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A young, brunette walks down the un-beaten path between her life then and now. She never thought that it would change so much over the last few months, but her life is different from most that are her age. Not many people have ever had to deal with the things that have happened to her.

A tragic accident sent her to this point in her life and she has no clue what lies ahead of her. No one would think of this sort of life becoming normal, especially considering her already odd life. She only knows that she is with her only remaining relative, who happens to hold a deep secret, which will affect her life, forever. She, however, knows nothing of this secret or nothing of his other past.

Katie's POV

I never thought that I would come to live in a home like this, not after the life I led for the first thirteen years of my life. It seemed impossible to live in a home where I have parents that love me and a brother that cares about me. My life before I met the Oliver's was a horrible experience for any child, but I was one of the lucky ones in that orphanage. I, eventually, got placed into a foster family that was looking to adopt and they were finally able to do that about a month before they were killed.

That's right, my parents are now dead, from a drunk driver who took our car and flipped it as many times as I think it is possible for a car to flip and it still look remotely like a car at all. Although some would say that it doesn't resemble a car at all, but I will never know. I have never and will never see the car, my brother won't allow it and I don't think that I would like to see it either. It would probably bring back some memories that I can't live with right now.

I survived the crash that my parents were killed in, with only a few scratches and a slight concussion, which cleared up over the summer. My parents were killed instantly from the impact of our car into the bank of the ravine. I wish that it would have been me that died, they didn't deserve to die as they did. They were such good people and I owe so much of the life that I now enjoy to them.

I said that I had a brother earlier, well my brother is a little bit older than me. Actually, he is about ten years older than I am, but you wouldn't know that if you saw the way he acts sometimes. He's really crazy and always has the energy to do things, even after a long day at work.

Work for him consists of several hours at school, followed by a couple of hours at the dojo he recently opened. He has always loved karate, but he never had a reason to open a dojo of his own, but it seems that lots of things have changed with him since our parents death. You see, I live with him now, in his peaceful little home in Reefside and he is all of the family that I have left. I don't know what I would do without him and I'm not sure that I want to find out the answer to that question.

My brother's name is Tommy Oliver and although he is happy, I know that there is more happiness for him out there somewhere. His friends all say that he was truly happy at one time, but that time was so many years ago and I don't even know what it was that made him happy back then. It seems to be the biggest secret of his lifetime. No matter how many times I ask him, I never get a straight answer.

His friends won't tell me anything about what made him happy and it seems to me that they don't want to upset him and that is why they don't say anything about it. It just seems odd that they don't want him to find that happiness again, but there will be one day that I will get it out of them. I promise that much. I know he deserves the happiness that he has given so many people, if only I can find where it is came from back then.

I am determined to find out what once made him happy and I will do whatever it takes to get him that happiness again. He did not have to take me in after our parents died, but he did and he is trying his best right now to be a brother and a parent to me. I just want him to be able to find happiness in his life, even if it is not easy for him to find the happiness without a lot of help from the people that love him.

AN: I know that this is a very short chapter, but I just wanted to set everything up for you before I begin the meat of this story, which is bound to get complicated somewhere along the line.