Summery: (S/J) Seto Kaiba always had a hairstylist to help him cut his hair. What if his stylist quit and left someone else in charge of Kaiba's haircuts. Kaiba was in rage when he found out his precious hair is going to be cut by none other then…

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By: Hiki-chan

"What do you mean he QUIT!" Seto growled into cell phone. He could hear a hesitant voice at the other end, "I'm so sorry sir. But Kenshi left a note saying he needed to get into life and he can't stay as a hairstylist forever"

"Don't I PAY him good money to stay as my hair stylist!" Seto bared his teeth to no one in particular. "However, Mr Kaiba sir, Kenshi said that he would leave an experienced hairstylist in your care…" The voice at the other end said softly and cringed as he heard his customer scream at him.

"Who does Kenshi think he is! He thinks that my hair can just be CUT by anyone!"

"Sir calm down please. You haven't given our new stylist a chance to prove it to-" The man got cut off as Kaiba continued.

"He's looking for trouble! When I find him I'm going to pull charges against him! Sue him for every bloody penny he has!" And with that said, Seto slammed the cell phone down.

Yes, even people like Seto Kaiba needs haircuts once in awhile. It's only natural and healthy for us and our hair. Right now, Kaiba needs a haircut and has just found out that his stylist has quit.

Running a hand through hair, the brunette cursed. Maybe he should give the new hairstylist a chance. "However, if he messes my hairstyle up, I'll kill him."

Grabbing his dark blue trench coat, Seto went off.


"So Jou. Are you up to this challenge?" A man asked.

"I cannot believe I'm going to be doing this." Jou answered truthfully. He had just heard Kaiba screaming over the phone. Jou groaned inwardly, he was so going to die after this. He had always been interested in hairstyling. He 'teacher' Kenshi was kind enough to teach him.

But now that he was gone... Jou shuddered, he had to take care of that man's customer. Jou frowned, he remembered what his 'teacher' told him before he left, "I can't delicate my life to hairstyling Jou. Please understand this. I want my life to be more eventful"

"Stupid jerk." Jou muttered. Yes, he knew he was being ungrateful to his teacher. But he was not really experienced.

Looking at the older man, Jou forced a weak smile, "I'll do my best!"

The older man slapped Jou's back, "Good! I knew I could count on you!"

Jou moaned in his mind, "I hope I live to regret this"


Seto got out from his spots car and walked into the saloon. It was, of course, an exclusive saloon. Only the best for him anyway. As soon as Seto walked in, he was greeted.

"Ahh! Mr.Kaiba I'm so glad you decided to give our new stylist a chance" A man in his mid thirties walked to him smiling.

"I didn't" Seto grumbled, "I had no other choice." Seto knew very well he needed a haircut, but he didn't need to tell the older man.

The older man led Seto to a room. Seto observed his surroundings. A classy saloon. He had his own private spot to cut his hair. After all, he is a CEO and he was their regular.

"So Hotuko, where is this new stylist...?"

The older man smile widened, "I'll be right back." And he left.

Seto quirked his mouth in disgust. That man always gave him the shudders. Always smiling and all. Reminded him so much of another idiot. A blond idiot to be exact. Seto frowned, why did that mutt have to appear in his thoughts?

"Hi moneybags"

Snapping out of his thoughts, Seto turned to glare at the person who he knew would be...

"Mutt." Seto 'greeted', "Why are you here?"

Jou ignored that remark, "Almost the same reason why you are here moneybags."

"To get a haircut?" Seto almost looked shocked. The mutt actually gets his hair CUT! It looks like he has never cut it since... well, years! Okay maybe not that long. Months. However, whoever his stylist is, is very lucky. He would get to run his fingers through the golden blond mop. Seto almost felt-, correction, Seto FELT jealous of whoever the stylist was for the blond.

"No! Of course not..." Jou laughed.

Seto frowned before he replied, "Oh. I get it now, puppy is waiting for his master. But shouldn't you be outside tied to a post or something while waiting for me?" Satisfied with what he said, Seto took a seat.

Jou growled lowly, "Cut out the puppy crap Kaiba! I'm not a puppy!"

Seto smirked, satisfied with the pups response to what he said, "Hnn. Sounds like the pups grouchy. Maybe I should bring you to the park to walk later."

Jou's eyebrow started twitching slightly, "Listen moneybags, I didn't come here to argue."

"That's right." Seto nodded, "I'm waiting for my new stylist, so be a good doggie and go chase a cat or something."

Jou blinked, ignoring the comment "B-but Kaiba"

"What is it Jou?" Seto was getting irritated with the pup.

"I AM your new stylist"

To be continued...

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