Demon Spawn

by Draeconin

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Chapter Five

"Good morning, Draco," Harry said in the blond's ear, as they 'happened' to enter the Great Hall together for breakfast. Actually, Harry had been waiting in a shadowed niche for the Slytherin to show. After giving him that greeting, Harry went on to the Gryffindor table, not looking back to see the reaction he'd caused. He could guess: startlement, confusion, anger at being thrown emotionally off-balance...curiousity - and maybe, if he were lucky, a little animal magnetism.

He was fairly close.

Draco had been startled. He had watched Potter's back, his gaze sliding down to the Gryffindor's arse, as Harry walked to his table to join his friends, but only for a second or two, before he made his way to his own table. It wouldn't do to allow anyone to see how easily he'd been thrown off balance. Bloody Potter. How did he do it? He wondered what Potter was up to. The Gryffindor had stated that he wasn't thrilled about the curse that was supposed to unite them, so what was he doing? Draco wasn't angry, but he was frustrated. He felt he was being toyed with. 'But what a toy master!' No! Damn it, he would not be the plaything for anything - demon, demon spawn, demon curse, or none!

But Draco had also noticed Harry's outfit, and was just a little envious. They were school robes, of fine material and tailored, like his own, but Harry's were split up the outside front of the right leg to the lower hip, allowing greater freedom of movement. That being the case, however, the green-eyed lad was also wearing tailored black trousers. True, the Muggle-borns and some of the half-bloods raised with Muggles also wore trousers, or in the girls' case, skirts or dresses under their robes. But that was because they were classless, crass, and low born, not out of a sense of style. Draco only wore fine linen braes and calf-length, split-leather boots under his robes, this time of year, while it was still warm. Most true wizarding folk dressed similarly. But then, their robes weren't split up one side, either.

The blond shook himself out of his introspection, and reached for some toast.

"Potter's quite hot, don't you think?" Blaise Zabini murmured in his ear.

Draco tensed momentarily, but then pretended disinterest. "If you like that sort of look, I suppose," he said nonchalantly.

"I wonder if I'd have a chance?" Blaise continued, baiting the blond. As a fairly close friend, he'd seen the signs of Draco's interest, and also saw that he was denying it.

"You?" Draco sneered, and then reigned himself in. "You won't know until you try," he said, as disinterestedly as he could. But he was seething inside. 'How dare he?' he was thinking. 'No, damn it! He can't have him!'

Draco had only just recently recognised that he wanted Harry for himself, and he wasn't about to let the Gryffindor go without a fight. He didn't like the idea that he had no choice in accepting the green-eyed young man, even if he did want him, so he wasn't going to give in without a fight either, but he decided that if Blaise tried to make a move on Potter, he'd be there to scotch it.

"Good morning, Harry!" a very chipper Ginny greeted him as he sat down, which Harry returned with a grin.

Amongst other scattered greetings, Ron and Hermione both gave him a "Hi, Harry," along with rather small, hopeful, sheepish smiles, to which Harry gave a nod and a polite smile, and replied "Good morning," before turning to his breakfast; toast and fruit.

Since coming into his inheritance as a demon spawn, Harry hadn't had much of an appetite, his hair absorbing most of the energy he needed. He only really needed to eat for the vitamins, minerals, and proteins his body needed to maintain itself. That didn't mean that he no longer enjoyed eating, however: far from it. As a source of the things his body needed, for instance, even the hearty, whole-grain toast served at Hogwarts was very low on the scale. But he enjoyed toast or scones, mornings, so he ate it.

"So, Harry, how's the hunting?" Ginny asked with a small smirk, as he sat beside her.

"Plenty of game, but it's a bit skittish, " Harry replied, with a grin.

Ginny laughed aloud.

From across the hall, Draco noticed the interchange, although he couldn't hear what was being said. But it was entirely too friendly, to his way of thinking. He'd have to do something about that. Then his glance caught someone else staring covetously at Harry, and then another, and another, and... Good gods, he thought, seething, it looked as though half of Hogwarts wanted his Harry!

The thought stopped Draco cold. 'His' Harry? He groaned, and cupped his face in his hands for a moment, before looking up again, a new-found resolve hardening in his mind. Yes! His Harry! Although he still intended to lead Harry a merry chase, he decided to make it more interesting - for both of them.


'Well, that was a mistake,' Draco thought, shortly after waking up. His arse burned and ached a bit, but it was a discomfort that he savoured, despite his plans to tease and drive Harry to distraction having gone tits up. Harry's arm was holding him in a manner that could only be called possessive, but rather than being resentful, this only made him feel safe and cherished. He let his mind wander over the events of the previous evening.


