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"Portia! We gotta get to the hospital!" Lorelai shrieked as she ran through the mall, clutching her cell phone.

"Why, whats... Oh! Aurora's in Labor? I will be there in 5 minutes." Portia hung up the phone and took a quick glance at a picture sitting on her bedside table, from exactly one year ago.


"Aurora! You are getting married today!" Portia said in a sing-song voice.

"Mommy! I'm scared. What if Logan runs?" Rory rambled.

"He won't, he loves you so much. Don't worry about a thing doll, other than saying 'I Do." Portia soothed.

"Ok, I can do this." Rory muttered.

"RORY! Here is your dress! I just picked it up from the dress shop." Lorelai yelled, running into the room.

"Thank God! Oh, thank you Lorelai!" Rory yelled as she gave her mothers a hug."

-End Flashback.-

Portia smiled with watery eyes as she was running out to her car and calling her husband and son's.


"Where is my mother?" Rory groaned as another contraction hit her.

"Ace, calm down. Portia and Lorelai, along with your dad and brothers will be here soon." Logan soothed, handing her a bottle of water.

"I don't need water right now! I need VODKA!"

"It's bad for our girls and boy." Logan said, ducking when Rory started throwing ice chips at him. "Hey now, no need to get violent. What about names for our babies?" Logan asked, wiping down his forehead.

"Portia, Lorelai, and Logan Jr." Rory said softly, rubbing her huge pregnant stomach. "We can call them, Tia, Lola and Junior."

"I love it. Portia Anne, Lorelai Shira, and Logan Lawrence." Logan said, staring at his wife's belly.


"Idle threats Ace. Idle threats." Logan said, pushing her hair back.

The doctor walked in and checked Rory's progress.

"Mrs. Huntzberger, you are dilated 10 centimeters. Its time to move you to delivery."

"Don't call me Mrs. Huntzberger. I'm divorcing this SOB for putting me in this pain. OH GOD, GIVE ME DRUGS!"

Logan chuckled and followed his screaming wife's bed down the hall.

Two hours later, Logan walked into the waiting room.

"Mom, Portia and Lorelai, come on." He said waving them over.

The three mothers followed Logan into Rory's room, where she was holding two babies and the Doctor handed him the third.

"Ladies, this is Portia Anne Huntzberger, and Rory over there, has Logan Lawrence Huntzberger Junior and Shira Lorelai Huntzberger.

Lorelai burst into tears. "I can't believe you put my name in their with both your mothers." She sobbed.

"Lorelai. We didn't have a good start, but now I feel like I've known you my entire life." Rory said softly.

"Good, because I love you, I really do." Lorelai whispered back. "Can I hold Logan Junior?"

"Of course! Mom, Shira, do you want to hold them?"

The three women pounced to grab a baby. They walked out to the waiting room to gloat to their husbands.

"How can I love them so much already?" Rory whispered as Logan held her.

"Its nature. They came out of you."

"Yea, Logan, next time, I'm doing all the fun stuff, and YOU are doing all the work."

"What? No divorce? Damn, my plot has been foiled." He said teasingly.

"No such luck Huntzberger." She said before kissing him deeply.

The mothers walked back in, with their men holding the babies and the photographer that Portia hired followed

"Kirk?" Lorelai asked before he started snapping pictures of the happy, huge family.


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