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Chapter One-Back at the Dursleys (BLAH) Harrys POV

'Great! Back at the Dursleys or in other words this pit of hell! Don't get me wrong or anything, but you have to know that I am right...It is a Pit of Hell...Oh Perfect! Now I'm talking to myself, I think I'm going insane! Oh there's Hedwig...Damnitt! I just did it again!' Harry thought to himself, it had only been a month but he missed his friends terribly.

"Hey girl what do you got there? Oh it's a note from Hermione," Harry muttered to himself.

Dear Harry,

How are you? I got some good news, I asked mum and dad if you and Ron could spend the rest of the summer at my house, and they said yes! So if you can, please give me an answer quick!

Love from


'YES! Lets just hope the Dursley's co-operate with me now! Oh Merlin! I just did it again! Sheeshh!'


"Uncle Vernon?" Harry asked as he (Harry)was fixing dinner.

"What is it boy?" The large purple man in front of him asked, or more like spat.

"Erm...I was wondering if I could go spend the rest of the summer at my friends house..."


"Fine! I'll just go upstairs and write to my godfather and tell him that you guys won't let me go. Oh he'll sure be upset!" Harry said and was about to leave when Vernon said,

"Fine! Go, but you better not be crawling back when they find out what kind of trash you are! And if they let you stay they must be trash too!"

That was the last straw, Harry's face went red and he could feel the magic serge through his finger tips. "THEY ARE NOT TRASH! YOU HEAR ME? YOU PEOPLE ARE A BUNCH OF TRASH!" Harry yelled at the Dursley while little objets start to float around the room.The Dursleyswhere all of a suddenpiled in the cornor looking like they just saw Voldemort. Harry theabsent mindedly stomped off to his room and felt his anger fade away.

Before Harry went to bed he sent his reply backto Hermione, which said-

Dear Hermione,

The Dursley's let me go. But I don't think I can last any longer here, please come and pick me up quick. Oh by the way I'm good...you?

Love from your Bestfriend,



The next day...

Harry woke up smilling, he didn't know why but he just felt everything was right in the world (even if Voldermort was still out there). Maybe it had something to do with his dream...He couldn't remember what it was about except that there was a beautiful girl with nice wavy brown hair and beautiful chocolate brown eyes.They reminded him of someone but he couldn't remember, who could blame him? It was only 6 am.

As Harry picked out his clothes to wear, Hedwig flew in through the open window and landed on Harry's bed. She hooted softly and as Harry walked over to the bed he picked up a treat for Hedwig. "Here you go girl." Harry said as he took the letter from her leg.

Dear Harry,

What happened? What did they do to you?

I told my parents right when I got your letter and they said that they'll pick you up on the first of August at noon. I hope you're alright!

Ron just wrote back to me and said he had to stay at home and help around the house. Is it just me or does that not sound like Ron?

And I'm great except for the part where I'm worrying about you.



'What? She's worried about me? Maybe she fancies me? Yah, you wish Potter! She's just being typical Hermione the one that worries about you constantly? DUH! And why would she fancy you?'

Harry thought to himself, but deep down inside him he really hoped that Hermione did fancy him.

As Harry picked up his clothes, he walked pass the calander and saw it was the first of August...'WHAT! OH MY GOD!' Harry started running aroung like a chicken without its head. 'God Potter calm down!You still got like five hours!' The voice in Harry's head shrieked. Before Harry went to take a shower he wrote back to Hermione-

Dear Hermione,

They didn't do anything to me, they just said something very offensive to me.

I'll explain later, when I see you.

That's to bad that Ron can't spend the summer with us...and you're right, it doesn't sound like Ron to help around the house.

I can't wait to see you!

Oh by the way Hermione, stop worrying about me, well still worry about me but don't worry to much I'm a big boy. HAHA.




After Harry's shower, he spent about fifteen minutes gelling his hair and went back to his room, if you could call it one.

Before Harry went down stairs to fix breakfast he chose a different pair of clothes because the one he had on before would not have made a good impression. So Harry put on his new pair of black jeans and tight button up shirt (he left a few buttons unbuttoned) (A/N-Drools! lol it looks good on guys...I think so...lol) he had bought at Hogsmeade, who knew they sold muggle clothing there?

"Why are you all dressed up?" Dudley asked Harry stupidly as he (Harry) was cooking bacon.

Harry didn't answer the fat pig but instead just gave him some bacon that was already cooked. As Dudley stuffed the bacon in his mouth, horse face (Petunia) and the bigger purple fat pig (Vernon) came down the stairs.

"Why are you dressed up Boy?" Vernon spat at Harry.

"Did you forget the lesson I taught you yesterday?" Harry asked curtly.

Just as the words came out of his mouth he heard all the Dursleys whimper and shut up. That sight was worth more than all the money at Gringotts.

When Harry finished cooking the bacon, eggs and pancakes, he walked up to his room and flipped through his photo album.

When it was 11:45, Harry had dragged all of his stuff to the bottom of the stairs and sat on the bottom step. As it crepped closer to noon Harry was getting excited and started to move around.When it reached 11:55 Harry went to the bathroom to fix his hair. At 12:00 Harry was in his room checking if he forgot anything when someone crept up behind him and placed their hands over his eyes, okay glasses, and said "Guess who?"

"Hermione?" Harry asked incrediously as the person giggled and said "Yup."

As Harry turned around, he was planning to see the Hermione that had frizzy hair and 13 year old girl body, but when he did he see something totally different.

Hermione, wasn't the Hermione she was the last time he saw her, well she still had that sweet personality, the smile that just melts your insides, brown chocolate eyes that you could get lost in,and straight, white teeth. But she had beautiful wavy brown hair, the body of a young lady that had curves in just the right places,and a little make up on. 'Since when does Hermione wear make up? Well, I'm notcomplaining.'

"Earth to Harry?" Hermione said waving a hand in front of his face. "I know I'm the most beautiful person in the world, but we have to get going!" Hermione said while giggling.

Harry flushed a little and said, "Hermione, you look great! Not that you didn't before but...-"

"I know what you mean Harry, don't worry, and thanks. You look great too! Common, we better go." Hermione said as she walked out of Harry's room.


When they got down stairs, they saw the Grangers having a nice conversation with the Dursleys. When the Grangers saw Harry and Hermione coming down they stood up and greeted Harry, "Nice to meet you Harry, I'm Steve and this is my wife Eve."

"It's nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs.Granger," Harry said polietly.

"Call me Eve," Mrs.Granger said.

"And me Steve."


"Well, we better go now, nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs.Dursley!" Eve greeted.

"Yes, it was nice talking to you too." Petunia faked.

"Umm...Bye, see you guys next year!" Harry bidded happily.

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