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Lonely Hearts

Chapter 1

Kurama sat at his desk writing a report for one of his college classes. A familiar tingle crept up his neck and he smiled. That tingle meant only one thing, Hiei. Kurama turned to greet his friend but before he could speak his breath caught, the sight before him rendering him momentarily speechless.

Hiei stood just inside his window. He had on his usual black pants and boots but his cloak was missing. Instead he wore a tight black t-shirt that emphasized his muscular chest, the sleeves were torn off showing off his strong biceps and the neck had been ripped open revealing a tantalizing hint of bare chest. Every bit of exposed flesh glistened with sweat.

"Damn Hiei, you look so hot." Kurama's heart nearly stopped when he realized he had spoken the words aloud. His heart then began to pound as he waited for Hiei to respond.

"Of course I'm hot you stupid fox. This god forsaken place is in the middle of a heat wave and I'm a fire demon." Hiei had missed the fear in Kurama's eyes as he bent to remove his boots.

Kurama's racing heart began to return to normal as Hiei, in his innocence, had completely misunderstood Kurama's meaning. "I apologize Hiei, of course you would look hot, it's got to be a hundred degrees out there. Close the window and the air conditioning will help you cool off."

After closing the window Hiei hopped on the bed. Kurama was hard pressed not to drool as Hiei settled himself against the head board, crossed his ankles and put his arms behind his head. This position brought even more attention to Hiei's well sculpted chest and abs. In a daze Kurama almost didn't hear Hiei's next words. "The air conditioning is good Fox but sweet snow would work even better to cool me off."

Kurama could only nod his head as he left the room. "The only thing that will cool me off now is if I put his sweet snow down the front of my pants."

Clamping a hand over his mouth Kurama prayed to any god that would listen that Hiei hadn't heard him. As he scooped out a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate Kurama wondered what the hell was wrong with him. He was usually so careful about hiding his feelings in front of Hiei. "Kurama! What the hell is taking you so long!"

"I'm coming Hiei!" Quickly, Kurama sliced a banana into the bowl then topped it with whipped cream and a cherry before going back to his room.

Hiei had his eyes closed when he entered the room so Kurama was able to appreciate the view before sitting on the edge of the bed to offer Hiei his treat. Hiei took the bowl and eyed it skeptically. "What's this? I thought you were getting me sweet snow."

"It's called a banana split Hiei. It's ice cream and a banana topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Trust me you'll love it." Taking a finger Kurama dipped it in the whipped cream and held it to Hiei's lips. Hiei hesitated only a moment before his tongue slipped out to lick Kurama's finger clean.

"Not bad, but I don't like these, do you want my cherry Kurama?" Picking the cherry up by the stem Hiei held it before Kurama. Already turned on by Hiei's sexy tongue, Kurama nearly groaned at his innocently spoken words.

"You have now idea how much I would love to have your cherry Hiei." Leaning forward Kurama took the cherry into his mouth leaving Hiei with only the stem.

Tossing the stem aside Hiei attacked the rest of his treat. "If you like cherries that much Fox why don't you go get some more?"

Kurama couldn't help but smile, amazed that a demon of Hiei's age didn't know when he was being flirted with. "That's alright Hiei, the only cherry I really wanted was yours."

Unable to stand the little moans Hiei gave as he ate the banana split, Kurama went back to his desk but couldn't focus on his work. Frustrated, Kurama put his pen down with a big sigh.

"Something bothering you Fox? You've been acting kind of weird lately." The bowl had been set on the night stand and Hiei once again reclined on the bed with his hand behind his head.

Kurama didn't turn around as he considered how to answer. "Do you ever get lonely Hiei?"

There wasn't any of Hiei's usual irritation in his voice as he answered. "I've been alone since the day the Koorime's threw me away Kurama if that's what you mean."

"Not exactly Hiei. I've felt alone like that since I came to the Ningenkai unless I'm with you or the guys. I meant lonely, like wanting to have some one special to be with, to talk with, to…" Kurama's voice trailed off.

"You mean some one like a boyfriend or a lover?" Hiei knew something had been bothering his friend, so now that Kurama seemed to want to talk about it he figured he would listen. Kurama was his best friend after all and that's what Kurama said friends were for, to listen and help each other.

Turning to face his friend Kurama had only picked up on one word, boyfriend. If he were in his Youko form his ears would have visibly perked up. "Hiei, I know this is rather personal but would you prefer a male or female lover if you had one?"

Hiei sat up quickly. "Where the hell did that question come from? I thought we were talking about being lonely."

Without hesitation Kurama answered. "When you mentioned a lover just now you said boyfriend not girlfriend like I might have expected. Don't worry Hiei either way it won't bother me."

"How would you like it if I asked you something like that Kurama? What kind of lovers have you had, male or female?" Hiei threw his questions out like a dare.

Kurama swallowed his nerves as he responded. "Well, as a Youko I've had both male and female lovers though I preferred male. As a human I haven't had a lover or anyone special in my life yet but I do seem to prefer males in this form too. How about you Hiei, male, female or both maybe?"

Hiei scowled at Kurama but answered. "I've never had a lover or anyone special either so I'm not sure. I hate most females, the most feminine thing I've ever been able to tolerate is Yukina and you. Yukina's my sister and you're not female so I don't think I would choose a female. If I chose a male it would have to be someone strong yet someone I could completely trust. Someone I could trust to turn my back on, trust to watch my back, someone I could trust to sleep beside. I'm not sure that person exists Kurama. Now enough of this foolishness, go back to your ningen school work while I take a nap."

Without another word Hiei rolled over giving Kurama his back and went to sleep. Kurama's heart pounded as he watched Hiei sleep. After several minutes he walked to the bed, leaned close to his friends ear and whispered. "You trust me like that Hiei."

As Kurama went to his desk to finish the paper he was writing Hiei's eyes were wide and his heart pounded.