Love's Past Triumph, Loves Soon Existence

A/N: This is my first Maison Ikkoku fanfic, and as usual I do not own VIZ or Maison Ikkoku. I'm a fan of the Godai and Kyoko pairing, and I believe that they should be together, and I hate Shun Mitaka, I end up getting rid of him somewhere in here, this will be the only non sci-fi type fic for a while, and it will be the only one with a blatant murder, and other thingsā€¦.heh. This in a round about way is a paring off of Kentaro and Ikoku, and Akemi and Mr. Yotsuya. I have yet to finish the series, but I'll just make this after the series as an "as if" type story. Oh yeah, I also add myself as a somewhat reoccurring character throughout the story. So, now, let's begin.

Chapter One: Godai's Dream

Godai was asleep and dreaming (as usual) about Kiyoko, so anything weird in his dreams was never unexpected, that is unless a dead character makes an appearance.

"Yusaku Godai," said a voice in his ear, "Wake up, but do not fear."

Godai was not used to people interrupting his dreams, well unless you accounted for Akemi, Mr. Yotsuya, and Mrs. Ichinose who were always partying.

"Who are you?" Asked Godai kind of freaked because the guy was entirely white and eerie.

"I'm Kyoyo's dead husband, and I am here to help you win Kiyoko," said the ghost, "You deserve her and aside from your weird attempts, you have a chance and you have what Shun Mitaka doesn't."

"How can I compete against him?" asked Godai, "He's handsome, strong, brave, and manly. Everything I'm not."

"But you have something else," said the Ghost, "You have true love, a pure love."

"But he's already given her a ring," muttered Godai, "He's proposing to her tomorrow, what the hell am I supposed to do?"

"He likes fencing," said Ghost, "You will fence against him tomorrow, and you will beat him, for I am sending someone to help you."

"What?" Sputtered Godai, "Are you crazy?"

"I must go now," said Ghost, "Be brave."

The ghostly presence disappeared, and Godai was alone, or so he thought, until someone spoke to him from behind.

"So the ghost came to you as well." said Yotsuya, "Once Mitaka started dating Kyoko he appeared to me in anguish since we used to be friends, and he wanted me to do something, but I will not get involved, I can help, but never be involved."

"You're scaring me Mr. Y," said Godai, "Why do you care?"

Yotsuya sighed, "Young Godai," he said, "You are an idiot if you haven't yet figured it out, Kyoko loves you, but since you're always in the arms of Kozue she seems confused."

"How's that supposed to help?" muttered Godai, "I love Kyoko, but if Kozue found I no longer had an interest, then everything would be ruined for me and I'd be a laughing stock."

"Young Godai," said Yotsuya, "If I were to tell you that Kozue is a pawn being used by Mitaka would that change your mind?"

"Huh?" said Godai, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm going to tell you something secret," said Yotsuya, "If you tell anyone you will die."

Godai saw that for once Yotsuya was serious, "Okay, I'm listening."

"When Shun Mitaka first appeared on the scene I thought that it would be good for some competition, but within the same week, Kozue shows up," he said, "So I did some watching, following, and staking out."

"You're a detective?" asked Godai surprised, "Well, I guess that explains the outfit all the time."

"As I was saying," said Yotsuya, "Kozue is the granddaughter of Mitaka and he is using her so as he can get close to Kyoko."

"Jerk!" yelled Godai before getting gagged by Yotsuya.

"Now go back to sleep," said Yotsuya, "tomorrow when you wake up you will go to the sword trainers shop in town, and you will train the whole day, everything will be worked out and you'll face Mitaka tomorrow evening."

"Right," said Godai and knocked out.

Mr. Yotsuya went back into his room and picked up his cell and dialed a number.

"Sandriax Dueling center," said a voice.

"This is Mr. Yotsuya," said Yotsuya, "Is Mr. X there?"

"Speaking," said X, "And make it quick Yotsuya I'd like to get to sleep, it's 1 in the bloody morning."

"You're going to receive a new student in the morning," said Yotsuya, "Train him better then Mitaka."

"The inevitable showdown," muttered X, "I see."

End Chapter one.