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Chapter 8- Party!

When Hermione got out of the shower, she wrapped herself in a big blue towel. She walked towards her blue and white room to pick out some clothes from her wooden dresser. Hermione had picked out a pair of light blue faded hip-huggers, a plain, short white t-shirt, with a smaller sized tank top, that was black with a wolf on the front. The clothes she picked out weren't the clothes she would wear at Hogwarts. No. They were clothes that would show her nice flat stomach and nice, curvy figure.

Hermione, then walked over to her closet and picked out a pair of white and blue sneakers. When she slipped on the sneakers she walked back into the washroom and put her hair into a nice ponytail in the back, her bangs were off to the side.


After the song by Ryan Cabrera had finished, Harry had went upstairs to take a shower. But when Harry had gotten upstairs he had to wait, for Hermione to finish, so he went out onto the balcony. He stared out to the forest, that was behind Hermione's house.'Wow! I didn't notice the forest...'

As Harry was looking at the bright green scenery, he did not notice Hermione sneaking up behind him.

Hermione had placed her hands over Harry's eyes and said, "Guess Who?"

"Hmmm...I dunno," Harry pretended to think.

Hermione just stood there and giggled, with her hands still covering Harry's eyes.

"Now that sounds farmiliar. Hmm...Would it be Miss. Granger?"

"I dunno Mr. Potter.. Is it?" Hermione asked.

Harry turned around and poked Hermione gently in the stomach and she took her hands off Harry's eyes and laughed.

"I guess I was right." Harry laughed. "Hermione you look wonderful!"

"Aww! ThankYou!"

Harry hugged Hermione and kissed her forehead. You smell like peahces and cream..." Harry commented.

Hermione laughed and kissed Harry softly on the lips. Harry reluctantly pulled away and said," Well, I better go take a shower!"



Hermione walked down stairs and grabbed the phone. "Hello, is Leah there?"

"Hello?" Leah said on the other end.

"Hey Leah, it's Hermione."

"Hey girl! Whats up?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to ask you if you could do something to night."

"Yah, I'm free... Why?"

"Well, you see my friend Harry is over for the rest of the summer and well we wanted to throw a little pool party."

"OH MY GOD! Is it the one you've been drooling over?" Leah asked excitedly.

"Shut Up!" Hermione laughed. "And yes."

"So has he asked you out yet?"

"Umm.. Yah.." Hermione answered slowly.

"OH MY GOD!" Leah screeched. "I have to see this guy!"

Hermione just laughed and said, "Okay, I'll see you at 5:00. And yes Leah you can bring Tyler."

"Okay, Bye!" Leah just giggled and hung up.

Tyler, was Leah's current boyfriend, they've been going out for about a year and a half.

Hermione sighed and picked up the phone and called; Ashley, Sam, Katelyn, Erica, Amy, Katrina and Ally. They all had boyfriends, who were, Dylan, Matthew, Greg, Tayler, Rilley, Zack and Mitch. All of them were muggles, but the only ones who knew that Hermione and Harry were witches and wizards were Leah and Sam.

Hermione looked over to the oven and saw it was 4:17. She then jogged up the stairs to grab her bikini, and tell Harry to get his swimming trunks.

"Harry?" Hermione asked as she knocked on his door.

"Come in!" She heard him mumble through the door.

Hermione opened the door to a wonderful sight, well to her anyway. Harry had just put on his white and navy blue board shorts on, he didn't have a shirt on. Hermione just stared at Harry's six pack and flushed.

Which made Harry laugh and say, "What is it that nice?"

"Harry James Potter! You are such a modest little git!" Hermione said laughing.

"Owww...You hurt me, right here." Harry said pointing to his heart.

Hermione laughed and walked over to Harry and hugged him.

"So how many people are coming?" Harry asked after he let Hermione pick out his shirt.

"Ermm...I think about 16 people counting us."

"Cool," Harry said as he slipped on a black muscle t-shirt that read West Coast Choppers.

Ding Dong

"I'll get it!" Harry said to Hermione who was in her room getting a bikini.


"Hello, you must be Harry Potter, Hermione's friend." Leah said as Harry let her in.

"Yah," Harry said.

"Where's Hermione?" Leah asked sweetly.

"She's in her room, you can go up there, I'll go make somefood."

As Harry walked into the kitchen, Leah walked up to Hermione's room.


"Hi! I haven't seen you in a long time!" Hermione said.

"You look great, Herms!"


"OH MY GOD! He is gorgeous!"

"I know! I told you!"

"He's sweet," Leah said as she bounced up and down on the bed.

"Yah he is," Hermione said with a dreamy look on her face, "So where's Tyler?"

"He said he'd come at 5:30."

"Alright. Come on lets go down stairs." Hermione said, but didn't wait for Leah to answer.

"Watcha making Harry?" Hermione asked as Harry just slipped inthree Crescendo pizza's and fries.

"Pizza and Fries, I was planning to do some barbaquing too..."

"Sounds great!"

People started to arrive at five minutes before five and they started to strip bown to there bikini's or swimming trunks.

Hermione ran upstairs to change in to her baby blue Roxy bikini, which had Hawian flowers and the word hula on it. Hermione put on some pink BillaBong short-shorts so she didn't feel to naked.

Harry just had to take off his shirt and he was in his swimming clothes. He then went out into the back and turned onto the barbaque. He had taken out hotdogs, burgers, and chicken wings out from the freezer and started to barbaque them.

As Hermione walked out into the backyard she saw all her friends already in the pool and well, snogging. Hermione went into the kitchen and turned on a switch that would turn on the power to the DJ booth. Some of her friends boy friends knew how DJ.

When she walked out in to the backyard, she went over to the Dj booth and flicked a switch on it, which turned it on, and turned it to the right station. A song by Mariah Carrey had came on, it was called HeartBreaker.

Give me your love

You gotta bounce to it like this
You almost kinda watching this

Boy your love's so good
I don't wanna let go
And although I know I should
I can't leave you alone
'Cause you're so disarming
I'm caught up in the midst of you
And I can not resist
And oh..

Leah, since she was always over, walked over to the wall with about ten switches on it and turned them all on. All of a sudden the ground started to shake and a patch of grass about the size of a teniis course became a dance floor.

People started to whistle and went onto the dance floor and started to dance.

Heartbreaker, you got the best of me
But I just keep on coming back incessantly
Oh why, did you have to run your game on me
I should have known right from the start
You'd go and break my heart

Harry who had just finished barbaquing the food walked over to Hermione and asked her to dance.

She just smiled and pulled him over to the dance floor. Rilley, who was Amy's boyfriend, walked up onto the Dj's Booth and started to mix and scratch.

She wanna shop with Jay, play box with Jay
She wanna pillow fight in the middle of the night
She wanna drive my Benz with 5 of her friends
She wanna creep past the block spyin' the game
She wanna roll with Jay, chase the skeeos away
She wanna fight with lame chicks, blow my day
She wanna inspect the rest, kick me to the curb
If she find a strand of hair longer than hers
She want love in the jacuzzi, rub up in the movies
? to the old crib, keys to the newbie
She wanna answer the phone, tattoo her arm
That's when I gotta send her back to her moms
She call me "Heartbreaker"
When we apart, it makes her
Wanna get a piece of paper, scribble "I hate ya"
But she know she love Jay because
She love everything Jay say, Jay does
And uh...


Heartbreaker, you got the best of me
But I just keep on coming back incessantly
Oh why, did you have to run your game on me
I should have known right from the start
You'd go and break my heart

Give me your love

When the song ended, Harry had ended their dance with a passionate kiss.

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