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Chapter 11

Kurama was so absorbed in his thoughts that he had entered his apartment and was standing in his living room before realizing he hadn't opened the door. Looking back he saw a large book propping the door open. Turning he saw that all the windows were open too.

So suddenly that he didn't have time to react, Hiei came out of the bedroom carrying a large green trash bag. "Fox, what the hell did you do to this place? It's filthy and it smells awful."

Moving about the room Hiei was filling the bag with anything that seemed out of place, even Kurama's books and papers. When the bag was full he put it near the door then went into the kitchen and began filling another bag with trash. Kurama was so stunned he couldn't do anything but stare.

Hiei stopped and raised a questioning eyebrow to Kurama. "Are you just going to stand there with your mouth open or are you going to help me clean up this mess?"

Hiei suppressed a grin as Kurama snapped his mouth shut and blinked at him several times. When Kurama still didn't move Hiei stepped in front of him and grabbed one of his forelocks pulling his face down so they were at eye level. "Snap out of it Fox. I'm hungry and there's no way I'm eating anything you cook in that kitchen until it's been thoroughly cleaned."

If Kurama was surprised before, he didn't know what to think when Hiei planted a firm kiss on his lips before releasing his hair. The redhead yelped when, none too gently, Hiei swatted his behind. Still speechless he followed Hiei into the kitchen, absently rubbing his stinging rear cheek.

Eyes wide, Kurama went to the sink and began washing dishes. Again Hiei hid a smile as Kurama's eyes followed his every move. He didn't know how his fox was getting the dishes clean since his large green eyes never even looked at them.

In no time at all the kitchen was clean, the living room and bedroom looked habitable again and they were able to close the door and windows.

Hiei was beginning to get a little nervous since Kurama hadn't spoken even once. Perhaps it was because Hiei himself had kept up a constant monolog the entire time. Not a serious conversation just "what the hell is that… where does this go… damn that smells". Kurama nodded, shrugged or pointed when needed but didn't speak.

When Hiei went to take the trash bags out Kurama finally spoke. "Wait!"

Moving to the first bag Kurama rummaged in it pulling out the books and papers he needed that Hiei had thrown away. Hands on his hips Hiei complained. "Damn, I was hopping you wouldn't notice those."

Kurama looked confused. "Why Hiei?"

Kurama was surprised when Hiei's response was angry. "Because you ignored me for those damn things before and I won't allow it again."

Not waiting for Kurama to respond Hiei snatched up the trash bags and took them out. Looking briefly at the pile of things he had retrieved Kurama made a quick decision. Picking them up he followed Hiei to the dumpster behind the building.

Hiei couldn't believe his eyes when he threw the trash bags in and they were followed by Kurama's books and papers. It was his turn to be confused. "Kurama?"

Kurama looked at him shyly. "I won't ever allow anything to come between us again Hiei. I promise."

Hiei's smile finally broke through. "Good, it's about time you put me first. Now feed me Fox, I'm hungry."

Hand in hand they went back to the apartment. Kurama managed to scrounge up enough food for a decent meal but just barely. "I'll have to go shopping tomorrow or we're going to go hungry."

Quietly they ate then cleaned the kitchen again, their conversation staying neutral. Moving to the living room they sat beside each other on the sofa. They just sat there looking at each other for several minutes. Kurama's soft voice finally broke the silence. "Hiei, I thought you hated me."

Hiei reached out and took Kurama's hand in his. "I could never hate you Kurama. Even when I was mad and hurt I didn't hate you."

Kurama closed his eyes and drew a deep breath. He was so relieved he was afraid he would cry. When he opened his eyes he gave Hiei a weak smile. "I'm glad you don't hate me Fire-Fly. On my way home earlier I prayed that some day you would forgive me and we could at least be friends again."

Steady red eyes held Kurama captive. "My feelings haven't changed Kurama. I don't want to be your friend."

At Hiei's words Kurama's heart stopped. When strong fingers tangled in Kurama's hair pulling him closer his heart began pounding so hard he was sure Hiei could hear it. Nose to nose Hiei's voice was soft but firm when he spoke. "I don't want to be just your friend Kurama, I want to be your lover."

This time it was Hiei's head that tilted claiming Kurama's mouth in an almost brutal kiss.

