Love's Past Triumph, Love's soon existence

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Chapter Three: Come The Decision, Enter The Choice.

Kozue Mitaka was taking her morning run in the downtown area. Stopping to get her breath, she didn't notice the three men until she looked up to see them standing around her.

"Can I help you?" she asked warily. Kozue had known that trying to get Godai away from Kyoko would be a challenge, but thus far no problems, until now.

"You are Kozue Mitaka." Stated the man who looked like Agent Smith, complete with the sunglasses, it wasn't a question it was a statement.

"Yes," she said. Shun had wanted her to carry a blade or Mace on her, but she was independent, strong, and a fast runner. She realized at this point she was in trouble.

"You will come with us." Said Smith wannabe.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"We are who we are," said Smith, "You will come with us, or we will hurt you."

She then noticed ten other men in the vicinity and a car. All of the men wore dark suits and sunglasses and carried AK47 assault rifles with sniper scopes. The three men in front of her looked like street punks, and she realized Mafia.

"Let me go!" she screamed, or tried to scream, but when they saw her about to scream they bound and gagged her, then threw her in the car.

"Take her to the Dojo," said Smith, "Then send a letter to Mitaka."

Half an hour later, at his office in the west precinct, a messenger boy came to the secretaries' desk of Mitaka Enterprises.

The secretary looked at the urchin, but seeing he was a messenger let him in.

The boy approached Shun's desk and waited till Mitaka noticed him.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

"I have a message here for you sir." Said the boy, "I was given it and said to give it to you and leave."

"Give it here and leave then," said the irritated Mitaka.

The Boy handed the letter to him and then left.

Mitaka opened the letter and started reading, cursing aloud he opened his speaker phone.

"Pamelin!" he roared.

His secretary ran in, with his two private security guards in tow.

"Yes sir?" she asked.

"Get my car ready," he directed his two guards, then to Pamelin, "Go home for the day, this is a paid leave, ask no questions and answer no questions."

"Yes sir," was the unanimous answer of the trio.

Fuming, Mitaka stormed out of the building and got in his car. Two other cars joined him.

Half an hour later, he entered the city of the dojo, if he had been aware, he would of looked up and noticed a watcher watching him.

"This is bird in the sky to eye on the road," said the man into a walkie talkie "The bird has entered the cage, be aware."

A click on the other end acknowledged the code, and inside the dojo the prisoner was hoisted up to be in view.

Stopping outside the dojo, three security guards with Uzi's got out and scanned the area, and then Mitaka got out. Several seconds later fifteen men were in the area standing, Mitaka and his men walked into the dojo.

A figure standing the shadows watched them enter, but was unnoticed by Mitaka.

"I come for my grand daughter," said Mitaka, "And the irascible scum bag who kidnapped her."

"Well," said a sinister voice in the shadows, making Mitaka start and various clicks from the Uzi's, "Last time you saw me, I was the kindly teacher who had a heart to teach you, now I'm scum."

Mitaka scanned the darkness, unimpressed, he brought out a blade, "I'm not here for games, and I want her back."

Another voice, much younger, but with malice, said. "Release your interests on what you see now, or she will suffer."

Mitaka looked around, he was not phased, "Let her go, or my men will start firing."

A laugh, and then the lights came on. The men that Mitaka had brought were all sitting, bound and gagged. Forty or so men dressed in black with swords were all around the room holding the men captive. Then Mitaka looked up and saw his grand daughter hanging by her hands with her mouth gagged from the roof.

"Who is responsible for this?" Mitaka roared.

"I am," said X stepping out of the shadows, "She is the pawn in this game, and unfortunately you are in check."

Mitaka rushed X, bringing down the blade to kill him, but another sword parried him. Godai stepped out of the shadows, two blades on him.

"This fight is between me and you Shun," said Godai, "And in return, if I win, then you will leave, forget about Kyoko, and surrender your assets."

Mitaka smirked. It was that young kid, Kozue had been instructed to deal with him, this would be easy, "And if I don't?"

Godai looked up, "Then the ropes holding her will be severed and she will fall to her death, and we'll make it look like an accident, and we'll just shoot you instead of fighting."

