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If there was one thing he could never quite understand, it was why he, the paragon of Greed, always considered the sin of the selfish, self-serving bastard with God Complexes, actually felt things.

He was supposed to be unfeeling, always thinking of himself, of how to make himself better. Yet there were times when he seemed to be going against his very nature.

He felt camaraderie with the Chimeras, abandoned, rejected, sealed in the Hellish silence of the darkness. He felt concern when they put themselves on the line for him. He felt grief when they sacrificed themselves for him. He felt impressed, amazed when Alphonse didn't so much as try to run away when Lust and Gluttony busted down his doors.

What was wrong with him!

He was the epitome of a Deadly Sin, the incarnation of Greed. He was a Homunculi, an artificially created human.

Yet here he was, in this strange way of his that seemed to be caring. Yet it couldn't be.

After all, he wanted the Chimeras for allies. He was concerned that they would lose the fight because if they did, he'd be in trouble. And respect was something even the blackest heart could feel.

Maybe it was the confinement. One hundred and forty years was a long time, after all.

Greed was selfish and self-serving. But something about that felt wrong, or just a little bit... incomplete.

Greed doubted he ever would have understood himself until he met Ed.

Ed was greedy too. Ed wanted in ways that mortals should dare not think, dare not believe, dare not dream.

Greed wanted the world on his platter, money, women, houses, power, all because it was there, with an ambition that the Devil would be affronted at.

Ed was the epitome of greed as. Ed wanted, wanted so badly that, if he was pushed far enough, he would do anything for.

That was true greed.

Ed was greedy for his brother and for himself. The Elric boy wanted the powers of a god in order to fulfill his own wishes, to rewrite and regain what he believed his.

That was Greed in a nutshell.

Yet it wasn't a self-serving, selfish, "want everything just because its there" greed.

It was ambition. It was drive. It was will.

It was the greed of compassion.

The idea that, because this is wrong, you can do more, you can have more power to right those wrongs, that there is more than just what you can do right now, and that you will do it soon.

And as the incarnation of greed, all he could do was follow this greed. He wanted anything and everything.

Even the well-being of those he cared about.

There were worse things in this world than greed.