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Harry was dragged forwards. His body rapidly zoomed pass nothingness. Suddenly, Harry could see Hogwarts. He smiled as he came closer and closer. He looked at his feet and saw that his legs were disappearing, then, his torso, and then as his head was dissolving, Harry closed his eyes…

Harry was standing, side by side, with Hermione and Ron in the same deserted Hogwarts corridor. He looked at them, his expression confused. They only returned their confusion. As Harry turned around, he saw a very surprised Draco Malfoy. He was clutching a water balloon filled with a type of liquid and he just stood there, making no movement. "Déjà vu," Ron said under his breath as he looked around, touching the wall with the palm of his hand. "Hey guys," Ron said, turning his head and torso around. "I think we're back." He said this with a smile. "When were you gone?" Draco asked. "Oops," Ron said. 'He doesn't remember,' he mouthed to Harry and Hermione. Draco burst out laughing. "Gotcha there!" he said. "You little trickster," Ron said. Draco ran off down the corridor with Ron on his tail.

"Come back here, you ferret!" Ron said. Harry and Hermione shrugged and ran after them. "Now, why does that sound so familiar?" Draco called out to them. "At least we're not casting spells on you," Hermione said. Draco kept on running but he forgot one little thing, Peeves's practical joke. Draco tripped over the piece of string and Harry, Ron and Hermione tripped over him and the four of them were on the floor in a heap, laughing their hearts out. Peeves appeared and scowled at the laughing group. He flew away, through the wall.

This time, nothing appeared before them, no group of Marauders appeared before them in a flash of light. Nothing moved except the flickering flames of the torches.

"I guess, that's it," Ron said after a moment of intense silence.

"They're back safely," Hermione said, a smile forming on her lips.

"You met them here?" Draco asked.

"Yeah and this is where our adventure began and I guess this is where it'll end," Harry said. "Shame, I was really getting used to the whole thing."

They shrugged and went their separate ways. Harry, Ron and Hermione arrived at the Fat Lady's portrait and said the password. They walked in and smiled. Everything was back to normal; the fire was crackling, people were snoring and the portrait of the lion was in the corner, looking so inviting. Harry bid his friends Goodnight and walked into his room. There, he saw his four poster bed, alone in the middle and the wall of past Head Boys was still in the corner.

But now, a new face caught Harry's attention. It was a picture of James Potter, his father. He seemed very happy and he was holding up a Head Boy badge which glimmered red and gold. He was showing a thumbs up and Harry smiled. He lied down on his bed, smiling. He had, in some way, made his father more trustworthy, enough to become Head Boy.

The next morning in the Great Hall…

There was a sound of metal against glass. Professor McGonagall was standing up from her seat and stared at the conversing students, who at once, turned to face the teacher. "I'm sorry to interrupt your breakfast, but the New Year is fast approaching and I thought we should have a change in the style of celebrating," Professor McGonagall said briskly. "We have invited the foreign students from the Yin and Yang Institute for Asian Witches to show you the celebrating style of Chinese New Year. Please welcome them warmly."

The student muttered amongst each other at the mention of a performance. They've never heard of Chinese New Year but they hoped it would be the same as theirs, yet different in ways.

The great double doors opened and an elderly Chinese woman walked in, dressed in a long, pink silk Chinese dress. The end trailed behind her and she walked towards the staff table. The staff stood up and bowed at her. She nodded and stretched out her hand, signalling her students to come in. A gong sound echoed through the Great Hall, frightening some first years. Symbols crashed along the rhythmic sounds of Chinese drums making a sort of beat.

A group of young girls, dressed in different coloured Chinese traditional clothing (A/N: Think, Mulan's clothes) walked in. Some wore pink, some, red, and the rest, black and white. They walked gracefully and smiled at the boys, whose eyes and mouth were wide open. Their long, translucent scarves trailed behind them and gave a sort of glitter to the look. As soon they were standing in front of the whole Hall, the beat of the invisible drums and symbols grew faster. Their attention was drawn back to the doors. Seven girls briskly half-marched into the Hall. They were wearing tight, red pants and wore slippers. The shirts pointed at the shoulders and had a low cut, showing their red tube top underneath. The shirts were long, about around the knee, the shirts had side cuts until the waist and each girl wore a black sash around their waist. These girls' faces were more serious and concentrated. Harry saw a familiar glint of platinum blonde among the girls and nudged Ron.

