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Zombie Blues

Darkness was falling quickly around Kong studios as three band members enjoyed their meals in comfortable silence within the Kong kitchen.

Russel, Noodle and 2D had settled themselves to eating the ramen that Noodle had prepared when they were disturbed by a loud and rather unexpected entrance by their green skinned and malodorous bass player. In a disheveled and shirtless state he lumbered into the kitchen and cast a half lidded gaze over his band mates. He absentmindedly scratched his crotch, burped and headed towards the fridge. This scenario was not unusual for the three seated band members and they were about to return to their dinner when a short scream emitted from the small guitarist broke across the calm atmosphere.

Standing in the doorway, in a half decomposed and yet well presented manner, was the figure of a woman. Her skin had a blue tinge and her eyes bulged and twitched. Her mouth curved in a lopsided grin and her entire body quivered as though the very air around her was freezing.

Noodle had already leaped from her sitting position preparing herself for an attack on the intruder. Russel's mouth was wide open with shock, his spoon dropped with a noisy 'splash' back into his ramen bowl. Murdoc looked expressionless and seemingly unperturbed by the sudden appearance of a zombie in their studio kitchen. 2D however, continued to eat oblivious to the entire situation.


With lightning speed and catlike agility Noodle launched herself in a midair somersault and prepared to land a fatal high kick to the skull of the offending zombie.

A fist grabbed her collar and jerked her backwards moments before she made contact. She land rather unceremoniously on her backside with a distinct "oof!".

"Murdoc san, why…?"

"I wouldn't do that if I was you"

Murdoc's face had changed to an expression of pure malevolence. As soon as he was sure that Noodle wasn't going to make any further attempts to destroy the creature in the doorway his fist uncoiled. Noodle remained on the floor and watched Murdoc walk towards the repulsive stranger in bewilderment.

Russel, who had recovered from initial shock leapt from his seat, grabbed Murdoc by the shoulder and spun him around so that they were standing face to face.

"Murdoc! What da hell is goin' on here huh? Why are you lettin' one of those things jus' walk into our kitchen when we've been fighting them off for months? I could stick a boot up your ass!"

Even as he said it he still kept an eye on the zombie who still had yet to make an advance upon any members in the kitchen. She merely remained standing, shuddering, and her protruding eyes watched the scenario unfold.

Murdoc brushed Russel's hand away, cast the black drummer a sneer and continued to make his way towards the undead woman. Both Noodle's and Russel's jaws dropped as they watched Murdoc casually sling an arm around the shoulder of the zombie as though she were an old girlfriend.

"Sorry bou' the shaky introductions. Didn't realise she woz goin' to follow me." He gave a throaty laugh. "This here" he made a gesture at the woman beside him. "Is Vivian. She's the new lady in my life and I dun wanna hear you sayin' a bad word abou' her, okay?"

Another long stretch of silence followed, only broken by the occasional slurp from 2D who was still completely and utterly unaware of what was going on while he ate his ramen.

Russel's emotions were quickly cycling through anger, confusion and sickness. The disgusting stench of rotting flesh and decaying cat brains was invading his senses. As no one else seemed to be prepared to say anything he felt it was his duty to question Murdoc on this new and insane venture.

"Murdoc, listen…I would normally be thrilled to learn that you was in an actual 'relationship'. But this" He pointed at the blue Zombie with a trembling finger, "Is not normal!" Seriously man, it's sick! It's dangerous! What da hell are you thinkin' in that geriatric brain of yours?"

2D had finally become aware that something was going on in the kitchen and looked up from his food.

"Wot's all this? Has Murdoc got a girlfriend or summink?"

Murdoc ignored 2D's interjection and threw a dirty look at Russel

"Vivian is worth ten of any girl I've met yeah."

"She's…. She's not even alive man!"

"Life is completely overrated. Living girls never shuttup for one." Murdoc then proceeded to mimic the women he had met over the years. "Why haven't you called me? Why won't you commit? Do I look fat in this? The alimony is due! I tell you, it isn't worth it. Vivian here never say's a word does she? It's the perfect settup I tell ya... no offence Noodle"

"Well he's got a point there." Said 2D.

"But… But how do ya know if she isn't gonna rip your throat out huh?" Russel spluttered.

Murdoc scratched his nose. "I s'ppose that's a risk you have to take with any girl. Actually happened to me a few times before..."

Noodle watched the conversation in deep thought. She had until now remained silent and now felt that it was time for her to speak.

"Murdoc…" All eyes turned towards her. "If, uh, if this arrangement is making you happy, I do not feel it would be my position to impose personal ethics. I can merely advise my caution and say that it is unwise to pursue a relationship with a member of the undead. I am only saying this as I would be in much regret if, uh, you also became a member of the soulless corpses that roam at night. "

"Point taken and noted Noodle, but I think that Vivian has qualities that surpass anyone I know. She'll really stood out from the crowd. Literally, since I blew the heads straight off the shoulders of the other suckers."

"What do you do wit her? Like, does she live wit you or what?" Russel was still having difficulty coming to terms this peculiar arrangement.

"Vivian," Murdoc gave her small shake and her head rolled to one side "Has decided to share my Winnebago. This of course is a supreme act of generosity on my behalf." He gave another deep throated laugh. "Although she's dead useful, excuse the pun, as she seems to get all the small chores done that I couldn't be half assed to do."

"Wot?" 2D asked raising an eyebrow. "Does she like, do the washin' up n' stuff?"

Murdoc looked at 2D indignantly.

"Well well, looks like the dullard finally figured sumfin out for himself, hrmph."

"You're only wif her coz only a dead person'ed fancy you these days." Retorted 2D, of course he knew this wasn't true at all as Murdoc seemed to have no trouble bringing young women into his Winnebago for nighttime escapades. But it still gave him a small boost if he could occasionally throw a rejoinder back at Murdoc.

He braced himself for the backlash he felt certain to receive. Murdoc's tolerance for any insult against him was minimal at best. But he reserved a special class of contempt for 2D. Sometimes 2D didn't have to say anything at all to feel the full force of bassist's vengeance.

But to everyone's surprise Murdoc merely curled his lip and walked out of the kitchen leaving the freakish zombie to linger in the doorway. The Three remaining band members cast each other nervous glances.

"Well, I guess I have a small apology for, uh, 'Vivian'." Russel began still looking at the festering creature. "It was Murdoc who was causing that smell after all."