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Summary: After the future was changed all seemed perfect until one day something horrible happened, now two future friends of the Halliwell sisters find them selves in a desperate attempt trying to change it from ever happening.

Chapter One- Future friends

He sat on the rock on the front lawn, wondering how it could happen? Why hadn't anyone ever told him before? Was it really too late? He had always liked her the best; she was funny and truly cared for him and his family. So when she had died he and his brother crumbled for a while, Chris more than he did. Why had she done it? Sacrifice so much? He couldn't understand it.

He sat there for what seemed like days until the initial thought occurred. He could help; he could stop it from happening, he could go back to when none of this had even been destined. He would go back in the past and visit them.


Paige, Phoebe and Piper were in the attic searching through the boxes that cluttered what they had to assume was still a lovely old wooden floor. They had been there forever; some of the stories they could tell would be something special. Heartache, death, joys, danger all of the day to day things that happened in the charmed ones lives.

Paige thought that this was a waste of time, she knew by now that Phoebe and Piper were suckers at keeping things that were utterly useless. She didn't understand why they would keep this junk forever but they wouldn't even keep the new microwave Darryl had given them for their help, something they actually needed. Paige bit her bottom lip as she noticed Piper looking with a frown at the red wine stain on the old sofa. She had accidentally spilt it last weekend when Piper was working at P3. But before Piper could say anything about it a glowing blue triquetra appeared on the north wall of the attic. Through it came a man about three inches taller than her. His cheekbones were well defined and his deep blue eyes seemed to draw you to them. He had blond curly hair trimmed so it stood at about an inch long. He smiled and seemed to recognise them. It was then when she realised that this man before her was her oldest nephew, Wyatt.

Before anyone could speak they all heard little Wyatt and baby Chris giggles. "Mommy why is der a dorklitter in da attic?" Wyatt asked looking over to the Darklighter that had orbed in. Three more orbed in, they all held Piper, big Wyatt and Phoebe. Chris and little Wyatt sat on the floor out in the open. Paige saw the first Darklighter aim two arrows at her two little nephews. She jumped straight into action. "Wyatt, I mean little Wyatt, forcefield. Danger." She saw Wyatt try and try again to put his forcefield up around him and his little brother but nothing happened. It was then that she realised that all of the whitelighter magic wasn't working. She couldn't orb. She ran toward them and as she saw the arrows launching through the air she jumped in front of her two little nephews. Seconds later the two arrows hit her in the stomach area. She grunted as she hit the floor hard in front of little Wyatt and Chris. She saw the relief run through Pipers eyes as she saw little Wyatt and Chris safe and then the panic when she realised her baby sister was hurt. Paige smiled as Piper got loose and blew up two of the four Darklighters. That was just before she passed out.

Wyatt saw his younger self's confusion at why his forcefield was not working. He then saw the shock on his Aunt Paige's face, as the arrows were launch. She jumped in front of them. Almost blacking out. He also noticed the slight look of relief on his mother's face when she released her children were safe. Then the panic at seeing Paige hurt. She jumped into action and blew up two of the Darklighters. Phoebe levitated and kicked her Darklighter onto an athame; he immediately blew up into flames. He used his energy balls and blew up the last one. He ran immediately over to Paige, she was out cold and she was going to pass away soon. He couldn't touch the arrows he would then die and then he wouldn't have changed the future. He looked up to Phoebe and his mother. "Mother, you have to take out the arrows out I can't touch them I'm part whitelighter, I can heal her though. On three. One…Two…Pull." His mother quickly pulled them out. He immediately put his hands over her stomach and sighed a sigh of relief when he saw the familiar golden glow when he healed someone. He was so happy that Paige was alive. He knew he shouldn't have favourites and that he loved his mother and Aunt Phoebe a lot but he had always been closer to Paige. The relief must have shown on his face because his mother smiled at him.