'I don't know how he's doing it,' Draco seethed, 'but he's getting on my last ruddy nerve.'

Harry had been following him around all day again, when he wasn't busy with his own classes, but he had been doing it by being wherever Draco was going, before him. Draco had taken advantage of it, of course, putting his plan to drive the Gryffindor to distraction into action with subtle flirting that could taken as innocent activities; bending over to pick something up, or brushing imaginary dust from from the hem of his school robes, and incidentally showing off his arse to the green-eyed demon spawn, stretching for a book on a high shelf in order to show off his figure, and other things in a like vein.

But the constant 'coincidence' of Harry being in the very place Draco had decided to go had worn on him; especially when Harry's flirting with him was both less subtle and more...steamy.

Finally, Draco couldn't take any more. But he wasn't about to show just how successful Harry's teasing had been, so he channeled all that energy into anger and annoyance.

Draco grabbed the lapels of Harry's robes and slammed him into the wall. Well, that had been the plan, anyway. What actually happened was that he grabbed Harry's lapels and made the effort to slam him into the wall. But in a swift move that Draco still couldn't reconstruct in his mind, Harry had whirled them about so that Draco was gently but firmly placed where Draco had planned on having the Gryffindor.

But never let it be said that a Malfoy couldn't adjust to altered circumstances. "What is your bloody problem, Potter?" he hissed in the other boy's face. He had the satisfaction of seeing Harry's - Potter's - face looking totally nonplussed for a moment, but before he could follow up on his advantage, the green-eyed beauty - boy (not 'beauty' - he definitely meant 'boy') - had recovered.

"Why, it's you, Draco," Harry answered, with a sexy smirk. "Your lithe form, your blond beauty, just makes my demon blood ache for you - you know; down there."

Draco paled, then blushed furiously. 'Lithe form? Blond beauty? When did Harry get such a glib tongue?' he thought to himself, consciously ignoring Harry's sexually blatant 'hint'.

While the blond was still recovering from the shock of such compliments coming from someone he had thought of as a 'dressed-up former geek', Harry leaned in, and kissed him. And it wasn't just a simple peck on the lips, either. Oh, no. It was gentle, yes, but it was also long and steamy. Draco never noticed when his knees got too weak to hold himself up, but he slowly became aware of the strong arms holding him, preventing him from sliding to the floor.

Harry grinned to himself. It wasn't exactly as he'd planned to get the snarky blond: indeed, until now he hadn't really admitted to himself that he wanted Draco. He'd wanted to tease the boy into submission; make the blond come to him. But this seemed to be working well enough.

He picked Draco up, maintaining the kiss all the while, and found an empty classroom. He finally broke the kiss, and with a few muttered spells, transformed a desk into a bed, some parchment into bedding, and had the bed made. He met Draco's wondering eyes and kissed him again, just to keep him off balance, then softly laid his intended mate on the bed before turning to the door and sealing it against intrusion.


When Harry had taken him, it had been both painful, and wonderful. Fortunately the pain had quickly subsided, to be replaced with the wonderful feeling of being filled, and claimed.

'But if Harry thinks he's tamed Draco Malfoy, he has another think coming to him!' That resolve comforted Draco, until Harry woke and pulled him into his embrace, and Draco melted. 'Oh, damn; I'm lost,' was his last coherent thought for awhile.

There was a bit of an awkward scene when they'd decided they were in need of food, Harry had restored the classroom, and they had opened the door. The hallway was filled with students and an angry instructor wanting to know just what they thought they were doing, preventing classes from taking place. The usually, and newly urbane Draco and Harry blushed fiercely.


Three months later, there was a bit of a scandal at the wedding.

"Can you believe he had the gall to wear white?" was just one of the many whispers that went around the wedding party.

Well, it was a bit of embarrassment, since Draco's trousers had to be especially altered to allow for an expanding abdomen, although it was really only slightly rounded, at this point. Still, everyone tried to put the best face on it, and allowed that since it was Draco's wedding, he had the right to choose the colour palette. And when the ceremony was over, there were many who genuinely offered their congratulations. Of course there were just as many, if not more, who were just there for the notoriety of the affair, so they could later say they'd been.

But life isn't a sweet a little story, and there were still a lot of obstacles to overcome: Voldemort, Death Eaters, fans, the day to day efforts of maintaining a relationship, not to mention hormonal swings, and later, raising a child. In the on-going story of life, one can never really say...



Thanks to Keikokin for her aid as a beta.

This story was meant to be about twice as long as it is. However, due to
stress problems and too many other works in progress, I decided to wrap this one up early.
Hopefully someday I'll get around to rewriting this chapter, and continuing the story as it was meant to be.

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