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Quick Reminder:

Italics means either elvish, flashback or dream (you'll tell from the content)

Bold in this chapter means internal debate

Chapter 53 Recap:

Suddenly, she flew her hand to her face, and Elladan and Gandalf saw that she had stopped an arrow mere inches from her cheek.

Elladan looked over. "Elrohir," he croaked, having trouble finding his own voice now.

Gandalf looked over as well and he saw three familiar figures trailing behind Elrond's second son.

'Who knows what the outcome of this meeting will be,' the white wizard thought, his mind jumbling through all the options they might be able to use. Though the choices weren't many.

Chapter 54:

It appeared that the hour had finally come.

Reunited at last, only to wish it wasn't so.

"Who…what is this?" Elrohir whispered to Aragorn. A new arrow already knocked in his bow, after the first one had been so miraculously stopped.

"Put it down, lad, it won't do you much good here," Gimli warned sadly.

The four newcomers finally slowed to a stop. Elrohir rushed to his brother's side, casting a look that demanded answers.

However, the three companions of Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn, remained rooted to the spot.

"This is why you wouldn't talk about her, isn't it?" Legolas said sadly to Aragorn, not turning his gaze away. "Somehow you knew something, and you feared it."

Aragorn forced his eyes away from Abigail to look at Gandalf. "How did it come to this?"

Gandalf shook his head. "I do not have those answers. But I will warn you, she does not remember much, if anything, and she is very strong," the wizard replied gravely, his eyes never straying from the woman in front of them.

Abigail silently assessed the situation as they talked continued to talk quietly. Why could she not shake this feeling of familiarity? She searched for the clues, observing their face with subtle scrutiny, but all she could really see was the enemy.

However, a few moments later, she vaguely noticed they were closing in on her.

'Trying to trap me like a pack of wild dogs? I don't squirm that easily,' she thought, smiling inwardly, her fingers tightening on the hilt of her blood-soaked blades.

"If…if she is one of them now," Legolas stated hesitantly, a part of him still trying to deny such a truth, "Why did she not leave with the Nazgûl. Does she not see the battle is over?"

"It is never over in her eyes," Gandalf replied in a saddening tone. "Her own battle has only begun."

"Enough!" Abigail yelled, a harshness to her tone that was as equally as unfamiliar as her appearance. "Silence your mutterings and face me!" she demanded, her body tensing slightly.

The men just stared at her solemnly, but wariness was still etched in their features. Each of their hands twitched briefly around their weapons, but none would make a move.

Suddenly, Elladan lowered his daggers, though the decision seemed to strain him.

"She is a member of the fellowship," he said through a clenched jaw, looking at the others with a sideways glance. "I no longer have the authority to attack her." As somewhat of an outsider, the elf felt like he couldn't get a good enough grasp on this situation. He did not doubt that she was a danger at the moment, but he was in no position to judge her accurately.

His sibling did not seem as easy to quell, though. "She is an enemy. She tried to kill you, brother!" Elrohir protested, his finger itching to let go of the knocked arrow. He knew there was some truth to Elladan's words, but he was not willing to risk family and friends while they debating whose side she was on.

Abigail turned her head and smiled sweetly at Elrohir, though the grin was chilling. "Ah, we have siblings, I see. The more fitting I should send you to your graves together."

"You have threatened many times, and I have yet to see you act upon it," Elrohir seethed, gaze narrowing at his "target".

She scoffed quietly. "I was going to allow you the pity of the first strike," she said calmly, an eerie grin still plastered to her face. "Have at me, then, sir elf. Release your arrow and see how far it flies."

Elrohir's eyes darkened and without another word, he released the arrow, refusing to listen to any more of her taunts.

"Elrohir no!" Aragorn protested while moving towards him, his mind already predicting what the outcome would be.

Abigail laughed and simply stuck on her hand again, stopping the arrow when it was an arms length away from her face. However, instead of letting it fall to the ground, she used her power to flip the arrow around and shot it back at the sender with the same speed.

Elrohir hardly had a second to react when he saw his own arrow flying at him, he moved to dodge, but it was closing in fast on his heart.

He waited for the killing blow, however he heard a swift movement of steel instead..

Aragorn had stepped in and cut the arrow in half and the arrowhead sunk deeply into the ground by Elrohir's foot.

Abigail's eyes narrowed, upset that her game was interrupted.