Kurama had a brief moment of surprise before completely melting into Hiei and his kiss. Grabbing for Hiei, Kurama couldn't get close enough. Vaguely he felt his shirt being torn away. Hiei's hands seemed to be everywhere at once. When Kurama felt Hiei fumble with the button on his pants he shivered in excitement.

When their lips parted so he could remove Hiei's shirt Kurama seemed to come back to his senses. Pulling away from the lips at his neck Kurama reached down to still the hand on his zipper. "Hiei wait."

Kurama couldn't help but giggle at the look of pure frustration on the fire demon's face. "I finally say yes and you want to stop?"

Kissing Hiei's nose Kurama smiled. "Fire-Fly, I don't want this to be just sex, I told you once that I wanted more than that from you. I know what I want now Hiei. I want you to make love to me… as your mate."

Kurama's heart raced as he waited for Hiei's response. "Fox, you do realize you just agreed to bare my mark and gave me dominance don't you?"

Smiling, Hiei's words sounded beautiful to Kurama. "Yes Hiei, I'm aware of what I just said and I meant every word. I love you, and I would give you anything if it means you'll spend your life with me."

With a predatory look in his eyes Hiei advanced on Kurama. His heart pounding with anticipation, Kurama grinned when Hiei knelt over him on the sofa. He shivered as Hiei licked and kissed down his throat. "Last chance Fox, once I do this you'll be mine forever."

Holding tight to the fire demon Kurama pleaded. "Please Koibito, mark me and take me to bed."

With a growl Hiei sank his fangs into Kurama's neck. Hiei fed a generous amount of his ki into the mark insuring the mark would never fade. When he lifted his head to view his handy work Kurama leaned up to lick the blood from his lips then capture them in a passionate kiss.

Their lips never parted as together they rose from the sofa and stumbled into the bedroom groping each other all the way. By the time they reached the bed Hiei had Kurama's pants around his feet. Kurama yelped when Hiei tumbled him back onto the bed.

Hiei tugged the pants off as Kurama scooted back onto the bed. Propping himself on his elbows Kurama looked down along his nude body to where Hiei stood at his feet. He grinned when Hiei did a sensual striptease for him. When he was naked he pushed Kurama's legs apart and crawled between them.

Green eyes sparkled in anticipation when Hiei stopped midway up his body and settled between his thighs. He knew how innocent Hiei was so he couldn't have been more surprised when he didn't hesitate to take Kurama's growing arousal in his mouth. With a loud cry it only took a few seconds for Kurama to realize that even though Hiei lacked experience this was one thing that just couldn't be done wrong.

With his head thrown back and his hands gripping the sheets Kurama knew he was nearing his end. Though willing, he knew Hiei might not be ready for what happened next so Kurama reached down and dragged Hiei up into his arms. "Gods Hiei that was incredible but we have a long way to go and I don't want to finish without you."

After a long kiss Hiei shifted to Kurama's side and looked down at him shyly. "Kurama, I want to make love to you like you asked but I don't want to hurt you."

Reaching up to caress Hiei's cheek the redhead smiled lovingly. "Don't worry Koi you won't. That's what foreplay is for. After we've kissed, licked and touched every part of each other, my body will be ready for you to make love to me and it won't hurt for more that a moment. I promise."

If someone were standing in the room listening they would have only heard kisses, moans and whispering coming from the bed. At least that's all they would have heard until Hiei sat bolt upright and practically shouted. "You want me to what?"

Giggling Kurama pulled him back down. "Trust me Fire-Fly, when you see how much I like it, you will too."

From then on their moans got louder until some time later they became cries of pleasure. After the final cries of "Hiei!" and "Kurama!" the only thing that could be heard was their breathing as it struggled to return to normal.

Kurama was torn from an exhausted sleep by the phone ringing. Looking over Hiei's head to the clock he saw it was after nine in the morning. Trying not to disturb the sleeping fire demon in his arms the Youko reached for the phone. "Hello, Minamino residence."

On the other end of the line he heard the confusion in his mother's voice. "Shuuichi, is that you? You sound funny."

He smiled at both her and the demon kissing his chest, grumbling about his sleep being disturbed. "Yes Mother, it's me. I just woke up and in my Youko form my voice is deeper than you're used to that's all."

