Listen, my Child, listen to the storm. Watch how he makes the waves dance to his roaring music. They love the storm more than any other being; he gives them power, and only with his help can they remind mankind that some things will never be conquered.

Not by mortals.

I used to rule over winds and storms, once, back when our journey begins …

And it begins there, on the white cliffs, where I am waiting for them, ready to defend what I have sworn to protect until the last breath leaves me. I did so as long as I could. Some would not let me and turned away from me.

But not those that were waiting with me on that day. They never betrayed me, and they fought our enemy to their deaths. I was waiting for them, surrounded by my faithful Lords. Whom we were awaiting, you ask?

Come closer, and listen …

"Lady", Bendeigid called thorugh the storm, "Lady, how can you be so sure that the Romans are really coming?"
The tiny black-haired woman standing in the middle of all those impressive-looking warriors smiled. "You need not worry. "
Her voice was hardly discernable from the clapping waves down on the shores. Once calm and peaceful, wild and roaring, powerful enough to rip a ship into peaces and drag hundreds of men down into the cold arms of Death, always beyond human power.
"They are poud. They will never be able to bear the thought that we sent help to their enemies. I have word that their leader is desperately trying to gather information about our lands."

She did not seem to feel the tossing wind as she stood and bathed in her delight about the enemy's helplessness for a moment.
"He won't hear a word, Lady", called the young Lord Cynric, his face shining with eagerness. "Your subjects will always be too loyal to betray you!"
His obvious admiration was balm on her soul. Her satisfied smile deepened. "I know Iulius Caesar. He will come nonetheless.
And he has no idea what is waiting for him …"