"You move quickly for a mortal," she said vehemently, no real compliment in her words.

The ranger stood up straight and let his sword hang loosely at his side.

"Abigail," Aragorn said, raising his head slowly. "That…is…enough," he spoke, separating his words with fierce emphasis.

His gaze met her onyx eyes straight on, and for once it was she who had to try not to flinch under his piercing hazel eyes.

The others held their breath, and even the world seemed to freeze for just one moment. Soon, though, a chilling wind rolled through the battlefield, bringing with it the stench of blood and the sounds of weapons clashing far off in Minas Tirith.

"It will never be enough," was her reply, but instead of a harsh tone she surprised them all by sounding almost…regretful.

It was in that moment that Aragorn remembered something from a dream, that now seemed to take place so long ago.


I only come to you now with a warning," she explained.

"What manner of warning?" he eyed her suspiciously.

There was a moment of silence, as Abigail tried to decide how she should explain this.

"The next time you see me, I won't be myself," she said slowly. "I-I've tried to stay strong but my time is running out. Next time we meet will be on the battlefield."

She stopped walking and looked around fearfully.

"What is it?" he asked, on alert as well.

"They're coming for me…in the real world," she said, trembling. "I don't have much time."

She grabbed his arm and looked him in the eyes.

"I know I was wrong to keep those secrets, and some of my actions were misguided, but I need you to trust me now. No matter what I say or look like next time we meet, I'm still there."

"What are you talking about? I don't understand." Aragorn was becoming nervous with the increasing panic in Abigail's voice.

"Just, remember the Abigail from the fellowship. How I was in Rivendell or Lorien. That's who I am."

Aragorn didn't know what to say. Abigail hardly made any sense and she was talking so fast.

Abigail eyes suddenly went wide. "They're here for me."

"Whose they-" he started to ask, still very confused, but Abigail cut him off with a hug.

"I deserved all those thing you said to me at Edoras," she whispered, her voice failing as she still clung on to him tightly. "I understand if you break your promise and hate me."

Aragorn was stunned. "Abigail," he said softly, instinctively pulling her even closer.

"I would rather die than hurt the fellowship or you," she said.

Those were her final words.

End Flashback

"No matter what…I'm still there," he whispered to himself softly, repeating her words. Sudden realization seemed to light up his eyes a little.

While he would never have any proof that it was really Abigail in his dream, he still believed now that it was the truth. However much she fought, somewhere inside of this mad woman was the real Abigail.

Abigail regained her senses, as she shook her head and once again composed herself into a rigid fighting stance.

"Aragorn," Gandalf spoke quickly, "What do you suggest?" he asked under his breath, carefully noticing that the ranger's mind was working hard.

"There must be someway to bring her back, but I do not know how," Aragorn admitted. "I fear we are running out of time, though. She will make her move soon."


'Why am I hesitating?' Abigail thought cursing herself. These men just continued talking in hushed tones, but she herself was still not moving. 'I could snap their necks in a heartbeat, why am I hesitating???'

'Because you don't want to kill them,' a small, light-sounding voice spoke in the corner of her mind.

'No, they must die! Lord Sauron said they all must die' she argued internally. 'They are the enemy!'

'And how does the enemy know your true name…Abigail?' reason asked.

'Abigail is dead! I am the Lady of Darkness, I only know Lord Sauron-'

'Liar! You know those hazel eyes, that is way you are hesitating.'

'Stop it! That doesn't matter, they don't matter, HE does not matter!'

'……Then draw your daggers and kill them.'


Abigail suddenly yelled, almost painfully, as she drew her daggers and charged towards Legolas.

The blonde elf was shocked, after being mostly silent and still all this time, but with fast reflexes he ducked and ran to the side.

She turned around on her heels and paused for a moment, looking at Aragorn, though she addressed them all.

"I do not know you, and you cannot presume to know me."

She inclined her gaze slightly to look at Gandalf. "You seem to recognize my power, and because of that I will not let you all die quickly at its mercy. Instead I will kill you slowly and painfully with my own two hands," she said, raising her daggers more visibly.

Legolas gasped a little, as she chose to charge at him again. He quickly shot an arrow towards her leg, hoping to merely stop her, but her hand moved at an astonishing speed as she cut the arrow in half, much like Aragorn had done earlier.

Legolas abandoned the bow for his own set of elvish daggers, and with sharp eyes he just barely managed to block her.