The two groups stood in front and bowed at the audience. They lined up, side by side, and were surrounded by a ribbon of white fire made by the wands of two girls dressed in black and white kimonos. The ribbon formed a long, Chinese dragon and the fiery beast faced the students. It gave a realistic roar and circled the group of six girls. They twisted around and gave a high kick. The dragon backed away and roared. It edged back and the girls jumped and landed on two hands. Their feet were left in the air and, supported with their hands, they twisted and kicked the dragon. The dragon gave a roar that sounded like a laugh and advanced. The group of girls was on their feet and they jumped, high. They were three quarters to the ceiling of the Great Hall and they fell, their right foot extended. All kicked the dragon and the dragon fell back. It coiled around and the fire died out. When the fire was gone, a girl stood where the dragon was. She jumped up and got into fighting position. She had long, platinum blonde hair tied up in a silver ponytail and grey eyes. She wore a silk costume, similar to the others, but it was black and white.

"It's Danielle," Harry muttered. Two girls stepped from the group of six and got into position.

"Nadia and Elvira," Ron muttered.

The three sprang forward at the same time and practically flew to each other. Elvira was halfway from a punch, when Danielle grabbed the fist with fast reflexes. She turned around and twisted Elvira's hand. Elvira, instead of yelling in pain, jumped up and twisted with her hand. She landed in the other side and backed away. Nadia walked in and gave a kick with her right leg. Danielle grabbed it but Nadia twisted her body and her left leg was almost touching Danielle's face. Danielle bent her body backwards and the leg passed in front of her face.

Danielle quickly squatted down and stretched her right leg out. It swiped at Nadia's leg and was about to trip her but Nadia jumped. Elvira stepped back in and grabbed Danielle's leg. Elvira pulled it up and Danielle jumped up with it. She was left suspended in mid air by Elvira. Nadia landed on her feet and stood up. Elvira let go of Danielle and they were in a row, with Danielle in the middle. They bowed and the Hall broke out in applause. Danielle did a high back flip and Elvira and Nadia edged closer to each other. Danielle's left foot landed on Nadia's shoulder while her right landed on Elvira.

There were whistles and loud claps as this trick was done. The music subsided and the hall fell silent. The Yin and Yang student took their seats at each house table and their Headmaster sat next to Professor McGonagall. Professor McGonagall stood up and the hall fell silent. "We would like to thank the students for their performance," she said. "Especially to Nadia Abdul, Elvira Tan and Danielle Malfoy for their finale." There was an outburst of whispers as the students looked at Draco, whose face turned pink at the attention. Harry and Ron laughed at his expression as Hermione looked disapprovingly at them.

"All of you friends and family have been invited for a feast this evening," Professor McGonagall continued. "As Chinese New Year is a celebration of being with family as explained by my colleague, Madam Ling Yue." The Headmistress nodded at Professor McGonagall and the hall broke into more whispers. "You are all excused."

There was a shuffling of feet as the students emptied out of the hall. As they reached the outside, they immediately rushed towards their family. Harry grinned and walked away to a nearby bench as Ron and Hermione hugged their parents. Fred and George waved at him and Harry waved back. Harry sat down on a lonely bench and sighed. "Hey, why so glum, Harry?" a voice said. "Nothing much," Harry muttered, not bothering to look up. A bark like laugh followed. "Don't want to greet your own godfather?" the man said. Harry's face shot up. "Sirius!" Harry said, hugging his godfather. Sirius smiled and brushed away Harry's ticklish black hair. "Your hair's making me sneeze, Harry," Sirius said. "Oh, sorry," Harry said.

"No, I'm sorry. I didn't understand your last message to me," Sirius said. "I was released from Azkaban last year. They proved me innocent and put Wormtail in jail."

"Shut up, Padfoot," a man said. "You're scaring the boy." Remus Lupin looked at Harry and Sirius. "You're right, Moony," Sirius said. "Anyway, we have someone you might want to see." They backed away to the side and Harry almost jumped for joy at the sight of his parents. "Hey, Harry," James said, hugging his son. "Oh, Harry dear," Lily said, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks. She hugged her two boys and cried.

"This is how it's supposed to be," Sirius said. "Lily and James got away from Godric's Hollow just in time, Harry. Worst possible thing is you still got your scar and you're still The Chosen One as the other called you."

"It's okay," Harry said. "Everything's okay. This is a happy ending." He just saw Jason and Audrey wave at him, in centaur form. They were standing next to Firenze. They smiled at him and gave him the thumbs up.

But, what was that glint of black hair in the crowd? Viktor was there, with his parents and next to them was. No. It couldn't be. Rose Krum was staring at him. She smirked as her brother stared at Harry, as though non-verbally asking him for help. As though by instinct, Hermione, Ron, Draco, Danielle, Fred, George, Nadia, Elvira, Jason, Audrey and the grown-up Marauders turned to Rose. "Oh no," Lily muttered.

All this time you were pretending, So much for my happy ending! – Avril Lavigne

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