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Warnings: Shonen-ai, and a young pervertic Mokuba! XD


By: Hiki-chan

"Big brother!"

Jou turned his attention to a mop of hair as the mop attached itself to Seto's leg.

"You're home early! Did you get your haircut done? It looks perfectly normal!" Jou's eyes sparkled when the little runt said that, "Did Kenshi do it?" Mokuba continued, "Or their new hairstylist? Hah, whatever it is, I told you it'll be okay."

Finally, Mokuba peeked out from behind Seto to take notice of the guest, "Hello Jou." Jou really had to hand it to this boy, he actually was able to hide his shock and act cool and calm. "What are you doing here?"

Seto allowed Mokuba to see a small smile before he looked back up at Jou with a glare. "He's going to be your new babysitter Mokuba."

"Aww, but I don't need one big brother, I'm old enough already!" Mokuba pouted but Jou saw something hidden in his eyes. Something, evil.

Seto sighed, "Yes Mokuba but don't you want a play with…" he shot Jou a disgusted look, "a mutt? Besides, Jou's my slave for this week because he failed to style my hair into proper order."

Jou glared at Seto ready to retort when Mokuba said, "Jou styled your hair! Wow Jou, you did a great job. Can't even tell the different and even if I could, it's probably better than what Kenshi did!"

Jou couldn't feel any prouder, "Thanks Mokuba, but moneybags over here," he pointed to Seto, "Thinks I did a terrible job. So anyway, I'm staying here for the week."

"Awesome!" The younger boy grinned before he pulled on Jou's arm, "Come on then Jou, I'll bring you to your room!"


"Yes big brother?"

"I want to remind you that the mutt is your babysitter not our guest." Seto informed his little brother again.

"Don't worry big brother." Mokuba smiled brightly at his brother, "Since I know you probably have work to do today, even though today is Saturday. Jou can start keeping me company from now."

Without letting his brother response, Mokuba pulled Jou away who was happy to get away from the CEO.


Mokuba grinned to himself. Wahaha, with Jou staying over…

The young bog sniggered to himself. Jou didn't seem to take staying over at his worst enemy's house very badly. In fact, Jou didn't even protest that Mokuba was right and that his big brother's hairstyle was fine.

Another evil snigger.

"Jou only has one week," Mokuba muttered to himself. Slowly, a trademark Kaiba smirk came into view, "A lot of things can change in a week, just leave it to matchmaker Mokuba Kaiba."

"Huh did you say something Mokuba?" Jou tilted his head to the side.

"Eh, no nothing Jou, nothing at all." Mokuba grinned to himself, this was going to be an interesting week.

Mokuba then opened the door, "Here Jou, this is where you'll be staying in." he then pointed across the corridor, "Seto's room is opposite yours and mine, is no where to be seen!"

Jou raised an eyebrow, what's with this kid? Has staying with Kaiba really affect him so much? Deciding not to ask Mokuba anything, Jou kept silent before he walked into the room.

"Whoa." Jou gaped, this was almost like a hotel suite! Not just a babysitters room, not a likely GUEST room. It looked too good.

Jou paced around the room excitedly, eager to explore. What a huge comfortable looking bed! 'Wonder if the sheets are silk.' Jou thought idly. He would have slapped himself but he was distracted by a,

Bloody hell, there was even a television! Kaiba sure knows how to live. Now, opening a door… Awesome! You call this a toilet! This was even bigger than his room back home! Much bigger in fact. There was a huge bathtub for soaking and a shower stand for a quick bathe.

A soft chuckle tore him out of his awe.

"I take it that everything meets your approval Jou?" Mokuba asked mischievously grinning.

"Hell yeah!" Jou paused, "Don't ask me that Mokuba! I'm your babysitter remember. Not a guest." The blond mimicked the last part.

"Come on then, I'll show you my room! We'll be spending a lot of time in there cause most of my games are inside!" Mokuba strolled to the doorway of the room, with a wicked grin he said, "Oh and by the way, the bed sheets aren't made of silk. Only the ones in Seto's room are." Then he happily bounced off leaving a stunned Jou.

How did the runt know he was thinking of the sheets! And why did he have to say that the ones in Kaiba's room were? Why was there such a suggestive tone in his voice? He's only freaking thirteen! There's no way Mokuba would be some pervert.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Jou comforted himself by telling himself that Mokuba was too young to know the implications of what he just said. Nodding to himself, the blond ran off to look for Mokuba.


Seto on the other hand, was besides himself. What on earth possessed him to hire the mutt as Mokuba's babysitter!

He knew he liked the stupid blond, he wasn't going to confuse himself by denying it. He wasn't going to be like those fools in denial. Sure he was once like that when he first found out. But after a while, he had decided to just accept it and… not do anything about it.

"And it was going well, until now." Seto scowled before looked up at his room's ceiling. "Why must Ra hate me so much?"

Now he was going to have to face the mutt and his, tempting-ness.

He knew problems were going to surface. First off, he could hardly handle the blond touching his hair, he wanted to just shove the blond away, then pull him roughly back up to him and have his own way with Jou.

Seto growled lowly, for someone who has always been able to resist things like this…

Revenge for all the years had come to bite him. With a vengeance.

Seto wasn't a hentai. He wasn't at all. Until he started to know the mutt. That's all.

Well, there was at least a silver lining in this dark cloud. Mokuba did not have a clue about his crush –or so he thought- . And Mokuba always struck Seto as someone not oblivious to his surroundings.

At least in this case it was fine. Mokuba had no idea about what was going on...

To be continued.

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