Gohan awoke, and pulled himself out of bed. He knew that today, he would begin to rebuild the world.

Bulma was already up. He handed her the box that Vegeta had told him to give to her, the key, and the capsule filled with designs and parts. She was shocked when she discovered what was inside.

"Gohan…" Bulma said. "Be careful, okay?" She said.

"I will." Gohan said. He stepped out of the doorway, and took off.

Thanks to his android detecting device, he was able to discover their location in a matter of moments. They were actually in the city itself. Gohan got near, and landed. He watched with shock as the two androids were closing in on someone. That person would not be a victim…

Gohan blasted Seventeen's right arm off seconds before the android could kill his latest prey. That got their attention, and the two androids turned their attention on Gohan.

Bulma opened up the box, not knowing what lie inside. The box contained two envelopes, one addressed to Bulma, and the other, to Trunks. She read the letter addressed to her. After reading the letter, she began to cry. It said very little. The letter said that, according to Dende and King Yemma, Vegeta's last act of noble sacrifice was sufficient to save him. The letter told her that Vegeta, her Vegeta, was waiting for her in the afterlife.

Meanwhile, Gohan was ready to send the androids to hell. Seventeen charged him full speed. Full speed was ridiculously slow to a super saiyan Gohan. Gohan punched him in the face, and blasted him into dust.

Eighteen jumped up, and tried to charge at Gohan. He responded by destroying her before she even got to him. Gohan dropped out of the air to see if the person that he had just saved was okay.

It was a girl. She was about Gohan's age, with dark hair, and bluish gray eyes. She looked like the most beautiful girl Gohan had ever seen.

"Are you okay?" Gohan asked.

She looked up at her savior. His black hair cascading down his back, his face riddled with scars. He had just killed the androids, without any effort at all. She pulled herself to her feet, and dusted herself off. "Thank you." She said quietly. This was strange. She had been walking around, when the androids came. Just when she thought she was a goner, here came this strange warrior from out of the sky, who killed both androids without even really trying.

"Where's your home?" Gohan asked. "Even without the androids, this is still no place for someone to walk around all alone." He said.

At first, she thought about telling him that she knew how to take care of herself. But she guessed that she did kind of owe him, so she decided to ask him to walk her home. "I live in that old apartment building." She said.

"Hmmm…" he said. "Do you have any personal possessions in there?" he asked. "Or relatives nearby?"

"No, not really, just some food that I scrounged up." She said. "My family were all killed two months ago."

"I think I can help you find, better accommodations." He said.

"Really?" She asked. "Where?"

"At the capsule corp building." He said.

"Are you sure?' she said. "I heard that place was abandoned."

"Trust me, there's still people there." He said.

"Well, let's get walking, it is across town, after all." she said.

"Walking?" Gohan asked. "I can fly." He walked over to her, and gently lifted her off the ground. He flew to the capsule corp building. She didn't even scream. He gently lowered her to the ground.

"Gohan, is that you?" Bulma said. "Did you destroy the androids?" She asked.

"Yes, yes I did." He said. "I saved her from the androids. She doesn't have decent place to live, I was…"

"Say no more, she can live with me and Trunks for a while." Bulma said. "We've got room to spare and enough food to feed an army. Make yourself at home."

The young woman was smiling. Her fortunes were looking up. She turned to Gohan, and smiled. "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself." She said. "My name is Videl." She was blushing slightly.

"My name is Gohan." He said. After a few minutes, he finally said. "Bulma, I'm going to go home now. Mom is probably worried sick, and everybody's bound to find out about the androids being beaten." He said. He took off into the air, waved goodbye, and flew off.

Gohan landed at home. His mother ran out to greet him, and then she scolded him. He hugged her tightly, and the two of them walked into their home. After telling her that the androids were dead, he explained the entire situation to her. She accosted him for getting into trouble, but was soon happy that things were going to improve. Her father, the Ox King, was happy to find out that the world's troubles were over.

It took a matter of a few weeks for the world to find out that the androids had mysteriously disappeared. After a few months, Gohan went back over To Bulma's house to discuss something with her.

"Gohan…" Bulma said. "Come here…"

Gohan walked through the door and into a giant room. Inside the room, was a huge spaceship. Gohan smiled. Trunks was standing nearby.

"Well?" Gohan asked.

"Shall we go pick up a new Kami?" she asked.

"Where's Videl?" Gohan asked.

"She's going to stay here and manage the house while we're gone." She said, smiling. "Why?"

"Just asking, no reason…" Gohan said sheepishly.

"Okay, Trunks, let's start to pack up!" Bulma shouted.

"I'm going too…" A voice said. Android Sixteen walked into the room.

"Bulma, do you think you can handle another adventure?" Gohan asked.

"There's only one way to find out." She said.


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