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Author's Note:
Written for iyficcontest LJ community.
Word limit was 250 words.
Theme was Ghosts.

The Kindred Spirit

Kikyo hadn't lived in the village long before she heard rumors of the mysterious happenings at the well.

A young man approached her. "Priestess, my wife is tormented by some unseen force whenever she goes near the village well. Please—you must help us before she gets hurt.

I . . . lost a woman dear to my heart before. I could not bear for that to happen again."

Kikyo obliged the man, and examined the well.

"Spirit, what binds you to this world? Your time has passed, yet you remain where you should not."

Priestess. I will not suffer your hypocrisy. You too are dead. Why should I pass when you do not?

"I remain while I still hold purpose. But I sense no purpose in you—only sorrow. You are lonely. You are frightened. And you long for that which cannot be."

Yes. The voice seemed to be sobbing now. I died by this very well. A bandit robbed and murdered me. The day before I was to be married.

"And you seek to dispose of your man's new love. But your jealousy cannot undo the laws of mortality. Know that this man will always love you, and be at peace."

Later, after the phantom had vanished from the material sphere, Kikyo pondered over her words with quiet solemnity.

Know that this man will always love you, and be at peace.

A grimace came to the priestess's face, and slowly she left the village, her soul collectors flying overhead.