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Chapter 1 - The birth of friendship.

It was a Wednesday morning. Elena Pendleton, a rich workaholic mother to be, was rushed into the hospital after her water broke at the office. Almost an hour later her best friend (also her house keeper) Lillian Hart, came in as well. First Elena gave birth to a boy who she named Justin, then later Lillian was given a C-section and a weak baby girl was rushed to the ICU. Lillian gave her daughter the name Saydi-Lizabeth before she went into shock and died.

Saydi-Lizabeth's father waited for days for his daughter to get well. After his wife died he hadn't left the maternity ward.

Elena went home two days afterwards and quickly started working again.

Mr. Hart worked for the Pendletons too. He was a Landscape designer and kept the garden in best condition at all times.

He and his wife had a home on the Pendleton grounds, just by the road on the way to town.

A month after Saydi was born he took her home. And on the Pendleton grounds they remained. He went on with his work but he always had his daughter with him. He witnessed her first steps, first words, everything.

At the age of three Justin ran away from his nanny to play in the garden. That was were they met. From that day on Saydi and Justin spend every possible moment together.

They were both declared as Baby geniuses at that young age. They were put on TV and in books. Wherever they went they were together. They were sponsored by some great high school to go to Europe for an educational trip. When they came back they were told that they got a scholarship from this high school for when they are old enough to go. But firstly they went to a special school together. They didn't like it very much because it was too much pressure for them.

Saydi only wanted to do art, in all forms possible. She always doodled in her textbooks and work sheets until she was given detention, where she only had time to doodle. The teachers gave up on that department. Saydi called her dad one night and asked him to come get her, so her father brought her back home to him. Soon after that Justin came home too, he was expelled - for not attending classes anymore.

They went to the closest school from home. They were the smartest kids in their classes. Justin started to play in the junior tennis team and Saydi never missed his practices or his actual matches.

Saydi was in the school play, she played lead role in the school production of Wizard of oz.

Justin didn't get in so he volunteered to help with props. So they were together there as well. They were almost like twins.

Mr Hart joined Saydi at Justin's tennis games and he watched every performance of the wizard of oz. Justin's parents hardly attended his games but they came to watch Saydi's play. And only because the school principle invited them.

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