye. "I miss you… Come back to me alright?" At that very moment, the wind passed through the rose bushes carrying a lot of petals with it. It showered the grave and Sakura with red petals before vanishing into the atmosphere. Here's your bed of roses. I made my promise. She thought she heard Sasuke's voice once more. She closed her eyes, smiled and placed her hands on her chest keeping Sasuke close to her heart.

Promise me you'll come back…

I will…



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