Gohan struggled not to cry. His father was lying there, dead. He couldn't believe it, he wouldn't believe it. Goku, his father, was the strongest man to ever live; how could a mere disease kill him? He had to be strong, strong for his mother. The others told him that crying was okay, but Gohan disagreed. Dad would want me to be strong, like he was. Gohan had cried his eyes out weeks before. The tears were gone, and he was done crying. He reached over and took his mother's hand, and tried to smile. Chi-Chi responded by breaking down into tears; he looked so much like Goku…

Krillen felt empty, lost. Goku can't die. Goku's invincible, unstoppable, and impervious to harm. Krillen thought, for the longest time, that he would be the first to die, and stay that way.

Yamcha's eyes were downcast. Goku was the first real friend he ever had. He remembered living by his wits, struggling to survive. Goku beat him, and beat him good. It was the best beating Yamcha ever took. Goku gave him the greatest gift he ever received, salvation. He looked over at Bulma. Something had changed between them, something that he couldn't understand. It looked like they were apart for good.

Bulma was crying, and couldn't stop. She was nearly hysterical. Goku was her best friend. She loved him like a brother, no he was her brother. He had the strength of a thousand warriors, the purity of a child, the wisdom of a god, and the kindness of a saint. Now, now he was dead. His purity was gone, and his beaming smile was destroyed forever. Her eyes narrowed. Somehow, some way, she would find a way to save him. Bulma Briefs was never denied anything in her life, and she wasn't about ready to let death get away with it either.

Tien didn't know what to say. Goku had saved him from the life of an assassin. Chaoutzu was teary eyed, but the stoic Tien would not allow himself to shed a tear. Goku's fine, he said, allowing himself a little smile. He knew Goku was okay, he knew it. He had seen heaven himself, and knew that Goku was there know. Tien tried to comfort Launch, who kept sneezing and transforming back and forth. Both sides of her were equally heartbroken. Yet another soul saved by Goku, Tien mused. He cast a look at Ch-Chi, who was sitting by her son, trying not to cry. He wished he knew what to say.

Master Roshi was quiet. He felt that he had no right to outlive Goku. He was the three hundred year old pervert, and Goku was a pure hearted, brave, and gentle soul. There is no justice, Roshi thought. Then, he saw Gohan. Roshi saw the youth, whose face was contorted, trying not to cry. Suddenly, Roshi looked up, "Goku?" He said, reaching out with his mind. Roshi nodded, understanding. Goku was okay, and he was telling his old master that he shouldn't feel guilty. Roshi broke down, weeping for the son he never had.

Piccolo stood back. His instincts told him to go to Gohan, but his wisdom told him otherwise. He knew that Gohan would need him, but not now. Piccolo wasn't a comforter. If Gohan wanted to fight his anger out of him, Piccolo would have gladly let him take his frustrations out on himself, just to let him get some sleep. Piccolo looked up, and nodded. "Didn't think you'd come." He said.

"I hadn't planned on it, but Bulma will probably not be able to take herself home." Piccolo didn't know why Vegeta seemed so concerned about a woman he barely knew. Vegeta said. "BAKA!" Vegeta said, anger on his face. "That idiot Kakkarot did this to spite me!" He said. "I was finally catching up to him!" He said, scowling.

"I know how you feel." Piccolo said. "I get strong enough to challenge him, and he dies." Piccolo said, smirking. "Ah, well I guess that makes us the two strongest beings on Earth." Vegeta turned towards the crowd, where a man in black was delivering a eulogy. "Not that I'm glad of the change. I'd just feel more comfortable if Goku were here to fight with us, if anything came up."

"As would I…" Vegeta said. Piccolo turned to the saiyan in surprise. That was the first inkling that Vegeta ever gave that he didn't hate Goku. In fact, he almost admitted that he liked Goku. Vegeta took off, mumbling something about returning after the service.

A little while later, the service ended. Piccolo walked over to Gohan and Chi-Chi, and looked down at his pupil. Piccolo managed a weak smile.

"I'm not your father…" Piccolo said, struggling to say what he would say next. "But I just want you to know that if you ever need someone to talk to…" Piccolo ducked down to look Gohan in the eye. "If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here for you…" Piccolo said. Piccolo got up, preparing to leave.

"Mr. Piccolo?" Gohan said, sniffling.

"Yes Gohan?" Piccolo said.

"You won't die, will you?" Gohan asked. "Things are going to be okay, aren't they?" he said.

"Gohan, I won't die, not as long as you need me here." Piccolo said, he turned, smiling. "Things are going to be fine, trust me." Piccolo flew off to think to himself.