Mitaka laughed, "You don't have the nerve Godai, you're too in love with Kyoko and your hand will be stayed."

Godai swung out and punched Mitaka hard, which sent him across the room sprawled on the ground.

"Wrong," growled Godai, "My hatred for you and for Kozue will stop at nothing until you are both dealt with."

Mitaka rushed Godai, and again found himself evenly matched. This was interesting to Shun, because he'd always viewed the kid as a fool in a mad rush for life. But seeing him parrying his thrusts and blocking his hits was weird. The sword that Mitaka was using was a normal sword, but Godai seemed to be using a sword that moved before he did, both of them; it was like Godai was possessed…..then it hit Mitaka.

"Ooooaf!" Another hit launched him into a wall, and Mitaka had a hard time getting up. The last attack had hurt hard. Something clicked when Godai said he was fighting for Kyoko. Not because he loved her, because of something……….her ex husband?

"So," said Mitaka smiling, "You fight for a ghost of the past, well, I will win and she will be mine."

Godai blanched, but kept fighting. He could tell that Shun had gotten his second wind which wasn't good. He prayed silently for help, but none was apparent. Godai was losing strength. Then he fell.

Shun smiled, "So the hero falls, such that this tragedy must occur." Then Mitaka swung, but the blade never found its mark.

Mitaka blinked as Yotsuya held out his blade on the down thrust of Shun's. "It seems to me that you aren't merciful as I once knew you Shun."

Mitaka stood back as Yotsuya helped Godai up. "Old fool, I thought you were dead."

Yotsuya smiled, "Well if I was, then this whole set up could never have happened."

"This is all yours?" asked Mitaka

"Mostly his," said a female voice, Akemi, Yotsuya's girlfriend appeared, holding a blade. "I had the idea to make sure Godai won at all costs, even if it meant cheating."

Mitaka laughed, "How would that have occurred?"

Akemi smiled, as did Yotsuya, "That's our secret."

Mitaka parried, ready to strike, "What doe's my love think of this?"

"Your love thinks you should go to hell," said another female voice, as Kyoko came out, surrounded by Ikoku and Kentaro both holding bows.

"But…." said Mitaka stuttering, "I thought you said we had plans to get married."

"That was before I realized the truth about you," said Kyoko.

"Godai will die," said Mitaka pulling out a gun and arming it, "As will you all."

Mitaka forgot about Kozue, which was surprising, so he was surprised to see a body fall and crash hard on the ground.

"I told you if you tried anything," said X, "That she would die, she died because of you being an idiot."

"IDIOT!" screamed Mitaka knocking Akemi and Yotsuya out of the way, and swinging down the blade."

The blade never reached X, for once again Godai was there, parrying.

"Die," hissed Godai, "Die Die, Die, DIE!"

Godai swung hard and lopped off Shun's head. It still had the horrified look that Mitaka had when he'd died.

"It is done," said Godai.

Turning to Kyoko, he smiled at her.

"Kyoko?" he asked, "Will you marry me?"

She sighed, and smiled, "I thought you'd never ask…Yes!"

Godai and Kyoko left hand in hand, already talking about plans to get married.

The End.


Akemi, Yotsuya, X, and Soichiro (the dog) were gathered around the two dead bodies. They had been trying to figure out how to deal with the dead bodies.

"Dump her in the bay," said Soichiro, "Then bury him."

Akemi, Yotsuya and X all glanced at the dog. It was still taking some getting used to, that Soichiro could send his spirit form into the dog because of the name.

"There will be questions asked," said X, "We need to be prepared."

"The people who brought Kozue here were Mafia," said Yotsuya, "and my contact say's that chopping off someone's head is something that they do, so we're in the clear."

"But what about the men that Mitaka had?" asked Akemi.

"They now work for me," said X, "I gave them a significant raise, and they agreed to forget ever about working for their old boss."

"Good then," said Soichiro, "Godai and Kyoko will get married in two weeks, and everything's settled."

"Yes indeed." Said Yotsuya, "Let's disperse."

All being said and done, Soichiro could finally rest in peace, now that the troublesome specter of Mitaka was done with.