Disclaimer- I don't own Fairly Odd Parents, or Lord of the Rings. Or a life, it would seem.

Authors Note- This is a little idea I came up with a few days ago when I was watching LOTR. I'm also re-reading LOTR, so I'm kind of in that zone. Plus FOP is always in my mind somewhere, so the natural conclusion was for the two to mix.

Am I mad to take this on? Definitely. How will I do this? No idea. Well, actually, I have a few ideas, or else I wouldn't be writing this at all.

The main reason is because The Expectants is driving me crazy. It's stuck in a major rut, and I hope working on a different project will help me get it out. So here it is; a Lord Of The Rings/ Fairly Odd Parents crossover. It won't be as emotional or full on as The Expectants, because that's just not how I want to do this. So sit back and enjoy this crazy ride.

Once, there was a ring. It was a plain gold band at first glance, and seemed quite ordinary. But this ring was anything but ordinary. It possessed powers that were both fantastic and deadly. While there are many Rings of Power, forged for reasons both good and evil, this one stood above them all. It was forged by great evil, and nursed evil in its heart. With the reign of the Ring, dark times feel across the land, and hope was almost lost. Until finally, some stood against the ring, and it's creator. When both were parted, after a long and hard battle, the Ring was not destroyed. It was saved, as were the chances of the terror happening again. But the ring was not satisfied with staying with it's new master, so it left, through a series of convenient circumstances. But the luck of the Ring ran out, and it was lost in the bottom of a muddy river. The secrets of the Ring were forgotten by most, as it lay for thousands of years in its watery grave, and some things that should have been remembered, were not.

But then something worse happened than the ring being lost. It was found.

"Yawn," said Timmy Turner, throwing the book over his shoulder. "Too many words…not enough pictures…losing interest…"

"But Timmy," said one of his goldfish, poofing out of the fishbowl and picking up the book. "You've only read the dust cover. 'The Lord Of The Rings' is one of the greatest books ever written."

"You've got 'books' right," complained Timmy, pointing to a small stack of books resting on his bedside table next to the fishbowl. "When I finish that one, I still have two more to go! Was the author so unhappy with boring me once that he had to do it three times?"

"But Timmy," said Wanda, trying to reason with him. "'The Lord Of The Rings' is filled with action, adventure, good triumphing over evil, bravery, fighting…"

"And lots and lots of words!" added Cosmo, poofing out of the fishbowl to join the conversation.

"Face it Wanda, it's a book about jewellery," said Timmy. "If I wanted to read about that, I'd look at one of Mum's catalogues." He sighed and flopped on his bed. "If only there was a movie version I could watch…"

"Timmy, no one would be stupid or fool-hardy enough to make a movie adaptation of this book. Do you know how many millions of dollars that would need, not to mention the special effects, rewriting sections to suit the screen, casting, scouting a location, which would probably be in some far-flung country half the people who watch it would never have heard of…"

"Alright, alright, I get it, so there won't be a movie," said Timmy, cutting Wanda off. "I just wish there was some way I could understand these books better."

"Wanda! Wanda! He said it!" said Cosmo gleefully.

"I heard," said Wanda, twirling her wand. "One literature appreciation wish coming right up!" The two fairies twirled their wands, and in a large poof, the three disappeared from the room.

Authors Note 2- Naturally, some people will despise me for even attempting this. Especially because of the light-hearted way in which I will do it. So, if there are any die-hard Tolkein fanatics out there, bring it on! (Also, what are you doing in the Fairly Odd Parents section, reading my story? Hmmm?) This will be a massive undertaking (oh gosh, what am I thinking doing this!), so if anybody has any suggestions, I'm all ears. You will get due credit and praise, of course. Though, I do already have some ideas for characters, as I'm trying to bring in as many FOP characters as I humanly can. For example, Crocker, Juandissimo, Timmy's parents, and certain little grey-hatted characters are all definitely in.