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She always waited for an answer…

But what she didn't know is that it was on her bedside table all along.

Haruno Sakura has walked past the Konoha bookstore numerous times in her life. Seldom was the moment when she actually stopped to enter…but this morning was different. As she peered through the clear glass, into the display, she was certain that this was one of those rare occasions.

The bell rang as the door opened, and in she walked heading towards the table where all the new books were being displayed.

"Ano…" she asked the salesman, "How much for this copy of Unanswered?"

Unanswered was a novel written by Urumi Sano, a man whose real identity still remained anonymous although his book has been on the top of the bestsellers list for more than a year now.

Sakura paid the cashier and stepped out of the building into the bright March sunshine. Spring is here! She thought as she breathed in the cool fresh air. I'm glad Kakashi-sensei has finally decided to give us a break from all those lousy missions.

Unfortunately, Team 7, back from all their formidable-enemy slaying, has been stuck with very boring missions. As Tsunade-sama put it: 'Konoha no-sato is in a crisis.'

Well..i don't mind this crisis one bit.

She made her way leisurely around the village, occasionally meeting an acquaintance. Naruto and Sasuke are nowhere to be found. Although she assumed that Naruto was busy stuffing Ramen down his throat, and Sasuke…

Sasuke-kun's probably busy training.

As she reached a grove of Cherry blossom trees, Sakura couldn't help but smile. This was the place she loved most in Konoha. The pink petals fluttered around the breeze- some resting on the glassy surface of the pond nearby. She sat by a nearby tree and leaned on the trunk, spreading her legs before her as she removed her new purchase from the brown paper bag,

I've been waiting for this for the past three months. She ran her fingers over the cloth cover, a small smile playing on her face. Gently, she opened the book and turned to the first page.

' It's annoying…wanting to show how you feel, all the while knowing that it's impossible because you're too scared.'

A pair of eyes watched from nearby as she slumbered under the tree that was her namesake. He had followed her countless times to know that this was her favorite place…and that she often came here to spend a lazy afternoon. She was like that. She appreciated the beauty in everything, whereas he…he didn't know what true beauty in nature meant.

To him, nature meant the survival of the fittest. Yes, he was stupid. An idiot and a coward…who couldn't even show his true feelings…

and an imbecile who had to use a book to tell her how much she meant to him.