When Paige was resting upstairs and Phoebe had gone to see her boss at the newspaper Piper made some coffee for her and her son from the future. She had been so proud when he had saved his aunt, she could tell they were close in the future? "So tell me about yourself?" She asked as they sat down in the kitchen. She was dying to ask if she died when he was seventeen and Chris was fourteen but she knew that Chris had changed the future so she was wondering whether he knew about the alternate future and whether Chris was alive in the new one. "I'm me, I'm kinda confident, I have a sense of humour a lot like Paige's, I'm good at potion's, I'm good at listening which is something you need to be living in a house with you and my two aunts. Especially Paige, she tends to ramble…a lot. I got a girlfriend at the moment but we're on a break…us Halliwells are dealing through something at the moment. Something I'm hoping to change. But before you ask I can't tell you. Also, I know Chris has come back before, when he was here he left a letter underneath the floorboards of the attic telling us everything about Gideon and me being evil. I got over it. We all did." Piper listened with a smile as she heard about her son. He looked a lot like Leo but he also saw a lot of herself and her sisters in him. The rambling came with the territory of being a Halliwell. "You're close to Paige in the future. I can tell." Piper stated more than asked. "Yeah, we are. She taught me a lot about being a witch/whitelighter. She works at the magic school: she helps me with homework and exam prep. She made up for a lot of the things dad didn't help me, Chris and Pandora do. She makes a great Aunt. Hey she almost died for me and Chris today didn't she?" He said with a smile for a moment Piper wondered what he meant Leo couldn't but before she could ask he continued. "I don't resent dad for being an Elder he does a lot of good but Paige really made up for it even if he didn't. Aunt Paige is fantastic. She's great to me, Pandora and Chris, we all love her a lot." Piper had loved to hear him speak of Paige like that even though she felt a little jealous that he seemed so close to Paige. And perhaps not so close to her and Phoebe, Who was Pandora? "Who is Pandora?" Piper asked as she took a sip of her coffee. "My little sister, the future is a lot brighter than what Chris came to change but there is still something that has to change." He said with a tint of sadness in his eyes. They heard little Wyatt screech followed by Chris. Wyatt looked at his mother before they both ran into the living room.

Liv had seen him go through the portal, she was happy that he was changing it making sure that it didn't happen but also angry she should have been the one to go back. She looked through the book she had to go after him. She heard the footsteps coming towards her it was her Aunt Piper. "Where's Wyatt? Emma is on the phone." She asked looking a little concerned that she was flipping through the book so quick. "He went to the past, to change what happened. I'm going after him; he will need help keeping secrets if he hasn't already told them. You know what he is like and it is imperative that past you, Phoebe and Paige doesn't find out the truth…yet." She told her Aunt without even looking up she could tell the hurt look in her eyes that Wyatt hadn't told her, all of her children loved Piper but were closer to Paige. "I agree he will tell them too soon. Look use this spell, I wrote it years ago. It will take you to where he is. And Liv, be careful you might see you know who." Piper told her and then left. She recited the spell and in a flicker of white and pink orbs she descended on her journey.

Piper ran into the living room to see little Wyatt and Chris in his forcefield with a woman about 20 years old hushing them and gently telling them to be quiet. "Great wrong Wyatt. Thanks Piper." The woman said and then turned around to see Piper standing there. Why was it her fault? "Hi I'm going to just go look at the book of shadows then I'll be gone and don't worry I'm not evil just…complicated. Yeah…bye." The woman said and started walking towards the stairs. Piper took in her appearance. She had brown hair down to her shoulders; she had bright green eyes and freckles. She was very pretty but sometimes demons were. "Hey missy freeze, or I'll do it for you but if your unlucky it will blow you up. Leo!" Piper yelled, what else was she going to do. In a swirl of blue orbs Leo appeared between her and the girl. "What Piper? Is it important we were in the middle of a meeting." Leo told his wife without noticing the woman.

Liv felt the anger boiling up she hated Uncle Leo. Without thinking she swiped for him. He orbed out of the way and appeared on the other side of her now she was in between Piper and Leo. Great, she thought sarcastically. That was when she saw Wyatt appear from the kitchen. Immediately little Wyatt put his forcefield down. "Liv, what are you doing here?" Wyatt asked from his place by the door. "Grocery shopping, what do you think I'm doing? Making sure you don't screw up…Pandora's all right by the way nice of you to make sure she was though. Just another special Wyatt disappearance when it gets difficult. Another demon another getaway. Emma's asking after you." She replied, she was still angry that he had just left after a Darklighter shot his little sister. "Liv you weren't meant to come here, I can handle this on my own. You better go back now, before too much changes. You're not born yet, it could change a lot." Wyatt stood between his mother and Liv. Liv was even angrier now, why did he think he could tell her what to do? "Whatever Wyatt, this is my business too and there is nothing you can do to make me go back. Piper wrote the spell it isn't in the BOS so how are you going to make sure I go back to the right time. Has it started yet?" She asked. She knew Wyatt would understand what she was referring to but she was sure it would confuse the hell out of Piper and Leo, all the better. He nodded his head to say yes. This was for her future, this was for Wyatt's future, and this was for Piper and Leo's future but most of all this was for her mother's future. Paige was what mattered now and that would never change even with Aunt Pipers' death stares and glares. Liv was here to help her mother, Paige.

To be continued...

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