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Chapter 1

Abigail was walking home from school as usual. Her feet dragged slightly on the sidewalk, not in a particular hurry on way or another. There wasn't really anything to keep her at school, but she didn't really want to go home either. There wasn't exactly anything to look forward to there.

'Maybe I can finish my book, though,' she thought, her lips curving into a small smile.

That wasn't really important either, for it was a book that she had already ready several times over. The young girl thought of the old copy of The Fellowship of the Ring that was sitting on her desk at home. She still got caught up in J.R.R. Tolkein's epic story every time though. In fact, she loved almost any fantasy book she came across. She silently always wished she could go back to those times; times full of heroes and courage; full of adventure and romance.

"I'm sure I'd fit in better there," she mumbled thoughtfully to herself.

Abigail had some friends, and she did truly think they were nice and all but no one she could feel really close to. And don't even get her started on love. Once in a while a boy might catch her eye, but something about them always ended in disappointment. The sixteen- year-old girl knew these were somewhat odd thoughts to have at her age, but nonetheless it was how she felt.

Her pace slowed even more as she finally reached her front steps. Abigail paused, as she listened carefully against the door.

'I wonder if my dear old Dad's home,' she thought with a small sigh.

She turned the doorknob slowly, and when it opened she threw out a cautious, "Hello?" though silence only seemed to greet her.

As the girl went inside she still walked quietly and seemed somewhat wary still. Entering into the front living room, she finally caught sight of her old man fast asleep on the couch. Or perhaps passed out was the better expression, judging by the empty bottle that was rolled off to the side.

She sighed again, though stopped wasting her time being quiet, knowing that virtually no noise would get him out of his "slumber" for a while. Abigail really did try to be patient and understanding…she tried to imagine how difficult it would be if the person she married has just got up and left one day. How long could that really be an excuse though?

Suddenly, the empty beer bottle floated silently off the ground, and flew into her hands. Yes, as if she hadn't deemed herself strange enough, Abigail had also had the power of telekinesis ever since she could remember. She knew there wasn't a reason to use it so wistfully but…she often used it as much as possible. For some reason, a part of her felt like she would need to control it one day.

Dropping her school bag to the ground, Abigail moved to the kitchen and put the bottle away, before continuing to go out the back door. Any thoughts of her homework or even her beloved book went away as she felt the need to get out of the house. Every day it was getting harder and harder to come house and watch a once good man waste his life away.

As she felt the green grass beneath her sneakers, Abigail suddenly made a run for the woods right by her house, enjoying the feeling of fresh air going past her face. She only stopped again when she came across a favorite tree of hers, with plenty of low, strong branches that offered good support. Without wasting a beat she reached up and began to climb of easily. She was slightly taller than most, nearing 5'8", which helped her efforts, though she wasn't in bad shape either. She often came up here to watch the sunset.

Once she was as close to the top as she could get, her head turned back to the direction of her house. He mother had disappeared for ten years now. She thought disappeared, because she had no idea why she was gone and she never sent any word, but she didn't believe she was dead or anything. Something inside her voted against that.

Time passed quickly, even though she was only sitting still, and as the moon started to go up, she leaned back against the tree and closed her eyes, listening to the sound of the forest. But then, a strange sound came. The flapping of hundreds of wings. She opened her eyes to see a huge mass of dark creature coming. She couldn't tell if they were bats or birds, but they were aiming right at her.

Almost instantly scratching and screeching surrounded her. She couldn't see through the clouds of creatures as she tried to get a steady grip on a branch. Soon she lost balance and began to fall. As expected, everything became dark and silent.


Abigail was stuck in a fog. Dark voices were calling out to her everywhere. One side told her to listen to the enticing voices, but her heart told her to run. Something was evil about them. All she could do was fall was the darkness, and her heart began to give up. She was starting to listen to the evil. She felt her self being pulled under, and a horrible power seemed to flow through her blood. But then a different voice came. A sweet, melodic voice. She turned slowly to face a small light coming through the fog. She started to run towards the light, and she became warmer. Suddenly she broke through…


Abigail opened her eyes and rubbed her head. She looked around, and realized in was still nighttime, but the sun was coming up in the distance, offering a small light.

"Dad is going to be so angry," she whispered, not looking forward to explaining why she hadn't come home at all. She finally stood up, and then it hit her.

"This is not my woods," she thought. Instead of the dark, gnarly trees of her back yard, much lighter, straighter, and taller ones suddenly surrounded her.

A snap startled her from behind. The young girl jumped around only to face a…

"Nazgul?" She whispered. It was a rider, clad in black on a black horse. Beyond the books descriptions that she remembered, the rider appeared identical to the ones in the Lord of the Ring movies. But this was no special effect. As it moved she saw outlines of a truly ghostly body, and under its hood she swore no face whatsoever was visible.

"A little far from home, are you not?" it said. It was barely a voice that it spoke with. More like a horrible whisper, ringing through her ears.

"That's…not possible," Abigail said, fear running through her even as she tried to convince herself that she was only dreaming, or suffering from some kind of head trauma. When the Nazgul slowly drew his sword, though, she started to feel more and more uncertain.


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