"I have no desire to kill you," he said forcefully, staring hard into her face, looking for traces of the woman he called his friend.

She snorted and began a series of attacks, keeping one hand high and one hand low. Legolas mirrored her movements, though. While she might not remember, Legolas had sparred with her before and remembered her moves well.

All of a sudden, he saw her head whip around and she jumped away from him. That same moment he saw a small throwing axe fly between them.

"I don't wish to kill you either," Gimli said gruffly, lowering his hand back on his large axe. "But I also can't let you kill him," he nodded towards Legolas.

"The longer she stays like this, the more powerful she becomes and the more the darkness consumes her," Gandalf said, as he worriedly watched the display.

Abigail turned away from Gimli and Legolas and looked at Gandalf and Aragorn, who were still standing side by side.

"And you will fear and respect that power," she told them, having heard that comment quite well.

She ran towards the two of them, but it was Aragorn who stepped in for the block, keeping her away form Gandalf. He seemed to be the one who best understood what as happening, so the ranger wanted to keep him safe.

He held one of her dagger off to the side with his sword, but in an odd move he had stopped her other dagger by grabbing onto her wrist.

To Abigail's irritation, though, with his tight grip on her arm she was unable to back away, even as she squirmed relentlessly. He held onto her firmly, trying to hold her gaze again.

"Please, Abigail. It is me, Aragorn. Remember your friends and the fellowship. Remember Haldir, remember anything! You told me you did not want to hurt us!" he said harshly, praying to the Valar that this could end.

To his dismay, her response was a cruel smirk. "Where on earth would you get that ridiculous idea?"

She twisted her arm around sharply, forcing him to let go, as she stepped away.

"This is turning out to be a most uneventful battle. Perhaps I should inspire more motivation," she said coolly.

Abigail lifted herself into the air, and in a flash she flew and landed behind Elrohir and Elladan.

She sheathed her daggers and visibly raised her hands behind their heads, and slowly she started to constrict her hand into a first.

At the same time, the remaining four watched in horror as the two twins gasped in pain as they clutched at their chests.

"Tell me…if you watched your friends' die by a crushed heart, would that motivate you to kill me?" she laughed almost manically as her fists became tighter and tighter.

Aragorn was frozen with terror as he saw the twins fall to their knees; their breaths were painful and shallow.

Gandalf suddenly pushed past him and raised his staff at Abigail, a harsh white light flowing out of it.

Abigail unclenched her fists and covered her eyes; she screamed as she shied away from the light.

Elladan and Elrohir still clutched protectively to their chest, but their breathing was returning to normal. The brothers shared a brief look, as if making sure the other was alright before quickly moving off to the side.

"Still want to spare her?" Elrohir asked lowly.

Elladan spared a quickly glance behind him. "She was Elessar's friend…have faith that he will make the right decision."

"What did you do?" Aragorn asked Gandalf, approaching slowly, as Abigail seemed to start to regain her senses again.

"My white magic is painful for her to withstand as it is to the Nazgul," he explained, his own tone shaking slightly, from either anger of fear.

"Where else have I seen a light like that?" Aragorn asked, half to himself.

Gandalf looked puzzled. "Where else could you see it? White magic only comes from white wizards," he paused. "Although…some elvish spells have a similar effect."

Aragorn's eyes widened it sudden realization. "Legolas!" he yelled frantically. "Use your eyesight, is their anything on her left wrist?"

Legolas forced his gaze away from his elven kin and did as Aragorn said. Almost immediately he replied. "I-I believe she is wearing-"

"A bracelet," Aragorn finished for him.


"Abigail, I am asking how damaging those results can be?" Gandalf demanded.

She raised her head slowly. "If…if I truly willed it…I could crush your heart in less than a second.

There was a fearful silence after that statement. Éowyn, without even realizing it, put a protective hand over her heart.

"Please understand, to have enough concentration to even sense the inside of one's body is extremely difficult for me. I hardly ever use my power for anything more than lifting or pushing," Abigail pleaded, trying to hide the true monstrosity of what she just said.

There was still a short pause before she added, "And, H-haldir produced a safeguard, just in case." She choked a little on his name.

She continued with her train of thought, and held up her wrist revealing the thin, silver bracelet that she wore.

"That's of elvish making, and it comes with a very high honor if I'm correct," Legolas mused quietly. He chided himself momentarily for not noticing and questioning it before.

