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Katie's POV

Being a ranger changed my life forever and I knew that it would, but that was over five years ago now. I look back on that time and it honestly doesn't seem like it should have even happened, I was married before I was out of high school, I was in love before I left a foreign planet, and I was married after only knowing someone a few days. I can honestly say that I'm happy with him though, but a lot more has gone on than the two of us becoming a couple on Earth and I think that is what needs to be known.

Firstly, Tommy and Kimberly have been married for three years as of a month ago and they are blissfully happy, with their first child due in a couple of months. It's been so funny to watch Kim's stomach swell and for her to complain about being fat, when all Tommy does is let his hand rest on her belly and feel the baby kick. It's kinda funny to think that I've been married longer, but I haven't had a child, although I think Tommy would have had a shit fit if Andy and I had even tried in high school. It was really weird to be married back then and not be able to even act like a couple.

Also, Jason and Hayley got married only a couple of months after my ranger tenure ended. It was weird to know that they were going to have a baby and that they were getting married. Their child is now four years old and he is the cutest thing to watch. He is constantly playing around in Tommy's dojo and it is unbelievable to see him running around. Her parents came around to the fact that she was going to have a baby and they love their grandchild, even though he was not conceived the way they would have liked it to happen.

But I want to take you back to one day, a day that I haven't thought about in a long time. None of the rangers really thought it was that special until much later, when we were able to think back on everything that had happened to us.


"Where are we going?" Hayley asked as Jason silently loaded up the car and Hayley watched. Jason would not let her touch any of the stuff since she had had her spells early on in her pregnancy, but she was much better now.

"Tommy wanted to take a trip down to Angel Grove and I thought that you'd enjoy going there as well," Jason said as Hayley merely nodded that it was a good idea. She hadn't been to Angel Grove in months and it seemed like a good idea to go back.

"Are we staying anywhere in particular?" Hayley asked as Jason nodded his head yes, which caused Hayley to give him an odd look. She had been under the impression that they were not going to know where they were staying until they got there. "Where?"

"The Command Center. Anthony and Katie have some things that they have to take care of, her powers are still messing with her some," Jason said as Hayley merely nodded, wondering where in the world she would sleep, since she didn't remember any comfortable beds in the Command Center.

"Where will we sleep?" Hayley asked as Jason smiled over at her.

"We have beds there, we just never used them because of all the crap that we had to do in the main room," Jason said as Hayley merely nodded. She was now sixth months pregnant and all she honestly wanted to do was sleep, which was something that Jason let her do a good deal of when they had free time. "If you want to stay here, you can."

"No, I'd rather go with you. It's not going to be too stressful tonight, is it?" Hayley asked as Jason shrugged his shoulders. He honestly didn't know how stressful it was going to be, but he was sure that if it became too much for her to handle that he would be able to find a place for her to go and have some peace.

"Tommy is not too worried about it, so neither am I," Jason said as Hayley nodded. She knew what Anthony and Katie had been suffering through and she knew exactly how important it was to get the two of them back to normal as quickly as possible.


"Hey guys," Kim said as Hayley and Jason walked into the Command Center, looking slightly befuddled. "How you doing?"

"Pretty good, so what do we have to do?" Jason asked as he dropped their bags and walked over to where Kim and Tommy were standing.

"Well, Katie and Anthony are in the back with Zordon, getting some sort of treatment that will supposedly cure them of all their troubles. Who knows what it is going to take out of them, though. The others are around here somewhere," Kim said as she scanned the area, but couldn't find anyone there. "I'm sure they'll show up eventually, they're probably checking out the new rooms that Zordon made appear for us. He seems to think that we are going to be coming here a lot more and he's right. Tommy was able to get a teaching job in Angel Grove, so guess where we're moving," Kim said as Jason's eyes widened in shock. He had thought it was going to take Tommy forever to get back to Angel Grove.

"How are they taking that?" Hayley asked, as Anthony had not told her anything about it.

"They don't know yet, Tommy doesn't want to tell them until he has gotten everything set up. You know that Katie is probably going to have a tough time dealing with Angel Grove after everything that has happened there, but Tommy wants to go home and this is home to him," Kim said as they nodded. They both knew that Tommy had been itching to get back and now he was able to get there, even if it was at a great price.

"So, you're going with him?" Jason asked as Kim nodded her head yes. The fact was that she had already put her gymnastics center up for sale and the both of them were looking for a place to open a dojo/gymnastic center. They knew that they needed to work together in order to get everything done, especially since they were sure about each other.

