A pruple and black thunder cloud passed over the temple. Omi watched it with beady ageing eyes. Suddenly, a blinding flash was seen.


Antonio hit the floor, stopping at Omi's feet. Looking up, the wind dragon spat out dirt and grass.


Antonio rolled out of the way, as Peter hit the floor. Dust flew up as the cowyboy landed hard. Antonio stared at the small crater.


Peter turned round, and caught Jamie. She thanked him, and jumped down to the ground.


As the dust cleared the three dragons found Zhuo Yu stuck in a large tree. Peter pulled him down. "Hey, where's Terri?" Antonio asked, looking round.

Terri opened her eyes, and found herself lying on her back. Sitting up, she found herself on a hill, over looking the temple. Cherry blossom was falling, but there wasn't a cherry blossom tree in sight.

Terri stood up. 'Why am I here?' she wondered.

It hit her.

A vision of what Lu Xun was seeing. Terri looked out towards a setting sun.

Terri smiled.

Wuya slumbed against a cold wall, when she arrived back in the future. Testing the ropes on her wrists, Wuya sighed loudly. Ako landed next to her, staring at the sky.

"Did you get the number of that donkey cart?" Ako muttered, shaking the dizziness from her head.

"Where are we?" Wuya questioned, standing up. Ako shrugged, and grabbed hold of Wuya's arm. The demon dragged the witch out of an ally, and into the streets.

It was night, and as soon as Ako saw the lights of Las Vegas, she knew where they were.

They were home.

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