Before she could respond she heard him gasp and mumble something away from the receiver like 'not while I'm talking to my Mother Koi'. "Shuuichi, is someone there… Oh! If you just woke up does that mean Hiei's there?"

Her eyes went wide at his almost strangled cry. "Yesss!"

Shiori blushed and laughed. "Oh my… I won't keep you then. Call me when you… well, later and we'll plan dinner for tonight to celebrate. You can invite your friends and well make it a party."

When the line went dead Kurama howled. Looking down he saw Hiei's eyes sparkle with mischief from between his legs. Grabbing him Kurama flipped them both pinning Hiei to the bed. "You wicked little demon. How could you do that to me while I was talking to my mother? I think she figured out what we were doing."

Hiei reached up to brush his fingers through Kurama's long silver hair. "I'm selfish Fox. I finally got you all to myself and I don't want to share you, even on the phone."

Kurama leaned down to kiss his cute nose. "Oh Hiei, how sweet! Unfortunately you're going to have to share me tonight. Her finding out you were here means she's guessed we're back together and is expecting us for dinner to 'celebrate'. She even wants to invite our friends and make it a party."

Hiei moaned as Kurama's mouth nibbled down his neck then suckled at his chest. Burying his hands in his lover's long silver hair Hiei guided Kurama's wandering mouth lower. Hiei was enjoying himself too much to notice the phone was ringing again until Kurama's mouth stilled. The Youko pointed and Hiei snatched up the receiver. "What!"

Even from his position, Kurama could hear Yusuke's laughter and he gave a little prayer of thanks that is wasn't his mother again. "Good morning to you too Hiei. What's the matter buddy, did I interrupt something?"

Kurama wasn't sure if Hiei growled at Yusuke or the wicked Youko smirking at him from between his legs. Telepathically he spoke to Hiei. 'Payback's a bitch isn't it sweetheart?'

When Kurama's hand began exploring, Hiei's free hand flew up to cover his mouth. Hiei knew Yusuke said something else but he didn't hear a thing until Kurama spoke to his mind again. 'Koi, have Yusuke and the others meet us at my Mother's at seven o'clock tonight.'

Hiei wasn't sure how he managed to speak but Yusuke got the message. "Seven o'clock… Kurama's mom's… everyone… be there!"

It was a good thing Hiei slammed the phone down quickly because the vibrations from Kurama's deep laugh on his arousal sent him screaming over the edge. Kurama crawled up to cuddle beside his lover. When Hiei could speak again he scolded his mate. "That was low Kurama. Making me invite those fools to your mom's when I wasn't in a position to realize what I said."

As they cuddled and talked Kurama's skilled fingers on Hiei's body were making sure their fun was just beginning. Nibbling on Hiei's neck Kurama purred in his ear making his mate shiver. "If I'd known that's all it took to get my way Hiei, I would have asked if you would let me make love to you this time."

Though Hiei had been thoroughly enjoying his dominant roll with both his redheaded and silver haired fox, the thought of Kurama making love to him made him tremble in anticipation. Deciding to reward Kurama's patience over the last few months, Hiei willingly slipped into the submissive roll. Looking at Kurama shyly, Hiei whispered the words Kurama felt he had waited his whole life to hear. "Make love to me Kurama… please."


It was well past midnight and the two demons were once again cuddled naked in bed. As Youko or human Kurama couldn't ever remember being happier than he was at that moment. "Thank you for tonight Koi. Celebrating our mating with our family and friends was so wonderful. I'm glad everyone accepted our relationship so easily and that we don't have to hide it from anyone."

Hiei raised an eyebrow at Kurama. "You mean that I don't have to kill anyone don't you Kurama? Because I would kill anyone that upset my fox in any way. You know that, don't you?"

Kurama tightened his arms around the fire demon. "Yes Koi, I know both physically and emotionally you would protect me no matter what, just as I would protect you."

Nuzzling his face through Kurama's red hair and into his neck, Hiei whispered. "Kurama? When this all started you said you were lonely. Is this what you wanted? Is your loneliness gone?"

Kurama shifted until he was nose to nose with Hiei. "My lonely heart has been heeled by you Fire-Fly. I love you Hiei."

Between kisses Hiei finally said the words Kurama's heart had been waiting for. "I love you Kurama. I'll never let you be lonely again."