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"So... what did Kanami make for you?" Kazuma asked, trying and failing to act nonchalant as they walked, slowly but resolutely, towards Mujo.

Ryuho turned towards him, brow furrowed and eyebrow raised, uncomprehending for a moment, but then the expression changed into realization. "Oh... about her cooking. Why do you ask?" the former Holy member replied smugly, willing a tiny, tiny curl of his lips.

Kazuma frowned and ducked his head, looking annoyed. "I was just curious, that's all." He responded sullenly, glaring at the ground.

Unable to restrain his combative urges around the native Alter, Ryuho simply raised his eyebrow and allowed a larger, fuller smirk to form. "You're jealous, aren't you?"

"N-no!" Kazuma sputtered, shaking his head.

"Right." Ryuho said disbelievingly. "Well, that's your fault for disappearing on the girl and leaving it up to people like me to take care of her. It's no wonder she can cook so well- she has to fend for herself." There was a note of reproach in his tone.

Kazuma didn't like that tone one bit. "That's none of your business." Kazuma challenged hotly, scowling.

"The well being of someone I care about is my business!" Ryuho said loudly, eyes blazing as they narrowed, and almost as one, their fists clenched as they stopped, just outside of the compound.

"Back off. Kanami is my responsibility, and I knew her long before you." Kazuma said coldly, staring the other man straight in the eye. His jaw set determinedly, and his single open eye was angrily indignant.

They stared at each other for a while, neither saying a word. Then, almost as if they could read the other's intentions perfectly, they turned near simultaneously and started walking again.

They drifted off into silence, and continued walking.

After a moment, Ryuho spoke again. "And there were a number of times that Kanami cooked for me. Which would you like to know about?" again, there was just the tiniest bit of smugness in there.

"None. I don't need to hear anymore." Kazuma growled, placing his hands in his pockets and trudging onward in a determined slouch.

"My favorite was the beef stew though." Ryuho said, continuing as though he hadn't heard. "It was delicious."

Kazuma, despite himself, remembered too. "I don't know how she gets the meat that way..." he added, feeling a bit of saliva in his mouth. "And I still haven't gotten her to tell me what she puts in there."

"Me neither." Ryuho nodded in agreement. "But it was delicious nonetheless."

They looked at each other for a moment, with an expression not quite like incredulity, but didn't stop.

At this point, their differences, similarities, and cares were rather meaningless, as they continued to walk on.

With one mind. With one determination.

And one love for a certain girl's cooking.