"I'm glad to hear that," Hayley said as Kim started walking towards the back of the Command Center. "Tommy wouldn't be able to take being away from you."

"I know," Kim said as Tommy walked back in to see them and he wrapped Hayley up in a hug.

"Hey," Tommy said as Hayley laughed at him. She could not imagine what would put Tommy in this good of a mood.

"Wow, you're in a good mood," Hayley said as Tommy looked down at her with a smile on his face.

"I know, but you can't blame me," Tommy said as Hayley smiled in agreement. Tommy deserved to be happy with the news that they had gotten yesterday. "I still have to break the news to Katie though."

"That's going to be the tough part," Hayley said as Tommy nodded his head in agreement. "How are they doing?"

"Katie still feels like shit and Anthony is starting to suffer now. The link that they have is extremely strong, but the two of them are having a hard time with the powers leaving their body. Katie's are going to have to be ripped from her and Anthony can still have them, but he doesn't want to. He doesn't want to have a chance that he will be a ranger again," Tommy said as Hayley gave him a sympathetic look. Anthony did not want to have any part of it now that he had been brought to earth. He was tired of defending the world and saving people, he just wanted to be normal.

"I didn't want to hear that. I thought that they would be all right, it was just going to be some easy tests," Kim said as Tommy shook his head no.

"Zordon decided that he would treat them tonight. He had to treat them tonight or they would get worse, especially Katie," Tommy said as Kim just shook her head. She honestly felt sorry for them and didn't know how they were going to react to it. The treatments that she had had with her powers had been horrible and she knew that these were not going to be a cake walk, by any means.

"Hey guys," Katie said, weakly, as she looked up at her fellow rangers and they gave her a smile.

"How you holding up?" Kim asked as Katie just shook her head. She honestly felt horrible, but she didn't think that she needed to say that to them. They had been through worse than this and she was sure that they didn't want to hear her complaining.

"Be honest, Kate," Anthony said as she leaned over against him and closed her eyes. She had never felt like this before and she was sure that she was going to be sick, very soon.

"Not good," Katie said as Kim and Tommy gave her sympathetic looks. They had all been through the power withdrawals, but they knew that this was really rough on her. She had never felt anything like this before and she was still stumbling from when she had lost her powers the first time, now she had to have them removed.

"You know that we've all been through this before," Jason said as Kim and Tommy nodded their heads. They had both experienced fully losing their powers and they hated knowing what it did to a ranger and to have to sit back and watch it made them feel so much worse. "It's never any fun."

"You're not kidding about that one," Katie said as Anthony's hand roamed on her side, hoping that it would comfort her some. He had barely realized that he shouldn't leave her side unless something bad happened and even then, he probably shouldn't leave. He had never seen her when she was this weak and thoroughly drained before and although it was hurting him to lose his powers, it was so much worse on her.

"You should be calming down soon Katie, most of your powers have been drained from your body," Zordon said as Katie managed to nod as she closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on something other than the way her body felt.

"Are there any other affects besides feeling like crap?" Katie asked as Zordon looked over at Kim and Tommy, knowing that they could explain it to her much better than he could.

"Not that you'll feel right away," Kim said as Katie looked over at her, shocked that there was more that she might have to contend with in the near future. "It's mostly just being confused as to what you can do when you no longer have powers."

"That's nice," Katie said as she quickly grabbed a trash can and threw up. "You know I don't think this is fair."

"We've been through it way too many times to count, so don't you dare talk to us about fairness," Tommy said as Katie gave him her best sad puppy dog look and Tommy looked away. He hated when she did that to him, because he could not refuse her, even when he tried.

"Kate," Anthony said as he looked away too, he couldn't stand to see her look that sad.

"All right," Katie said as she closed her eyes and actually drifted off to sleep. The draining of her powers had left her exhausted and they all knew that she was the only one that could deal with it this well, even Tommy had had trouble the first time he had lost his powers.

"She has dealt with all of this surprisingly well, but none of you will have to worry about being rangers ever again. You have truly been retired," Zordon said as Tommy, Kim, and Jason gave him a questioning look. They had thought that they were truly retired the last time that they had had their power taken away from them. "I mean it this time; there will not be anymore ranger work, for any of you."

"Including me?" Anthony asked as Zordon looked over at him and shook his head no. There was still more left for Anthony, more than he would ever understand.