Abigail nodded in agreement. "Haldir gave me this as a gift, just before we left Lorien. It will hum a warning of sorts if I'm about to lose control. There is a more powerful and effective spell enchanted within it, but by the time it's needed I'm in no mind to remember it."

"What is the spell, though I hope to never use it," Legolas said.

Abigail smiled slightly as she chanted the elvish spell.

"Pool of Eärendil, shine for me bright. Give hope in darkness, give shadow a light."

End Flashback

Gandalf, Legolas and Gimli widened their eyes as well, quickly picking up on Aragorn's plan.

"Would that little piece of jewelry really be enough to make her sane?" Gimli asked incredulously.

"She said it was the Pool of Eärendil, and legend hails it as a mighty source of pure magic," Legolas informed them.

"In addition, it was given to her by her father, which I believe could also be a strong factor," Gandalf agreed.

Abigail moved her hand away from her eyes, and she stared at them intently, the red glow of hatred returning to her iris'.

"You will pay for that," she growled, gripping her daggers so tightly that her knuckles began to pale as she pulled them out again.

"I don't know the proper elvish. Say the spell, and I'll keep the lass occupied for a minute," Gimli offered, gripping his axe as he turned away. "Though, you might want to hurry it up."


Abigail swayed slightly, her vision still slightly blurry. She saw the fuzzy outline of the dwarf coming towards her.

"Hmph, so are you prepared for a real fight now?" she said venomously, spinning a blade once.

"It seems you have left me with no choice," he said evenly. "It has been a long day of battle, one more fight won't matter."

She chuckled humorlessly. "The true spirit of a warrior. It is the same spirit I have been crushing all day," she twirled the dagger in her other hand.

His only movement was his eyes twitching…but then he grinned through his unruly beard.

Abigail stiffened, something wasn't right. She looked beyond the dwarf's shoulder, to see the other three men huddled together and they were…chanting?

She knitted in eyebrows together and listened intently. What were they doing?

"…Darkness, give shadow a light."

"Impossible," she whispered, her pulse beginning to race.

Without wasting another second, she used her power to gain speed and charged at the company. She raised her hand in order to strike, but a burning sensation in her left wrist caused her to drop her dagger, and in surprise she stopped herself short and fell to the ground.

She had stopped merely 10 feet away from them, and as she stared at the earth in shock she could hear the elvish recitation clearly.

"Pool of Eärendil, shine for me bright. Give hope in darkness, give shadow a light."


Abigail had stood up quickly, an unfamiliar sensation of panic coursing through her, but as she tried to grab her dagger her wrist burned in pain again. She looked down and saw a thin white light wrap itself around her hand. Shakily, she brought her hand up slowly and stared at it in horror.

Abigail looked up at the three. "I will kill you…I'll kill you now!"

She focused her mind on hurting them, stopping them in any way, but then the pain exploding throughout her skull.

She tried again, focusing as hard as she could on breaking each of their spines in half, but before she could concentrate enough to do anything, the pain ripped through her mind again.

'I…I can't use my power. I can't even pick up my dagger,' she thought fearfully, her heart pounded in her chest. 'Lord Sauron, what trickery is this?'

Her head whipped around wildly, as if somehow she could find an escape, but she looked down again and the white light had started to spread up her arm.

"No…no!!!" she screamed.

"Pool of Eärendil, shine for me bright. Give hope in darkness, give shadow a light."


They watched her as she screamed in horror and pain. It was hard to watch, because it still looked like it was their friend crying out it pain. They remembered their purpose, though, and continued the spell relentlessly.

As the light grew longer they saw her claw at her own wrist, but she couldn't seem to remove the bracelet. She flung her arm around, even tried to wipe it away, but the light grew larger and larger.

In what could have been minutes, or maybe hours, the white light spread throughout her entire body as she continued to struggle.

Then, one final time, the glow incased her completely, and in a single bright flash the light disappeared.

The figure clad in black fell on her hands and knees, breathing heavily.

The spell drifted into silence, as the company stood still, fearful of what the results has been. Aragorn was the first to take a small, cautious step forwad.

"Abigail?" he asked once.

There was no response, but then her head lifted slowly to reveal dark blue eyes filled with tears.

"What have I done?" she whispered, staring at a smear of thick, red blood upon her hands.

"Pool of Eärendil, shine for me bright. Give hope in darkness, give shadow a light."


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