"You will never wear the uniform of a ranger again, but you will be a liaison between Earth and Eltar. There is always a chance that you may have to go back and help them with some situation, until your oldest child is of age. When they are, then we'll discuss how they will go back to Eltar and see the planet, they may even decide to protect it, but you and Katie, have to be willing to let that happen. It is for the sake of all rangers," Zordon said as Anthony nodded. He didn't like the way that it sounded, but he knew that he wouldn't have to tell Katie anytime soon, since they weren't planning on having kids.

"What about you, Zordon?" Tommy asked, as they were not sure what their mentor had left to do here, as he had mentored them as rangers over a decade before and any new rangers probably would not fall under his control.

"I'll be here, waiting for the day when I have to call upon five more young teenagers with attitude to defend the earth," Zordon said as they just shook their heads. "Feel free to move to the back rooms now, the two of you are free of your powers."

"Okay," Anthony said as he picked Katie up and headed towards the back room, so that he could put her down in a bed and actually let her sleep.

"You know if they two of you weren't suffering so much, this would actually be fun," Tommy said as Anthony gave him a confused look. "We never just hung out at the Command Center, we always had something we had to do."

"I lived at the Command Center, so I don't want to hang out at one," Anthony said as Tommy nodded. Things were certainly different on Eltar than they were on Earth, but they had known that from the moment that they met Zordon.

"It was our one place that we could show that we were rangers and what we felt. It was more like home here than our own homes," Tommy muttered as he watched Anthony place Katie on a bed and then crawl in next to her. No matter how much he didn't want to admit it, Tommy knew that the two of them were never going to be broken apart. They meant far too much to each other.

"They're much better off than all of us," Kim said as she looked around at her fellow rangers. Yes, Katie, Anthony, and Conner had been members of an almost legendary group of rangers, but they were not the legends themselves. They did not have the mystique that the rest of them had to uphold.

"Yeah, they are," Tommy said as he smiled over at Kimberly. "They'll never have to deal with most of the hardships that we had."

"No one will have to deal with the hardships that they two of you had. Most of them learned their lesson when they heard your story," Jason said with a laugh as they just shook their heads. They hated to admit that their friends were right, but they always seemed to be right about all of this.

"Yeah, but life goes on, even when things go wrong," Tommy said as Kim nodded. They had certainly learned that the hard way.

"Is that how you are going to explain the move to her?" Jason asked as Tommy just shook his head. He had no clue how he was going to tell Katie, but he knew that he had to tell her soon. She didn't need to find out when she saw the 'For Sale' sign on the dojo.

"I wish that was it, but it's not that easy. She's already learned that life goes on; she's had to live that ever since her parents died," Tommy said as Kim let out a contented sigh. "What's that for?"

"You never know exactly how right you are Tommy. Life will go on for all of us, even when we are completely done being rangers. We'll find something else that we have the same drive for. We'll find something else that will work better for us and our lives will continue. I just wish we would have learned this lesson when we were in high school," Kim said, as they all knew that it would have made things so much easier on them.

"That's why we had to be rangers again, we had to learn to appreciate our lives," Jason said as Hayley let out a wide yawn and he ushered her over to a bed, knowing that they were going to have to get to sleep soon.

"It shouldn't have taken all of this to appreciate it," Kim said as Tommy looked over at her. It had taken a lot for the two of them to truly appreciate each other, so he couldn't really agree with her there.

"It did, because neither of us learned our lesson. Life goes on, but it doesn't go on without you," Tommy muttered as he gave Kim a kiss. Of all the things that they could say to each other, this was the most true. They couldn't go on in their lives without each other.

End of Flashback

That night meant a lot to all of us, although we didn't really understand it until later. It was our first step in making ourselves go back to a normal life, a life without any monsters or crazy villains coming after us. It took us all awhile to understand what Jason really meant that night, but now we do understand it.

None of us truly appreciated the life that we had, even though we had had some problems. It was not until after being rangers that we realized that no matter what happened to us, life was going to go on, with or without us there. It was up to us, as to what would happen with our lives and I don't really know about the others, but I can say this for myself, my life has turned out good. And as Tommy tried to drill home to all of us, life goes on, even when things are at their worse, it still goes on and we just have to go with it.

AN: I hope that you have enjoyed this story and you'll be seeing a lot more from me in the future. Thank you so much for your support and I hope to continue my stories as well as I can.